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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

David Frum on Universal Health Coverage

Conservative writer, David Frum:

Whatever else the 2016 election has done, it has emancipated Republicans from one of their own worst self-inflicted blind spots. Health care may not be a human right, but the lack of universal health coverage in a wealthy democracy is a severe, unjustifiable, and unnecessary human wrong. As Americans lift this worry from their fellow citizens, they’ll discover that they have addressed some other important problems too. 

They’ll find that they have removed one of the most important barriers to entrepreneurship, because people with bright ideas will fear less to quit the jobs through which they get their health care. They’ll find they have improved the troubled lives of the white working class succumbing at earlier ages from preventable deaths of despair. They’ll find that they have equalized the life chances of Americans of different races. They’ll find that they have discouraged workplace discrimination against women, older Americans, the disabled, and other employees with higher expected health-care costs. 

They’ll find that their people become less alienated from a country that has overcome at last one of the least attractive manifestations of American exceptionalism—and joined the rest of the civilized world in ameliorating and alleviating our common human vulnerability to illness and pain. I take no pride or pleasure in saying “I told you so.” We’ve all been wrong about enough things to teach us humility about our rare bursts of foresight. 

What I would urge is that those conservatives and Republicans who were wrong about the evolution of this debate please consider why they were wrong: Consider the destructive effect of ideological conformity, of ignorance of the experience of comparable countries, and of a conservative political culture that incentivizes intransigence, radicalism, and anger over prudence, moderation, and compassion.


Dave Miller said...

And Frum will be summarily dismissed as a RINO...

I become more convinced everyday that there is a segment of our society that would prefer life without telephones, the internet, and all the other advances in society that have befuddled them over the years.

They want a horse and buggy leave me alone life detached from others, and the need to care for others.

Rational Nation USA said...

Excellent is Frum. True words from a rational conservative.

Conservatives need to jettison tradition and dogma that is outdated and failing and preserve only that which works.

Unfortunately most are uninterested in in sorting it out.

Shaw Kenawe said...

RN and Dave, Universal health care has been a conservative idea and value until the crazies took over the party. We have a country now being held hostage to a tyrannical minority. The American people do NOT agree with them. The are woefully wrong on just about everything.

Ducky's here said...

@shaw - Universal health care has been a conservative idea and value until the crazies took over the party.

I believe Jacob Javits (R - sane) was first to put forward the idea of "Medicaid fro all" and was an ally of Kennedy's getting the first Medicare bill passed.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Here's a brief history of the fight for universal health care in the U.S.

Anonymous said...

Sooner, or later the cost alone will force single payer.