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Monday, March 27, 2017

Steve Bannon, Strategic Adviser to Trump

Trump bragged that he'd have only THE BEST people around him if he were elected president.

Here's his close adviser on strategy, Steven Bannon.

That "ruddy" facial look is what others would call a "gin-blossom" complexion.

(IMO, he looks like he washes his face with a cheese grater.)

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Anonymous said...

You are so desperately reaching for something bad to happy with the Trump administration, that you continue to look very stupid and show your tries side as to looking for America to fo
Fail. You are a hatefu disgusting person ❌

Shaw Kenawe said...

Speaking of looking stupid, Anonymous:

" desperately reaching for something bad to "happy" with the Trump..."

"you continue to look very stupid and show your "tries side as to looking for America to fo Fail."

If that was a parody of an idiot troll, you won the day, Anonymous @8:34 AM. If it isn't a parody, it speaks for itself. BTW, your own "tries side" is nakedly showing.

Question: Why do you continue to visit this blog? You apparently have no impulse control. Just like the Liar-in-Chief.

PS. I don't have to desperately reach for something bad to "happy" to Trump. He's doing an excellent job on his own, baddying his happy.

Ray said...

Re the cartoon in the banner above post:

The "Great Negotiator?" He couldn't negotiate with Mexico about the wall and he couldn't even get his own GOP in Congress to support his "health care" bill.

tRump didn't care about what the GOP Health Care bill did to the American people. He didn't even know or understand what the bill does or doesn’t do to the American People and sure didn't care at all.

All he wanted is to say he repealed Obama Care. tRrump hates Obama because Obama is so loved while tRump is so hated. His ego just can't take it.

Poor tRump can't govern. All he can do is blame others for his losses and never take responsibility for anything he does. No balls or backbone but I hate to tell you tRump, the "Buck stops with POTUS."

Shaw Kenawe said...

Ray, couldn't agree more with what you wrote.

And there's this from CNN:

No one should be surprised that Trump's first big legislative initiative collapsed in a cloud of chaos. Aside from the development of his enormous ego, nothing in Donald Trump's life experience prepared him to actually function as president of the United States.
This became evident during the presidential transition, when he proved incapable of bringing the country together and then, upon his inauguration, when he immediately began offering lies and distortions about everything from the size of the crowd at the inauguration to the claim that the recent election was marred by massive voter fraud.

The most remarkable thing about the Trump presidency may be our expectation that he would be any different.
Trump first demonstrated his penchant for distortion and deception as a young man when he bragged about his accomplishments before he had any. Despite four massive corporate bankruptcies, each involving complex enterprises that required real executive skills, Trump insisted he was a great business leader.

What he was, in fact, was a successful entrepreneur who led family-held companies that he could direct like a monarch. He was THE BOSS and anyone who disagreed with him knew where to find the door.

The trouble for President Trump, who made repeal-and-replace of Obamacare one of his big campaign promises, is that he cannot fire anyone in Congress.

The Goopers wanted something different. They got it. Something "different" who doesn't know how government works and who heads the government. What could go wrong?

"Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it, good and hard." --H. L. Mencken

Infidel753 said...

Gaack. You need to post some kind of warning if you're going to show us things like that. I've seem horror-movie monsters that were easier on the eyes.

Ray: I agree with this lady's assessment of Trump's negotiating skills and the Republicans generally. It's an epic fiasco, a day that will live forever in the history of human incompetence.

Anon: You want a side of tries with that?

Shaw: Don't forget that most of us were never fooled by Trump. He fooled only the people who were the most gullible anyway, the ones who form the target market for all those ads about how you can lose weight with this one miracle food that DOCTORS DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT and hey this amazing credit card offers 0% for the first 18 months, the ones who believe every internet meme about evil Jews and feral blacks, the ones who think the ACA and Obamacare are two different things, the ones at the mental level of poor Anon in the first comment. It took a black-swan confluence of Russian interference, vote suppression, the distorting effects of the Electoral College, third-candidate wasted votes, etc. to enable him to win. As for the rest of us, what we're seeing now is pretty much what we expected.

Kevin Robbins said...

If the failure to overturn ACA is the Dem's fault, I will gladly take as much credit as I can. What little my letters to the local and standing in front of my rep's office may have done were well worth it.

Bannon's look reminds me of that Ukraine president who got poisoned. Coincidence?

Ray Cranston said...

Infidel and Shaw,

Ha! The GOP "Eiffel Towered" themselves. Good one. And so perfect in describing the incompetence of the tRump gang.

A Loud Profession said...

Apparently Trump thinks he can say "oh Well' and move on to something else. He is nuts. Nothing more precious to people than healthcare so why congress thinks it can jerk around with other matters, they just inserted an IED up their you know what for the mid term elections. Bye Bye GOPers

Anonymous said...

The president visited a Trump-branded property for the eighth weekend in a row — of the 10 he has been in office. Critics say the visits represent priceless advertising.

Nothing like having a president who uses taxpayers money to go golfing on his own properties and then charges the US government for the use of his properties. He always was a scam artist.

Rational Nation USA said...

Trump is a shrewd business. And he doesn't care who he screws in the process of doing business. Or pleasure. Playing POTUS is a nothing more that an amusement for Trump. For Trump holding the title POTUS is simply putting his BRAND on the nation's federal government... After all Trump is perhaps on of the world's greatest narcissist and con man.

Infidel753 said...

If the failure to overturn ACA is the Dem's fault, I will gladly take as much credit as I can.

It's like the Japanese navy in 1942 complaining that they lost the battle of Midway because the uncooperative Americans refused to help them. Does Trump not even grasp the concept that we are actually trying to stop him from doing this stuff?

Trump is perhaps on of the world's greatest narcissist and con man

By taking the Presidency, he's pulled off a con beyond the wildest dreams of almost any other con man in history, that's for sure.

Shaw Kenawe said...


Sorry about that. Next time I put up a photo of Bannon or Trump, I'll give a trigger warning.

And, sadly, you're correct, we were never duped by Trump's con game, unlike his supporters.

Kevin, We liberals are all taking credit for stopping the horrid Trumpcare legislation, actually, a good many conservatives are too!

Ray I had not heard of being "Eiffel Towered" before. A good description, though.

A.L.P. There is nothing more precious than health care. Why the Trumpistas thought it would be a good idea to withdraw coverage is still a mystery. And it was also a huge mistake.

Anonymous @1:55 PM, Trump is essentially a scammer. And even as POTUS, he's scamming the country. Sad!

RN, no, Trump doesn't care who he scams or cons. He's the quintessential liar.

Infidel753, it is passing strange that the Trumpistas though the Democrats would join Trump and the Cons in repealing President Obama's signature legislation.

Howard Brazee said...

His physical appearance doesn't matter. It's his words and actions which are ugly.