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Tuesday, October 3, 2017


The Devil: "Have you walked up and down upon the earth lately? I have; and I have examined Man's wonderful inventions. And I tell you that in the arts of life man invents nothing; but in the arts of death he outdoes Nature herself, and produces by chemistry and machinery all the slaughter of plague, pestilence and famine. The peasant I tempt to-day eats and drinks what was eaten and drunk by the peasants of ten thousand years ago; and the house he lives in has not altered as much in a thousand centuries as the fashion of a lady's bonnet in a score of weeks. But when he goes out to slay, he carries a marvel of mechanism that lets loose at the touch of his finger all the hidden molecular energies, and leaves the javelin, the arrow, the blowpipe of his fathers far behind...I know his clumsy typewriters and bungling locomotives and tedious bicycles: they are toys compared to the Maxim gun, the submarine torpedo boat. 

There is nothing in Man's industrial machinery but his greed and sloth: his heart is in his weapons. This marvellous force of Life of which you boast is a force of Death: Man measures his strength by his destructiveness. What is his religion? An excuse for hating ME. What is his law? An excuse for hanging YOU. What is his morality? Gentility! an excuse for consuming without producing. What is his art? An excuse for gloating over pictures of slaughter. What are his politics? Either the worship of a despot because a despot can kill, or parliamentary cockfighting. " --The Devil, Act III, Man and Superman

In Bizarre Moment, Trump Throws Paper Towels At Puerto Rico Hurricane Victims

And here's America's mentally deformed preznit throwing paper towels at the people of Puerto Rico  whose entire island home was destroyed. He also reminded the victims of Hurricane Maria that their catastrophe has thrown his budget "a little out of whack." This is what a malignant narcissist with no capacity for empathy or human decency says to people who have lost everything and who have suffered for weeks now with no power, clean water, food, and medicine.

Donald J. Trump is a monster.

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Deanter said...

Well, they did get 14 inches of rain in two hours. They could use that roll of paper towels to wipe it up.