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Sunday, October 29, 2017


Is President Bone Spur nervous about something?

From Digby

America, your president is very upset. He's tweeting like a madman.Flailing wildly about the person he defeated a year into his presidency. This is not normal. None of this is normal.


Jerry Critter said...

Trump is crapping his pants...and I am laughing my ass off!

Lee Arnold said...

The GOP has been investigating the Clintons for 25 years and have never gotten anything on them. Good luck with that unicorn chasing Donald! People way smarter than you have drilled that well and come up dry!

In fact, one of the reasons so many supported Hillary was that, given all of those attempts, either she was squeaky clean or she was a terrific strategist with a lot more foresight than any Republican appears to have. (And when we start talking about the ability to plan, Trump is resting comfortably on the bottom of this GOP performance ability This is a man who cannot plan a paragraph)

And how could you not admire Hillary Clinton's nearly preternatural cool during that Benghazi hearing marathon when she sat there for hours on end, brain always working, composure always intact You tweet something bad about Donald and he immediately goes into an incoherent purple rage.

But then women know how male bullies always react: it is always the victim's fault for their bad behavior.