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Tuesday, June 4, 2019


Don't be fooled by the way The Royals behaved toward our boorish, clumsy, loud-mouth oaf-of-an- embarrassemnt president. They HAVE to use tact and diplomacy when greeting the POTUS because he represents (ugh!) the people of America. 

Needless to say, personal feelings toward our unfortunate leader cannot and would not be on display by the Royals. Unlike our undisciplined toddler, who called the Duchess of Sussex "nasty," and who trashed the Mayor of London, the Brits know how to keep their feelings toward assholes to themselves and make nice-nice with even the most despicable creeps that they have the misfortune to welcome because of diplomatic necessity.

The Brits detest this malignnt narcissist who we have the misfortune to acknowledge as the POTUS.

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David Brennan at Newsweek: 

Trump is not popular in the U.K. 

A Pew Research Center poll published in October found that just 28 percent of Britons surveyed had confidence in the president. This is far lower than former president Barack Obama, who had a 78 percent approval rating with Britons when he left office in 2016. Trump did himself few favors over the weekend, breaching established diplomatic protocol several times and subsequently being accused of undue meddling in British politics.

And this:   

Ms. May described the visit as “an opportunity to further strengthen” the “special relationship” between Britain and the United States. In fact, it will serve to put on display the widening cracks Mr. Trump has introduced into one of America’s closest alliances. 

Hundreds of thousands of protesters are expected to cram central London Tuesday to reject the U.S. president, beneath a huge orange balloon portraying him as a baby in a diaper. They will be joined by leaders of the opposition Labour Party, who along with other prominent politicians boycotted the banquet for Mr. Trump hosted by Queen Elizabeth II.

Trump protests: Giant model of president sitting on golden toilet while tweeting appears in central London 

Robot also has audio function which makes fart sounds and says ‘no collusion’, ‘you are fake news’ and ‘witch-hunt’


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No one showed up to cheer the very much disliked American president. Look at the empty streets devoid of Brits welcoming President "No One Likes Him."

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Funny anti-Trump protest sign.

Funny anti-Trump protest sign.


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Dave Miller said...

Did I miss something? Has the proper length of sleeves changed for Tuxedo wear? Or was that just purchased off the rack?

Shaw Kenawe said...

What an embarrassment he is. Could he sit still for a proper fitting of his tails?

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... remember the days when the right was aghast about supposedly Pres Obama not getting respect from our allies?

Where are those loons now?

Remember the talk about the incompetence of the Obama Admin? How on earth does anyone explain Jared? Seriously, is it possible we got the Jared from the jewelry company instead? As he's "negotiating" a Middle East agreement, is he even aware that that Trump's Sec State has shot his plan down already?

How does any country even have a serious dialogue with us? No one wants to make a deal because no one knows if tomorrow it will all be ripped up.

It is 100% an embarrassing mess.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave It's chaotic. There's no consistency at the top, no vision, no plan. It's government by the seat of his pants. We shouldn't expect much from an administration that couldn't manage to get a suit of tails to fit properly so that trump didn't look like he had to borrow his formal wear from a 20-year old underling.

He looked foolish and ill at ease.

Ray Cranston said...

You know what's funny, besides the signs that insult President Dotard? The usual right wing whiners complaining that you posting what the British think of their president. There's smoke coming outta their ears theyre so pissed that millions of our best friends the Brits are giving their stupid leader no love.

But I love the fact that this didn't happen to Obama. The Brits love him and he DID get to stay in Buckingham Palace and address Parliament. Trump? Nah. They didn't want dogshit anywhere near those places.

Rule Brittania! Britannia waives the rules!!!

Infidel753 said...

Heh.....The Brits know a thing or two about puncturing an overinflated self-important gasbag. This is the country that produced Monty Python and Rowan Atkinson.

And he makes it so easy. Even if he felt a need to insult Mayor Khan, he had to do it in such a boorish way, like an pitifully inept schoolyard taunt. He could afford the best tailors in the world and he showed up with clothes that look like he chose them off the rack with his eyes closed.

I never could figure out what that thing on Ivanka's head was supposed to be. It's not really a hat (and the British know all about atrocious hats). It's not a veil. It's not a bandage. It looks like something from an Amish Halloween costume she forgot the rest of.

So much for wingnuts bitching about Obama's tan suit.

Giant model of president sitting on golden toilet while tweeting appears in central London.....Robot also has audio function which makes fart sounds and says 'no collusion', 'you are fake news' and 'witch-hunt'

Could we swap the real thing for this robot? Hardly anyone could tell the difference and it would frankly be an improvement.

Anonymous said...

Here's why there's such a divide between the Trump supporters and sensible Americans:

Trump Supporter: Trump said there were hardly any protesters and CNN was FAKE NEWSing it again… but Laura Ingraham tonight showed MANY protesters in the streets…so, again, he goofed.

They see Trump's lies as a "goof" and not the deliberate distortion of reality. Trummp is a liar and his supporters never call him out on it, they excuse him and that gives him encouragement to lie again and again. The Trump supporters are responsible for allowing Trump to continue to lie and misrepresent and make America look foolish to the rest of the world.

Anonymous said...

You need to define what a lot is. Good thing running a government is not a popularity contest.
He thrives on controversy and creates plenty of it.