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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

We knew Trump would do this.


We knew Trump would never accept the will of the people when they voted to kick him and his grifting family out of the White House.

Most of the usual far right news sites or blogs have mentioned nothing about the seditious threats being made by Trump and his cultists now that it is clear Trump has thoroughly and convincingly lost to Joe Biden.

The self-proclaimed "law and order" Trumpublicans have become a throng of mobsters calling for revenge and armed violence because their cult leader lost the election.

Some Republican governors and secretaries of state have stood firm in their resolve to follow the law and not give into Trump's illegal efforts to overthrow an election that was, as confirmed by his own people, the safest and cleanest in modern history.

Trump and his cultists will have none of it. There is no convincing them with facts, logic, or evidence (see the bogus "suitcases full of ballots" fake report). Cultists are immune to any truths that conflict with their conspiracy stories about a stolen election; they cannot face the truth of Trump's landslide loss.

I read the usual far right blogs from time to time but have found nothing on them condemning the calls for insurrection and violence by Trump's cultists. Apparently, when Trump cultists threaten violence after a fair and legal election, it's of no concern to them. Imagine if it were a Democratic president doing this. 

There is no Republican Party. 

Trump killed it. 

There is only Trumpism and lawless thugs who've taken over a once proud political party.

As Trump Rails Against Loss, His Supporters Become More Threatening 

The president’s baseless claims of voting fraud have prompted outrage among his loyalists and led to behavior that Democrats and even some Republicans say has become dangerous.

With a key deadline passing Tuesday that all but ends his legal challenges to the election, President Trump’s frenzied campaign to overturn the results has reached an inflection point: Certified slates of electors to the Electoral College are now protected by law, and any chance that a state might appoint a different slate that is favorable to Mr. Trump is essentially gone. 

 Despite his clear loss, Mr. Trump has shown no intention of stopping his sustained assault on the American electoral process. But his baseless conspiracy theories about voting fraud have devolved into an exercise in delegitimizing the election results, and the rhetoric is accelerating among his most fervent allies. This has prompted outrage among Trump loyalists and led to behavior that Democrats and even some Republicans say has become dangerous. 

 Supporters of the president, some of them armed, gathered outside the home of the Michigan secretary of state Saturday night. Racist death threats filled the voice mail of Cynthia A. Johnson, a Michigan state representative. Georgia election officials, mostly Republicans, say they have received threats of violence. 

The Republican Party of Arizona, on Twitter, twice called for supporters to be willing to “die for something” or “give my life for this fight.” “People on Twitter have posted photographs of my house,” said Ann Jacobs, the chair of the Wisconsin Elections Commission, who alerted her neighbors and the police about the constant threats. She said another message mentioned her children and said, “I’ve heard you’ll have quite a crowd of patriots showing up at your door.”


Anonymous said...

Six weeks from today President-elect Biden will be sworn in, and Trump will leave the White House for good.

Paula said...

I don't think this is about Trump. He's watching TV and whining all day. He clearly has no interest in the workings of government.

Actually, he never did.

No. This is the Trump GOP yet again entering into their total obstruction phase for the next 4 years. Because they truly believe that they are the only people in America with the right to govern.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dear Gawd!

From Paul Waldman, WaPo:

"Kim Ward, the Republican majority leader of the Pennsylvania Senate, said the president had called her to declare there was fraud in the voting. But she said she had not been shown the letter to Congress, which was pulled together hastily, before its release.
Asked if she would have signed it, she indicated that the Republican base expected party leaders to back up Mr. Trump’s claims — or to face its wrath.

“If I would say to you, ‘I don’t want to do it,’” she said about signing the letter, “I’d get my house bombed tonight.”

Perhaps she was exaggerating, but the fact is that this is what immediately comes to the mind of a loyal Republican in the midst of an election controversy: If I don’t support Trump’s insane claims of fraud, my own party’s supporters might kill me and my family.

And why would that be a foolish thing to worry about? All over the country we’re seeing conservative rage reaching right up to the line that separates activism from violence, as they vent their feelings about both the election and public health measures meant to contain the pandemic:

Heavily armed protesters surrounded the home of the Michigan secretary of state, after a plot to kidnap the state’s governor was thwarted.

Other secretaries of state who refused to steal the election for Trump have found themselves and their families threatened.

A prominent supporter of the president went on TV and said that a federal official who countered Trump’s false claims about voter fraud should be “taken out and shot.”
In Idaho, anti-mask protesters terrorized local officials’ families.

Public health officials all over the country have been threatened and harassed.
The American right made a hero out of a teenager who went to a protest and allegedly killed two people.

The situation right now is terrifying. And in a month it’s going to get much worse."

Anonymous said... a situation like this, if threatened, people do have the right to defend themselves.
That fact seems to have been lost on these criminals, because if you threaten someone with violence, you've broken the law, and you ARE a criminal.

The thing we all have to clearly understand, is that there's no going back from a killing.

If one of these thugs uses their weapon they're
brandishing (which in itself, is a crime) then they've crossed a line that, once done, places them, and ALL they stand for, in a completely different light.

And at that point,killing them, in defense of family and/or loved ones, is justifiable and legal.

And no, there wont be a civil war.

There can be many,many dead Trump Neo-Confederates, which is, basically,
what these are. I dont really think some of those
people who are threatening others with their guns realize what happens if you threaten someone who has THEIR OWN GUNS, and you make them fearful enough to use them...

Mike said...

"There is no Republican Party. Trump killed it."
For sure!

skudrunner said...

And then you have botox nan holding up a relief bill because trump was president. Can you get more partisan and hate filled than that. Make the unemployed suffer because you dislike the president.

January 21st cannot come fast enough. Trump still dominates the news and joey gets little press. I don't see why we have to wait so long to see if we will have gridlock because January 5th gives the biden administration little time for planning. He is doing a great job of showing diversity in his cabinet and advisor picks.

Grey One talks sass said...

skudrunner said "And then you have botox nan holding up a relief bill because trump was president. Can you get more partisan and hate filled than that. Make the unemployed suffer because you dislike the president."

I've yet to read the Speaker of House's expression of personal dislike for the current occupant of the People's House. In the past she lambasted 45's demeanor, language, pettiness, cruelty, and inability to govern or president so where is the quote proving your point skud?

Every fact checking site I follow say the Speaker is holding out to ensure We The People get the help we need. Speaker Pelosi is a professional public servant, why can't you see that? Oh yeah. she's a she and (gasp) a member of the Democratic party.

(cue the clip of Monty Python villagers shouting 'burn the witch!!!!!')

Shaw Kenawe said...

Grey One talks sass, skud can't comment here without insulting President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, or Joe Biden.

It's his job!

Meanwhile, we eagerly await the grown-ups to come back to the White House and not have to listen to a man-baby whine, complain, and tell the world what a stable genius he is.

Trump lost the popular vote TWICE. He lost the popular vote by 3 million to Hillary and by 7 million to Joe Biden. Trumpers don't like to think about the fact that a majority of Americans dislike their cult leader -- as does the rest of the world.

Trumpers live in their own little delusional world, not letting reality kick in.

I hope you're well and staying safe.

skudrunner said...

Grey, You really do need to keep up. She was on the news saying she held the relief because of who was in the the oval office. What have any professional politician done for the majority of the American people.

Now we have obiden say he will have 100 million people receive the trump vaccine in the first 100 days, lets see how that turns out.

skudrunner said...

Ms Shaw, I said nothing about the prince or the madam but I know when you have no defense to protect them you just shut out whoever said something, your blog your rules. In your expert opinion is papa biden and hunter going to be investigated for four years resulting in nothing found or will it just fade away quickly.

I do look forward when we don't have to hear about or from trump every day but I am afraid it will be several years for that to happen. The media is obsessed with him and they sure don't want to cover biden for gaff fear.

Grey One talks sass said...

skud - the Voices of Authority to whom you listen with religious vigor lied. And worse, they projected the attributes of IQ45 onto a public servant who has faithfully stood up for We The People when those in power wanted to give us crap.

According to reputable news sources (meaning verifiable facts and not opinion) Pelosi backed away from the table because the relief offered ordinary citizens was half of what was supplied before but yeah.... you keep on believing whatever it is you believe.

Me? I have a very good idea - I'm going to trust that Speaker Pelosi has the good of the American People in mind, not a personal vendetta which is more in line with the current administration (see Mitch's graveyard of bills or IQ45's Twitter feed).

Shaw - thanks for the good wishes. Back atcha Dahlink. This is the season to remember what is important, to remember no matter how far apart we are physically love transcends such barriers. Honestly - since I've been in lockdown I've spoken to more people and kept in touch more than I ever did before COVID-19 came to town. Kind of exhausting for this registered introvert.