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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Happy December First.




Ray Cranston said...

Happy December 1 to you too! Can't wait for that Orange Blob to be outta the WH!

Cobo Pro said...

Donald Trump has spent his entire adult life trying to get away with doing stuff he’d have other people assassinated for even thinkin about. It’s his nature, his default mode — given the choice between ethical and deceitful, he’ll go with the sneaky, dishonorable, corrupt way every goddamn time.

What’s happened here is that the Trumpublican Party has adopted that approach and made it clear that their end goal justifies whatever means they employ to achieve it, including felonies and total disregard for “the American people.” (See how they continue to try to litigate a landslide victory for Biden!)

The Trump administration was like a would-be dictator destroying democracy in America and everything good about this great, though seriously flawed, nation that I love so much. It was -- and continues to be -- a kind of hell on earth, particularly for the poor and vulnerable.

Let's not minimize the trauma here or the continued danger that Trumpism poses, or we'll be right back in it.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Ray, Cobo,

The days will go by quickly and we'll soon be rid of the worse mistake America ever made!

Shaw Kenawe said...

Trump repeatedly asserted that if Joe Biden were elected president the stock market would crash. Well the market is doing just fine thank you, and trump’s ‘super-recovery’ rant flies in the face of the plain fact that the US economy is currently a disaster as a result of his massive bungling of the virus crisis. He was going to bring it back he said. Nonsense! He never had it in the first place!

Economic charts easily show the robust economy before had nothing to do with trump. It was actually a continuation of the Obama recovery. He was very lucky to have inherited it and very reckless to to have foolishly squandered it.

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... and now we have Republicans in the Senate who are offended by tweets sent by Joe Biden's nominee for Sec of OMB.


For four years this group basically had never seen a tweet when asked about all of Trump's offensive tweets. now they are offended?

Rich irony...

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, RN, I stopped looking for consistency from the Trumpers when Trump mocked John McCain. It thought it was over then because of the GOPers fetish with the military, and then Trump's disrespecting a POW. I was wrong. I learned that the present Trumpublicans have no core values except tribalism: "If he's one of ours, we forgive him ANYTHING!" IOW, today's Republican Party stands for nothing except TRUMP. How dismal is that?

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... as they call for insurrection and transparency from Biden, expect the call to eliminate deficit spending in the next budget any minute now.

The HMS Mothership of Fools... departures daily for a trip across Lake Irony.

skudrunner said...

We have a lot to look forward to January 21st. Covid will no longer dominate at the beginning and end of the news. A vaccine will be available and cases will drastically be reduced as will deaths. Unemployment will fall and the economy will rebound. This will all happen because joey has a plan and he will be given full credit by the unbiased news media.

The taxpayer will once again see their seizure of funds going to the paris accord to do nothing, WHO to do nothing, iran to enhance their nuclear capabilities and fund their attacks on Israel and for the first time in four years will be proud of America.

Question, since joey's staff are all former obama's staff will obama step in as chief of staff. Would be a great move.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dear skudrunner,

We feel your pain.

It's going to be a long four years, and I don't look forward to more of your piteous, sour grapey, whining. Trump lost. Think about this fact:

Republicans gained seats in the HOUSE, they retained their Senate seats that we thought were in play, and they did well in governorships too. Have you and your fellow sailors on the Mother Ship looked within to try to understand what that means?

Try understanding this truth: Millions of Republicans voted to keep their representatives in Congress, and even added to their representation in the HOUSE, they kept the governorships as well. But those voters rejected Trump! It appears they'd had enough of his repulsive behavior, lying, bullying, name-calling, and disrespect for the norms of our American democracy. You and your pals at those rightwing blogs need to come to terms with that fact.

Trump was rejected by Republicans! They didn't reject their other politicians. They rejected Trump.

There was no fraud. Trump's own hand-picked sycophantic AG said so.

Trump lost. Good and hard. As he deserved to. He was a terrible president and a rotten example for our children and grandchildren.

I'm glad he'll be gone.

All your whining about what's going to happen with a Biden administration is just sour grapes.

One thing we know for sure: Joe Biden will be 1000% better president and human being than Trump was.

The American people agree with that!

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, the Mother Ship is full of unhappy, uninformed Trump cultists. They're not going to change. They'll continue to support Trump because they can never admit their gross incompetence in choosing Trump to lead this country.

skudrunner said...

Ms Shaw, Where in my post did you see pain. I was actually pleased that joey will take us to the promised land. You just can't accept that a conservative can accept joey and not back trump. This election loss was trump's not the GOP because as you so graciously pointed, the republicans won seats.

You are correct there was no fraud but it was an unprecedented election when you didn't have to take any action to vote except put a stamp on a ballot you did not request. It was just as easy for a republican voter to vote than a democrat so fraud could happen on either side.

I made money under trump and lost under obama so I am somewhat disappointed in the results because biden has promised a tax increase and increased regulations. I do object to my money being spent on feel good worthless causes. His raising taxes on over 400k in income is deceiving of his plan hikes, think cap gains.

It will be an interesting two years and hopefully the GOP retains the senate and joey stays healthy for four years.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Here's something else for you, skud, to understand. Why don't you post this fact over at the Mother Ship or AOW's Trumper blog?

Breaking: Donald Trump's share of the U.S. vote just fell to 46.9%. He's now failed to crack 47% in either of his runs for president (for perspective, Mitt Romney got 47.2% in 2012 and Hillary Clinton got 48.2% in 2016).

This is fact: Americans just don't like Trump the way they liked Hillary, Mittens, and Joe Biden.

Only 3 presidential candidates this century have failed to crack 47%. John McCain, Donald Trump, and Donald Trump again.

To give you a perspective, skud, That is the worst performance for an incumbent in a race without a major third party candidate since Hoover. Since Hoover!

Thus, Trump won the EC though he lost the popular vote in 2016. His party lost the majority in the house in the Midterms. Then Trump lost in a landslide, especially in two of the largest states. This is your chosen leader?

Ray Cranston said...

There is definitely a core of conservatives living in a bubble where they are out of touch with the Trump-hating majority of the public.

As someone who knows these types of people in real life, I’d argue they are out of touch for sure... but the fact that they’re the minority, if you could convince them of that, would only make them more fervent in their Trumpism. They’re with him to the end.

Dave Miller said...

Skud... as to your theory about Covid going away once we get to January 20, nice revisionism.

You and your fellow travelers on the HMS Mothership sailing on Lake Denial raised this ruse repeatedly before the elections. That's when all you guys predicted that the news of the virus would go away after the elections.

You were wrong then and you'll be wrong again. And again. And again.

skudrunner said...

If you read my post I didn't say it would go away I just said it would not start and end every newscast. Nice try though and hope you had a great thanksgiving. Of course that is an American tradition of screwing the Native American and is probably not celebrated in Mexico.