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Monday, June 14, 2021

Good Morning! Ain't it the truth!



Edgetho said...

Today is FLAG Day, the American Flag is a flag of unity, not division, and it’s kind of Upsetting that today we see more “Gay Pride” Flags, than American Flags!

Shaw Kenawe said...

Edgetho your comment has nothing to do with the subject, but I let it publish because I wanted to answer it.

First, "Gay Pride Flags" do NOT outnumber American flags, and why would you say such a thing, unless "Gay Pride" bothers you? And if it does, do you know enough about yourself to understand why?

Being accepting of our gay brothers and sisters is NOT divisive in any way. Your comment, however, is.

Do some self-reflection and figure out why.


Anonymous said...

Damn Straight is Been Rhodes' statment!!!

To bad Trump's own actions disprove Edgetho's statement on unity and the USA flag. Trump was the greatest DIVIDER in all of modern history. Hands down. Period.

skudrunner said...

And both of these democrats spent trillions and accomplished very little. The first one spent a trillion dollars that resulted in zero jobs and the removal of some old cars. The second one has spent trillions of dollars to pay people to stay home. He can't even get people to take the vaccine because it was developed by trump. They should change the rhetoric that joey played some role in developing it then the trump haters may take it.

Anon 1046, he just took over where his predecessor left off

Anonymous said...

BULLSHIT. But by ALL means continiue to hold to your belief in unreality skudrunner.

We know you will.

Shaw Kenawe said...

It's telling that skudrunner offers his uncited and undocumented opinions, not facts, and ignores the FACTS that the two presidents before a Democratic presidency threw this country into financial chaos.

The second Former Guy, Trump, caused this country to suffer unnecessary deaths from a pandemic because he was too worried about his re-election, which he lost anyway.

Trump continuously understated and undercounted COVID deaths. What kind of a malicious, self-absorbed monster does that to his own people?

Yet skud, like an obedient little Trumpbot, never mentions Trump's scandalous handling of the pandemic in this country that caused so much death and suffering.

No. You'll never hear people like skud and his pals on the Mother Ship talk about those truths because they can't handle the truth: Trump was a miserable failure!

Dave Miller said...

Edgetho said, here and elsewhere in true cut and paste fashion... "Today is FLAG Day, the American Flag is a flag of unity, not division, and it’s kind of Upsetting that today we see more “Gay Pride” Flags, than American Flags!

First of all, yes Edge, today is Flag Day. You stated that "today we see more Gay Pride Flags than American Flags." That is simply demonstrably untrue. Are you even serious? Where do you live? I venture that with the possible exception of San Francisco, you would see more American Flags everywhere in the US.

But if the concept of changing the look of the flag to line up with your personal views troubles you, let me ask you this... Are you also troubled by the many Trump and Blue Lives Matter flags we see across America?, or is just the flags of people with whom you disagree?

BTW... I'm pretty sure that your non forthcoming response will suffice as your answer.

Anonymous said...

I know I shouldn’t take Skud’s bait but saying Obama created zero jobs is such a bald faced lie, I can’t help myself. According to Politifact: “Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick called him (Obama) the president "who saved the American auto industry from extinction." The former CEO of the super-sized used car dealership CarMax, Austin Ligon, said the president’s decisive action to restructure General Motors and Chrysler "helped prevent a domino effect that would have taken down everything in the auto industry, from the factories that manufactured auto parts to the dealers who sold the cars."

And, I’m one of those being paid to “ not work”. Just try being laid off at 61. I’ve sent in more resumes then at any point in my life to no avail. I decided to incorporate and start my own business. I’m getting work but right now it’s only a few hours a week. Thank God I still get unemployment to help pay my bills.


Shaw Kenawe said...

Possumlady, skud never backs up his claims with facts, evidence, data. What he posts here is nothing more than his skewed opinion. And as I told him, he can have his own opinions but not his own facts.

He seldom backs up his claims. I can't remember him ever doing so. He just likes to come by and bash President Obama and now President Biden. Both presidents, BTW, that were and are admired and popular with a majority of Americans.

The Trumpublican president, Trump, never made it over 50% job approval by the American people, and languished in the 40s most of his presidency. At this point in 2017 in trump's presidency, he was in the mid 30s job approval. President Biden is at 55% job approval.

People like skud and his friends on the Mother Ship never look at facts. They're the same people who think we should just get over what happened on Jan. 6: An American president incited an insurrection against his own government to overthrow an election he clearly lost and endangered the life of his own vice president!


Nothing like that had ever happened in our history, but since it was a Republican doing the unthinkable, "let's just get over it!!!"

I'll take nothing they complain about seriously until they acknowledge Donald J. Trump's treachery against the United States.

PS. Good luck with your new job venture!

Bluebullamerica said...

7 of the last 9 recessions happened under GQP control and yet Skidmark has the gall to try (and fail) to smear the guys who cleaned up GQP messes and got us back on the right path.

As for the flag issue; I served ten years in the Army and I love our flag. However, I didn't serve for the flag alone. I served so that ALL our people could live in freedom and peace back home. If the fact that by ALL I'm including the LGBTQ community, then tough. I love seeing our national flag and I love seeing the rainbow flag. In seeing those, I know that things have improved (not enough yet) for my gay brothers and sisters.

Melissa said...

Could it be that YOU are flying a Gay Pride Flag Dave?

Rational Nation USA said...

Thank you for your service Bluebullamerica. You are a true American Patriot in every way.

Dave Dubya said...

The "vaccine was developed by Trump"...LOL!

Ignorance isn't ignorance to the ignorant.
Racism isn't racism to the racist.
Treason isn't treason to the traitor.
A cult isn't a cult to the cult.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave Dubya, Yes. They really believe the b.s. Trump and his cultists put out. Pfizer wasn't in on the "Warp Speed" initiative. They refused money from the Trump administration. But Trumpers never let facts get in the way of their delusions.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Melissa, you ask that as if that would be a bad thing. What does anyone flying a rainbow flag have to do with you? Why do you even care?

Mike said...

That's the absolute truth. There are charts and graphs that show how bad the republicans have been since Reagan. Spend-a-holic republicans.

Jerry said...

It is unfortunate that the Democrats have had to spend their time saving the country from Republican policies. It has stunted the country from what could have been real progressive, positive growth. We are still in a hole and now we have to fight our fellow countrymen just to secure our democracy. Obama had his "Blue Dog" democrats now Biden has his Mansion. Only a greater Democratic majority can help us out of this hole.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Jerry, Autocorrect is a pain.

I know you mean Manchin, not Mansion.

The Trump and his sychophants had no idea how to govern. The only thing GQPers know is giving tax breaks to the 1% and killing the economy.

Dave Miller said...

Oh Melissa...

As if on cue, and to prove my point, rather than deal with facts, reason and logic, you attempt a lame slam on someone with whom you disagree.

What difference does it make to you if I choose to fly a Pride flag, the American flag or even an Auburn flag in front of my house? None of those flags represent an enemy of the state, or the views of traitors dedicated to the destruction of our union.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, that's too much of a logical answer for Melissa (a troll) to understand.

The "Melissa" troll's been here several times trying to get her factless comments published.

"Melissa" has nothing to add to the conversation, so "Melissa" will no longer be published.

skudrunner said...

A lot of comments directed toward me most of which are not true. Ms Shaw, you know from past posts that I am not a trump follower but if you have to have a point of attack than using me is fine. You stand on the fact that trump was not popular and biden is therefore joey is a good president. I have a different measure of a leaders capabilities and that is what have they done for the company, country or majority. Joey may prove his is a good leader but that is yet o be demonstrated.

PL, If you judge saving an American industry, car makers, by the actions of the obama team there is little to say. We had three auto makers one of which passed on federal takeover, another was sold to a foreign company and the other was forced to eliminate three brands. I guess in someones eyes that is success as is spending a trillion dollars to create all those shovel ready jobs, which didn't occur.

I am confused as to how you can't find a job. Every business I see across four states has help wanted signs, one even said like everyone else we are hiring. The BLS said there are 9 million job opening. If you cannot find one in your area maybe relocation is the answer. Glad to see you are opening your own business instead of guarding your couch like a lot of people accepting increased unemployment instead of working. Good luck, Once you work for yourself you won't want to works for anyone again.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skudrunner: "You stand on the fact that trump was not popular and biden is therefore joey is a good president."

Sorry, skud, but how do you expect me to answer your syllogistic premise above? There is no logic in it.

Trump's not being popular has nothing to do with President Biden being a good president.

The American people like President Biden better than The Former Guy because Joe Biden acts like a decent adult who knows how government works. It's that simple.

Americans were fed up with Trump's whining, name-calling, and self-congratulatory rallies, not to mention his incompetence handling COVID-19.

We're finding out now through FOIA that Trump was and is the consummate corrupt dictator wannabe. He tried to sic his DoJ on his "enemies" -- he's still trying to overturn the November election results by encouraging his lackeys to force recounts in ONLY THE STATES HE LOST! Imagine that! The states that he won were voter-fraud free, but every state he lost somehow committed fraud.

A year ago Trump began his plan to discredit any victory by Joe Biden by saying the only way he could lose the election would be by fraud, and he continued saying that as he saw his numbers dropping and the inevitability of Biden's win became more of a reality. Enough of his cultists bought his lies; and when Trump lost the election by an electoral landslide and by 7 million popular votes, his cultists decided to believe the LIAR and his Big Lie and not facts.

The fact that Joe Biden is NOTHING like the crook who sullied the White House for 4 years may be why he's more popular with the American people than Trump ever hoped to be. In fact just a month ago Trump's approval was in the low 30s.

Why anyone with any intelligence would continue to support that Loser, Cheat, Liar, and Fraud is still a mystery.

Joe Biden isn't perfect by any means, but what he is is a decent human being -- something Trump never was and never will be. And that IMO is why America rejected him.

Anonymous said...

@skud - So, it must be a safe bet that you work for yourself and you would never work for someone else again, right?

So, why yer bitchin skud? You are doing okay, right? Food on the table, right? A nice roof over yer head and normal creature comforts. right?

Seems to me yer wastin a boat load of time bitchin about how bad things are under denmocratic administrations (they aren't) and how wonderful things are under republican administrations (they aren't).

Maybe its time to change yer lenses skud. Just sayin.

Anonymous said...

Skud, I’m not going to respond to your insults.


skudrunner said...

Anon 1503, I am not bitchin I am giving encouragement to PL about working for herself.
I am not in a bad way at all but that doesn't mean I want to see my taxes wasted on programs that are not productive and paying people not to work more than if they worked.

PL, if I offended it was unintentional I was offering support not criticism.

MS Shaw, News Flash Trump is not longer president. People rejected trump because of his actions or non-actions regarding covid which was a mistake. It is coming to light that it actually did start in a lab in china and doc fraudi knew all about it. Funny the news media didn't pick up on that but of course they missed the truth of the murdering Governor so not surprising.