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Monday, August 2, 2021

Mo Brooks and the Anti-Democracy Cult of Trump

U.S. Representative Mo Brooks (R-AL):

Mr. Brooks invoked bloodshed and death during his speech on January 6 and exhorted the participants not let the Democratic Party “steal from us our God-given right to control our nation’s destiny.”

From a friend who wishes to remain anonymous:

"That statement could only come from an elected official who took his oath of office to the Constitution without reading the fine print. 

 Under our Constitution, nobody has a "God-given right to control the nation's destiny." And the fact that Brooks (and apparently many other Republicans) believe this shows the true nature of the fight we are in. 

 Conservative "evangelical" Christianity has become a vestigial organ in our body politic. Like the appendix, it no longer serves any useful purpose, but its continued existence might be benign. However, vestigial organs can become infected, and when they do, they must be excised or they can be fatal to the host organism. 

Evangelicals were already panicked by their continued losses in the culture wars when Trump warned them that he was "their last chance." For a group that loves to wallow in martyrdom, this was like pouring gasoline on a fire. 

 What Brooks, et al, refuse to understand is that our Declaration of Independence and subsequent Constitution marked an end to the concept that any one or group had a "God-given right" to rule. The English king claimed this "divine right," and it was flatly rejected in establishing a government "of, by, and for the people." 

 The Declaration rejects the king's divine authority, and the Constitution doesn't mention "God" except to bar any religious test for public office. 

 The idea that the United States is or was intended to be a "Christian Nation" is a bigger and more dangerous lie than "election fraud," because it provides the base on which most of today's right-wing extremism sits."

Again, as I've posted here numerous times, people like Mo Brooks and his hero, Trump, show us they know nothing about our Constitutional system of government.

They are, at heart, authoritarians and a dangerous threat to our democratic republic. 

We found out just this week that a sitting POTUS, Donald J. Trump, asked the acting AG, Jeffrey Rosen, to LIE about the election, and then he, DJT, would take it from there.

This is more documented proof of Trump's fascistic tendencies and his total disregard of the laws that govern us. Like a typical dictator, he tried to take control of the DoJ and tried to coerce it to LIE for him about the election. 

Trump is a liar, a cheat, and a fraud; and with the power of the office of the presidency, he tried to overturn a legal election, WHICH HE LOST! resoundingly!

This, my friends, is how a dictatorship works.

Don't expect the right wing Evangelicals to care a wit about this shameful new information about their lying, cheating, and fraud-of-a-hero.

They're cultists, and cultists are loyal to the cult leader, not the United States of America and its laws.


Mike said...

"Trump is a liar, a cheat, and a fraud"
That's a good start explaining tRUMP. But keep going. I'm sure you could do a 90-word essay on nothing but tRUMP execrables.

Dave Dubya said...

Compassion has NEVER been a conservative virtue. This is the demarcation line between "conservative" and Christian.

Not. The. Same. Never was, never will be.

And it's getting worse, the more radicalized the Right becomes.

skudrunner said...

Davie DumbDumb, Compassion is concern for suffering and I guess in your mind cuomo was just offering compassion to his female victims. Maybe biden/harris handling of the border is offering compassion. After all they have let 20000 unaccompanied children cross the border, thousands of immigrants cross regardless of covid test and funding cartels to transport people to the border. Pull all the troops from Afghanistan with no plan and put thousands of women and children at risk. Guess you consider these actions compassionate.

If that is compassion I am glad to be a conservative and support hope and opportunity rather than fake compassion just to promote my political agenda. Interesting that harris/biden let all those people into Texas untested and then point to Texas as being a hot spot for infections. Little hypercritical.

Grey One talks sass said...

Oh skudrunner, there you go again, moving the goal posts and commenting on whatever pops into your deranged brain instead of remaining on topic. I guess that is 'your' brand after all, amirite?

So - to address the topic of the post - Mo Brooks is one of "those" meaning a Deity first country second sort of person. As I've had to explain to Christianists aka Christian Nationalists aka Dominionists where ever I encounter them on the interwebz, when a person seeks to represent our country no matter if it's in the military or through public service the mindset must always hold the Constitution primary while faith remains personal and secondary. For the Christianist, cruelty is the point and it's always Deity first, country second. They are all salivating for their End Times and Apocalyptic Review, waiting for the day when they are all raptured to heaven where they get to watch while the rest of the world burns and they will do whatever necessary to ensure their self fulfilling prophecy comes to fruition.

skud - you carefully ignore the clamor from well, everyone I read, calling for Gov. Cuomo to resign. The number of folks saying his behavior is not acceptable is impressive especially since you ignored all their voices. Hmm - nI've ever heard you make such a claim for any of the sexual predators on the Right. It's almost as if you have (gasp) double standards (LOUD STAGE WHISPER "Which makes you a hypocrite skudman!!!!)

You have data proving your claim of thousands of unvaxed undocumented immigrants allowed to infiltrate Texas, correct? And exactly how would you differentiate between all your imagined boogey folks and the hoards of unvaxed citizens roaming about and infecting each other? Easier to blame the 'other' like you always do skud, you xenophobe.

skud - the only hope and opportunity you support is the hope you have the opportunity to be cruel to an 'other'. Just saying as your record speaks for itself.

Oh - just caught your dig at funding terrorists. Perhaps you ought to look to that bastion of Dominionism Hobby Lobby for funding ISIS. The artifacts (i.e. fragment from Gilgamesh) they tried to sneak into the USA were purchased directly from the terrorist organization but yeah, deflect skud. It is what you do best.

Bluebullamerica said...

I can't stop laughing at SKidmark thinking that conservatives offer hope and opportunity. Too funny! Sane people see that they only offer those things to rich, white, Christian males. 4

Okay Skidmark, carry on with your pathetic deflecting.

skudrunner said...

Grey, you remind me of a Pentecostal preacher, say enough in tongues and people will think you are smart.

As to cuomo resigning, that is his choice. I don't view kissing someone a sexual attack and if they didn't like it they should have slapped him and told him no more.

Perhaps you should watch something other than MSDNC for your news. You would have seen how horrible it is at the border. PRESJB is in a tough position. He has the progressives saying put ICE in the freezer, the way to stop arrests of criminals is to defund the police, the way to cut down on all those inmates is to close prisons and the way to not have the border crisis is to open the border. I don't even think joey believes what his handlers are having him read.

The rest of your dribble is not worth a response.

Rational Nation USA said...

I must say Bluebullamerica that there were actually conservative republicans that were adept at providing hope and opportunity. I know because I knew some and was, 15 years ago, a conservative businessman that realized my operation was only as good as the good union people producing the product, and, the quality of leadership provided by company mnanagement. I was fortunate enougH to work for a large company that at least understood and respected the value of their employees. Although I will FREELY acknowledge that the company still had bad actors within management ranks. Trumpers like skidmark would not have been successful in the company environments that I traveled in that is for certain.

The recipe for extreme social unrest is to concentrate the lion's share of a nation's wealth in the hands of the top 1 or 2 perent of the population. Sound hauntingly familiar to America? Yes?

Bluebullamerica said...

Thanks RN. Great to see you again. Yes, 25 -20 years ago, there were actual conservative republicans who loved America and just saw getting better in a different way than I'd come to think, by then. I actually was a Republican until 2000. Sad to see what's become of the party nowadays and how malignant and evil that bunch has become. I just break out laughing when someone claims to be a 'patriotic Christian Conservative'. Tell me another one, Bubba!

skudrunner said...

RN, You are incorrect, I worked for two fortune 100 companies in middle management and was quite successful and you are correct I didn't like it and left to do my own thing.
Unions have a place because they make everyone equal in pay and they stand up for the less motivated. If you want to be paid for what you accomplish unions are not the way to go.

Not everyone has the ability to risk everything they have to strike out on their own. As a union person you had protection and benefits so that fit your needs but not mine. I prefer to make up my own mind instead of following the leader.

Rational Nation USA said...

skudrunner, unions protect folks from people likr Trump and maybe you.

Now, please educate me on how I'm wrong. Please be specific with concrete examples. Of course for this exercise your response should be limited to my previous comment direectly above and this one.

I anxiously await your response.

skudrunner said...

Leslie, I am trying to decipher your question above but I was never a cryptologist.
Unions protect the worker who is not motivated to go on their own. That is not a bad thing but just a fact. Airline pilots are union and they make a good living. As you know machinists make a decent living and has provided well for you. The non risk takers who want have a union tell them what they are worth is necessary.
Of course if you head out on your own and are successful you didn't do it the government did and you are criticized for not giving half of it away . .

Bluebullamerica said...

RN, allow me to paraphrase for Skidmark; "Hey, remember that one time when Obama wore that beige suit? Yeah, he was the worst, wasn't he? Or when Jimmy Carter's brother Billy said some stupid stuff? Yeah, me too. Toss in several 'sleepy Joe's' and that pretty much covers each and every rebuttal Skid ever makes.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud: "The non risk takers who want have a union tell them what they are worth is necessary."

"There were a reported 800,000 sworn officers in the United States as of 2017, and an estimated 75-80% of them belong to a union. ... Many of the independent unions serve police in local municipalities."

skud, do you think police are "non risk takers?"

Dave Dubya said...

"Compassion has NEVER been a conservative virtue. This is the demarcation line between "conservative" and Christian. Not. The. Same. Never was, never will be.And it's getting worse, the more radicalized the Right becomes."

Skuddie "ad hominem" De Flection" is Exhibit A.

Cops and firemen are inferior to his Authoritarian Highness.