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Friday, September 24, 2021



Dave Miller said...

It's not often you get two special days to celebrate a winning election night.

Dave Miller said...

But let's not forget... the overriding view of the extremists is this...

Evidence does not matter. As stated by Geeez and echoed by the sailors on her poop deck, "I [We} will never not believe there was fraud and the election was stolen."


Simply because their guy lost. To them, Dems are not allowed to win an election and if they somehow do, it has to be because of fraud. Because in their minds, they are still living as part of Nixon's silent majority.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"I [We} will never not believe there was fraud and the election was stolen."

That's how they soothe their bruised egos. Deny reality. They were so invested in Trump; and when they saw the American people overwhelmingly reject him, it was too much for them to internalize. So they just make up a story -- like children do when something is unpleasant for them to accept:

"It didn't happen." Or if it did, "Bad guys stole the election."

I don't think they ever mentally grew past their childhoods.

Shaw Kenawe said...


Re: Your comment above. This is their mindset:

Doctor who has lost over 100 patients to covid says some deny virus from their deathbeds: ‘I don’t believe you’

That's unfixable.

Infidel753 said...

The "official" "results" of the Cyber Ninjas "audit" are supposed to be released at 1:00 Pacific time today. These figures are based on a draft report which was leaked last night. The turbo-wingnuts are clinging to the hope that the real report this afternoon will show different results. (I'm basing this on the comment threads at Gateway Pundit, which seems to be the only right-wing site even bothering to cover the Arizona "audit" any more.)

So they're still clinging to the hope of a revolution, mass executions of election officials, and Trump's reinstatement -- for about two more hours.

Mike said...

So the voter fraud was republican fraud. Not suprised.

Bilbo's post today ( ) has a link to the memo written by John Eastman on how the republicans could have stolen the election if Pence had cooperated with the scheme.

Bluebullamerica said...

The taxpayers of Maricopa County should sue the GQP to recoup the monies that now need to be spent to replace the voting machines after their untrained lackeys befouled them.
Mika B. could barely contain laughter, this morning while reading the news about this. It was a nice lead story, though it wasn't a surprise.

The Honorable, Esteemed And Distinguished Judge Dervish Sanders (A High IQ Bourgeois Elitist) said...

Minus FJ's out is that the report must say "Biden won fair and square". I've heard the Cyber Ninjas have "questions". Like, why is the election website connected to the internet? (this is as per Rachel Maddow last night). I don't think those exact words are in the Cyber Ninja report.

Anyway, God said Dotard won. As per a recent prophetic word by pastor Timothy Dixon, "The thief Biden will fall and the one chosen will return". Unless God lied, the Cyber Ninjas must have been deceived. Dotard won (they just weren't able to prove it).

Shaw Kenawe said...

Derv: "Minus FJ's out is that the report must say "Biden won fair and square".

Minus FJ and his sock puppets do not have the ability to admit they were/are wrong, wrong, WRONG!

They can't face the fact that they've been bamboozled by a con man and his lackeys -- that would be an admission of their own inability to see they've been conned --. From what I've read in their comments, they're quite in love with themselves and believe in their erudition on all things. Well, the Fraudit proved they're easily fooled and have very poor judgement.

Ignore their protests on this.

They're gaslighting.

Rational Nation USA said...

Then "god" is providing the illusions (delusions) f jay and the sailors on the "Mothership" hold?

Lots of negative karma apparntly.