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Sunday, September 19, 2021



Fox News contributor and former GOP congressman Sean Duffy falsely claimed that the US must rely on fossil fuel sources because renewable technology isn't reliable in bad weather. 

"Windmills don't work when it's freezing and solar panels don't work when it's really cloudy, snowy out, or cold. We need fossil fuels," Duffy told Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo. 

Wind turbines are perfectly capable of generating power in freezing temperatures if they're properly weatherized.


Dave Miller said...

The amount of uninformed commentary coming from the GOP and its supporters is stunning. Just this week Gov Kemp of GA was railing against Covid vaccine mandates and using the failure of the HIV vaccine mandates as evidence.

Apparently the non existence of either an HIV vaccine or a mandate, bothered him, or the reporter who let that comment go unchallenged.

Rational Nation USA said...

Climate change, poverty, racism, income inequality, otherism, and yes disinformation and misinformation are all driven by ignorance and greed. Two of Amerca's greatest weaknesses.

Do nothing to address these, reverse the trend, and ultimately act out of compassion and wisdom as our auto default mode and we will become our own executioners. On a global scale.

Sound nihilistic? Yup, it does. Whether it happens or not is entirely up to humankind. Climate scientists and folks not living the stories they tell themselves know this is true.

If ignorancs, greed, and toxic politics continue life on this rock of ours life will cease to exist. BTW, overpopulation is a threat of a different flavor but certainly of a serious one.