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Monday, September 27, 2021



This is how millions of Americans imagine The Former Guy:


Dave Miller said...

What month will it be once October goes by?

If you want a few good laughs, take a cruise on the HMS Mothership today. You'll see a group of people trying without much luck to explain away facts, results, truth and reality in ways that are hilarious.

One of my favorites? The opening line of her post... "Conservatives/Republicans (I don’t like to use only one word because it’s cleverly dividing Conservatives as the Left is so cunning to do..."

Who knew Shaw just how cunning all us libs are. I guess that comes with our public school educations where they teach us stuff like critical thinking, how to read, write and understand English, and how to understand math at a level that enabled us to quickly look at verified election results and determine who won.

Hope you're well.

Mike said...