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Thursday, September 23, 2021

"One of the darkest moments in U.S. history."


CNN reports:

"Just this week, it's been revealed that: 

Trump had blueprints that the Republicans tried to use to prevent Congress from certifying President Joe Biden's clear and genuine victory, in the form of a memo that laid out a plan for then-Vice President Mike Pence to thwart Biden's Electoral College triumph. 

The memo was reported in the new book "Peril," by Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, and was later obtained by CNN. 

Trump's own campaign staff knew that outlandish claims of fraud made by the then-President's lawyers were utterly false, according to a report in The New York Times. But they did nothing to stop his dangerous allegations. 

Trump sent a letter full of false information to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, asking him to start the process of decertifying the 2020 election. "Peril" also contains a passage that shows Trump cared little for truth, what voters decided in November or bedrock constitutional values -- but agonized about his reputation and mused that accepting defeat would brand him as one of history's losers. 

This growing paper trail, which is likely to be of intense interest to the House select committee investigating the January 6 insurrection, appears to prove Trump's intent to stay in power illegally. The record is beginning to add up to an extraordinary indictment of the ex-President's abuses of power and one of the darkest moments in US history."


None of this seems to matter to Trump's cultists. A brief look at the pro-Trump news sites and blogs shows that none of his cultists are reporting on these horrifying revelations.

This is the real danger to our republic: Trump's cultists who continue to swallow his lies and fantasies and his attempts to illegally install himself for a second term.

The CNN report is a good reminder of what January 6 was -- a widespread, concerted attempt by the GOP, acting not as a few rogues but as a single entity, to overthrow the United States' government in service to their mad king. Yet not a damn single one of them has ever been charged with sedition.

At least a third of Americans believe that Trump was cheated out of being re-elected despite there being absolutely no proof those misguided believers can produce that shows a massive level of voter fraud. 

Even sixty plus lawsuits (most of which were simply thrown out), as well as the fact that the SCOTUS agreed that there was no voter fraud has dissuaded Trump's cultists from the lie that the election was stolen. Yet the idea that Trump is still the actual president persists in his and their minds. 

The Trumpublican Party has done little to nothing to push back against these fantasies, and even today it continues to support the Big Lie that Trump was cheated. 

 Democracy in the United States is doomed!


Dave Miller said...

Shaw... This is all explained by a little online conversation I had years back with someone I would characterize as an extremist in her views. I'm sure I've recounted it before, but let me share it again.

I asked what for me has become my go to question, that the ppl who represent the current group of conservatives and the GOP for some reason refuse to answer...

What behaviors, actions and beliefs do people on the extreme right hold, or exhibit?

The response was very illuminating... "Dave" she replied, there is no such thing as the extreme right [direction] because we are right! [as in correct]"

If your view is that you are right/correct, no matter what, then none of this should surprise anyone, because all the ends justify the means.

That means lying in service of your goals, an insurrection, naked political acts a la the Merrick Garland SCOTUS nomination and more.

I've asked that question time and time again, even of folks like Silver whom while I disagree with, I appreciate their willingness to think. And to date, never, not once have I ever got a straight, simple answer.

I'm convinced it's because for anyone on the current right side of the political spectrum to offer up an answer, will be to indict their friends. So they hide behind both siderism and euphemisms.

So none of this will matter to any of them. Let's remember a few words from Freethinke... he was convinced, at least in his online posts, that the left had done all of the same behavior we are seeing today, but behind the scenes. His corrective, which he proudly and openly supported in numerous posts and comments was for the GOP and conservatives to just do the same themselves.

In the open, as they are now doing.

As I knew him, he'd be very happy these days... saying now that the Dems are getting a little bit of their own medicine.

Rational Nation USA said...

“Not to be attached to something is to be aware of its absolute value. Everything you do should be based on such an awareness, and not on material or self-centered ideas of value.”

― Shunryu Suzuki

Ducky's here said...

He's running in 2024. Be ready.

Dave Miller said...

Duck... I'm not convinced. Can he risk another loss? At least to his ego?

Jerry said...

The enemy is us. We gave him power. We elected this crook our president and leader of the Republican party. And now we are surprised that he took us down this path? Shame on us.

Rational Nation USA said...

As humans continue to embrace illusion, greed, chase after pleasure, strain mightily to fight personal suffering, and, search to hold on to that whose moment has already passed NOTHING at all will change. As the human hamster wheel continues to whirl around and around.