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Thursday, October 14, 2021

The Current Trumpublican Party -- Really.


This was sent to David Corn, DC Bureau Chief of Mother Jones:

Trump, Inc., really believes his followers are a bunch of gullible, hayseed, infantile idiots. Who else would fall for this nonsense? 


Mike said...

I had a visit from one of your fans that left this in my comments.

"Just the Fact that you are a poster, and reader of the SHIT- HOLE AKA Progressive Blog, shows that you are a MORONIC ASSHOLE."

A good way to start the day with a good laugh. Of course, it was anonymous. But there is something therapeutic about hitting the delete button on these idiots.

Shaw Kenawe said...


They're sad little gnomes who must lead lives of loud desperation. They're probably henpecked, so their only outlet is to go anonymously where trolls always go and leave their droppings.

I got this in my moderation folder today:

"Shaw Kenawe YOU are Full Of Shit.."

Anonymous, of course. They're cowards as well.