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Wednesday, June 7, 2023



Prosecutors Tell Trump's Legal Team He Is a Target of Investigation

"The notice from the office of the special counsel Jack Smith suggested that an indictment was on the horizon in the investigation into the former president’s handling of classified documents." 

"Notifying a potential defendant that he or she is a target is a formal way of indicating that the person is a direct focus of a criminal investigation and often precedes the filing of charges. The notification typically opens the door to defense lawyers requesting a meeting with prosecutors to offer their side of the story."

Will Trump finally face consequences for his actions? It's only a matter of time now for us to find out.

Trump's overall defense, in all these cases, seems to be that he is:

1) Innocent (real original thinking here); 
2) The DOJ and the FBI have been weaponized (whatever that means); and 
3) He's the target of a manufactured "political persecution" and "witch hunt." 

Well, that would have to be one massive conspiracy involving multiple state prosecutors, federal prosecutors, judges, multiple venues, multiple charges -- all amazingly well coordinated. 

The thing is, Trump is a career criminal. 

Trump had control of the apparatus of the Executive Branch of government of the United States of America, and he abused it -- every day, every moment, in the most egregious and profound way. So it's utterly unsurprising that he's got himself in some deep shyte. 

May this be the first of the many criminal indictments he deserves.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations America--the rule of law is a necessary component to retain our democracy.

“The wheels of justice turn slowly, but grind exceedingly fine”,

Mike said...

"May this be the first of the many..."

Paula said...

Re: The US government docs that Trump stole:

First Trump said he didn't have any thing, then he said he had some, but he never showed them to anyone. This was followed by a warrant and raid, and then Trump claimed as soon as the papers got to Mar O Lago that they were no longer classified, which was followed by tales of how he had staff move the files to hide them.

Now there's a audio tape of him acknowledging that he should have followed the procedure to declassify the papers. I hope him and his gang get fair trials and if convicted they are placed in Guantanamo for safe keeping.

PS. For your Trump friend, skudrunner. Biden and Pence did not do any of what trump did! When they found out they had govt. docs, they turned them over immnediately, they didn't lie about not having them, and the cooperated with the government in returning its propery.

Trump didn't do any of that.

Dave Miller said...

Paula, you're spot on regarding both Pence and Biden, but it won't matter. Skud, like trump, will never admit he was wrong. But he will keep trying to find a bothsiderism point as it relates to Trump.

To All...

Trump has called all this a "witch hunt". Here's what Bill Barr, former Trump AG and no friend of libs and progressives, had to say about that...

"Over time, people will see that this is not a case of the Department of Justice conducting a witch hunt... In fact, they approached this very delicately and with deference to the president, and this would have gone nowhere had the president just returned the documents. But he jerked them around for a year and a half."

Les Carpenter said...

That detail and difference keeps escaping skud's (and the cult's) scrutiny. No doubt by design.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Former AG under Trump, Bill Barr: "Over time, people will see that this is not a case of the Department of Justice conducting a witch hunt... In fact, they approached this very delicately and with deference to the president, and this would have gone nowhere had the president just returned the documents. But he jerked them around for a year and a half."

Any other American citizen who did what Trump did would have been hauled off to jail IMMEDIATELY!

We have to admit to ourselves that the line from the Pledge of Allegiance that says: "...with Liberty and JUSTICE for all..." is false. We have justice, in this case, for the rich and powerful -- an ex-POTUS -- and then for the rest of us had we stolen top secret and classified government documents and kept them in an unsecured place on our property, and LIED about it.

Apparently an ex-POTUS is handled differently from the rest of us.

Trump's constant barking about a "witch hunt" is nothing more than a narcissistic bellyache. He's been handled with a huge amount of deference that other alleged criminals like him would never have enjoyed.

But here we are. Trump's appalling behavior has revealed that we're like other world governments in that we DO NOT treat all lawbreakers the same. NO.

"Liberty and Justice FOR ALL" is an ideal that after 247 years we still haven't achieved.

skudrunner said...

Got it, it is all about trump who broke the law and no one else, except the AF guy who went to jail. Should trump follow the AF guy to jail, probably, should joey b who has classified documents stored in his garage and three other places be charged, of course not because he knows not what he does.

I do agree that "Liberty and Justice FOR ALL" is an ideal that after 247 years we still haven't achieve" but will add it never will be achieved. The press is in a full court press to show support for a president who is way past his ability to govern much less think. Inflation, not his fault, runaway spending, not his fault, stagnant economy, not his fault, crime increases, not his fault, open border not his fault.

I saw a post that said how much he has accomplished in his first two years but other than giving money to his pet projects and calling them anti inflation acts, pushing lockdowns which caused a massive economic downturn and telling people to get a vaccine he had nothing to do with what has he accomplished.

Oh BTW, we do treat law breakers the same, steal goods and go free, hit a subway worker and go free. This is all part of the biden plan.

We can do better that either trump or joey b and we should.

Dave Miller said...

Skud... take your meds man.

You're making so little sense I'm guessing your SRA reading comprehensions scores were pretty low in elementary school.

Trump, Biden and Pence, who for some reason you fail to mention, all were found to have had classified documents at their homes, residences, offices, etc.

Each of them.

Once it was discovered they were all "on notice". At that time, the system considers it a "no harm, no foul" mistake. So they get a request from the National Archives at that point.

Now, and I realize this is hard for mouth breathers to understand, but hang with me.

Once they receive the letter/formal request for the materials to be returned, each of those men had a choice...

1. Return the materials they mistakenly had and receive grace from the government, or

2. Refuse to return the materials and knowingly commit a crime.

Now ask yourself this... which of the above options did Trump choose? 1 or 2?

It's a simple question I know you won't answer because it shows how inconsistent you are with truth and reality.

As to your Lt Col., he was found to have knowingly stolen documents he had no business having. Perhaps he was planning on being the next Robert Hanson. Maybe not, but he knowingly took classified documents.

Which is a crime.

Easy peasy... he goes to jail.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave M.

There are only 2 explanations that I can think of for why skudrunner refuses to understand the differences between what Trump and the Lt Col did and what Pence and Biden did:

1) He really can't, on a cognitive level, understand the difference; or

2) He just plain refuses to admit he's wrong in believing all of document-taking events are the same and require the same punishment.

We have examples of how this works in our system of laws. There's a difference between involuntary manslaughter and premeditated murder. In both instances, a person is dead. But the circumstances differ and the punishments differ in each case.

I'm guessing skudrunner understand that, but for some reason, he can't understand the document cases involving Trump, the Lt. Col., Pence and Biden.

We've explained it in the simplest terms, but he refuses to understand for his own reasons.

Les Carpenter said...

@ Dave... The obvious... there are no meds for skud's reality. None. Save an antidote he has no idea of nor would he likely chose to experience if he did.

skudrunner said...

Rev, I believe I did mention trump and joey b but what I also said is they need to all be investigated. Over 10 years left in a garage seems to be excessive don't you think. You and I agree about trump, he needs to go away because his behavior is contemptible and his narcissism forces him to destroy the country instead of backing away and let the adults run. Joey b needs to go away so both of them will do whats best for the country instead of themselves but that won't happen either.

BTW, you do seem to result to insults more and I will assume it is frustration about the crossings at the border situation.

Oh I didn't care for elementary school and didn't like school until post graduate where you actually learn something you can apply. Thanks for thinking of me and understand my childhood.

Dave Miller said...


Sorry, but here's the deal, summed up nicely by lawyer and writer, Jennifer Rubin...

"The rule-of-law principle that 'like cases should be treated alike' means that one official should not be prosecuted for conduct while another goes scot-free — if their conduct is comparable.

The behavior of Trump does not compare to either Biden or Pence.

I can only assume that since you cannot grasp this, you are choosing, like many conservatives, to remain willfully ignorant on the facts.

Here's a conservative apology for the insults... I'm sorry if you felt offended by my words.

But everyday, people like Shaw and me feel offended by people like you who equate the sometimes mistaken words, missteps and even sometime wrongness of Joe Biden to the treason, evil and daily lies that were the Trump administration.

skudrunner said...

Rev, trump should be indicted and treated like everyone when it comes to his trial and possible sentences. You do not have an issue with an official holding classified information in a garage for over a decade nor do you have an issue with a former SS deleting thousands of emails which is destroying documents but you think everyone is treated the same. It is impossible to get truthful information because we have a media who is totally biased and investigative journalism is a forgotten profession.

Hopefully in the next election we will have a decent choice which we deserve and should demand.