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Thursday, June 29, 2023

Duplicitous, hypocrital Republicans. It's Who They Are.


On Monday of this week, the White House announced that the federal government will begin to distribute over $40 billion in funding for broadband. 

And all the GOP Senators who voted against the bill and GOP governors who were also against it are taking credit for it.

Duplicitous, hypocrital Republicans:


Republicans Keep Taking Credit For Billions In Broadband Subsidies Only Made Possible By The COVID Relief And Infrastructure Bills They Vehemently Opposed

"...the same Republicans who vehemently opposed and voted against both bills are now happily taking credit for their benefits among their constituents. 

Case in point: Republican Governor Ron DeSantis keeps crowing about Florida’s broadband investments made possible via Florida’s “Broadband Opportunity Program.” 

A significant chunk of those funds ($400 million) were only made possible via the federal ARPA bill DeSantis and state senators opposed, but good luck finding any mention of that in state press releases on the subject. 

The whole thing was, apparently, Ronald’s idea."


"The same thing played out in most Republican controlled states, where leaders have (as required by the bills) created what are often their first ever broadband offices to disperse the funds, then pretended that this was all their idea, and that the lion’s share of the money isn’t coming from federal programs they fought tooth and nail against for the better part of the last few years. 

Like in Montana, where Republican Governor Greg Gianforte has also repeatedly issued press releases lauding broadband subsidies doled out by the state, without mentioning that Montana’s ConnectMT program is primarily going to be built on the back of ARPA and IIJA funds: “Expanding access to reliable broadband is a central element of Governor Gianforte’s Montana Comeback Plan.”

Duplicitous, hypocritical Republicans.

It's who they are.


The Prophet Dervish Z Sanders said...

Shaw, I wouldn't worry about this. It's nothing more than a clown show.

Anonymous said...

Everytime you think the republiscum have hit bottom they find a new low.

skudrunner said...

Expanding the internet to rural areas is federal money well spent, which is rare for politicians. Of course the republicans are going to take credit because the majority of people rural areas are in republican territory. just like saint joey b taking credit for all the job growth when it was his lock down policies that caused all those workers to lose their jobs. He does need to hard sell his economic policy of weaken energy independence, hike inflation to punish the poor and middle class, increase regulations to punish small businesses, hire thousands of IRS agents to make sure the middle class is paying their fair share. Politicians will take credit for something that works and will spin that which doesn't.

Shaw Kenawe said...

We need more IRS agents to go after billionaires who have squads of tax lawyers to help them avoid paying their fair share. They won't go after the middle class. The reason the GOP was so against hiring more IRS agents is because it would affect their billionaire donors. Billionaires know where to spend their money -- on politicians who'll work for them so they can keep more of their billions.

You left out unemployment. It's the lowest for the longest time since the '60s. Since you are diligent in knocking down most of what Biden's accomplished, I thought it only fair to remind you of the good things as well.

Anonymous said...

In the eyes of the republiscum sheeple nothing Biden does is good. Irrespective of the actual facts.

skudrunner said...

Billionaires are on both sides but the richest lean left. You are correct that politicians are up for sale to the highest bidder, bezos, soros, gates are all very rich and very left.

Unemployment rates need to be compared with labor participation rate. The unemployment rate does not consider those who have dropped out of the workforce. During the obama rein it was in the 64% range now it is 62%. Why is that, maybe because of the current administration is all about paying people to not work, give tax breaks to the rich and pay for their education.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Trump, Charles Koch, Robert Mercer, Harlan Crowe (Justice Thomas's sugardaddy), Paul Singer, (Justice Alito's sugardaddy), Robert Rowling, oil billionaire. All righty billionaires bankrolling right wing causes. How come you left them out?

You focus only on "Lefty/Dems" without looking at what goes on on the Right. Let me ask you, skud, is it terrible when Lefty billionaires fund left causes, but okay when right wingers do it? How come you never mention right wing billionaires influencing legislation that favors them?

skud: "...the current administration is all about paying people to not work, give tax breaks to the rich and pay for their education."

Again, you claim stuff without evidence.

possumlady said...

"just like saint joey b taking credit for all the job growth when it was his lock down policies that caused all those workers to lose their jobs"

Funny, I don't remember Biden being President when the lockdowns started in 2020 when the vast majority of people lost their jobs, including me. When did I get another job? In 2021...

skudrunner said...

Those people are poor compared to some on the left but that shouldn't matter. We need to take the money out of politics. Federal funding of elections at the federal level. Zero money from lobbyists, no acceptance of anything from a corporation, free flights, lodging and any form of payment from corporations or any individual. No money to speak at any event. Part time legislators who meet a week every six for per diem, have to hold a job to pay the bills and strict term limits. We have term limits for the president and governors so we should hold congress to the same standards. The SCOTUS has lifetime term because they didn't have to bow to politics but we all know that doesn't work so they should have limits as well, like 15 years.

Les Carpenter said...

Fair is fair skud and when you're right you're right. I agree with your view that federal elections should be funded by the federal government. Each tax payer should be taxed to fund federal elections every year. Call it the Freedom From Graft Tax and every person pays it every year. 10 bucks should do it.

I've long been completely against and vehemently opposed to lobbyists and lobbying. But, as we see today, even the new and now downgranded SCOTUS is not above bias and graft.

At one time the SCOTUS may have been above raw and dirty politics. No more. Everything is now degraded by partisan politics and placing ones self interests above all else.

Where we part company is who we hold most responsible.

Dave Miller said...

Once again I agree with Skud... perhaps the apocalypse is coming.

But once again, the proof would be in the pudding, as they say.

Unfortunately, the political folks Skud mostly supports will never support his idea.

As for the SCOTUS, I'd look to 20 years, that would span 3-5 admins. But we'd need a Constitutional Amendment. I know the ppl of the US would support it. Our elected reps?

That's another question.

skudrunner said...

No politician will support anything I proposed because they would not have a job for life and would have to give up millions in graft.

We don't disagree all that much except you blame republicans and I blame politicians overall. You can't end up with millions in four years on $160K per year unless you accept money or favors. They could put adding term limits and banning lobbyists to a vote but they know it would pass which would not be in the elected elites favor.

Les Carpenter said...

Again we agree! Damn, one of us must be getting weak. :)

Grey One talks sass said...

skud said "We don't disagree all that much except you blame republicans and I blame politicians overall"

You blame Republicans the same as Democrats? Really? When? The ONLY politicians I've ever witnessed you call out (for whatever reason) are of the Democratic sort. So which member of the GOP have you blamed for anything? It's been so long that I do not remember.

skudrunner said...

Grey, Hate to disappoint you but you need to check back on my posts and you will find your statement to not be true. Do I find more to criticize about the lest, yep, do I find both parties to be made up of a bunch of elected elite crooks, yep. I don't like trump but do find him competent, don't like joey b because he is not competent. One is a proven crook and the other is a crook in waiting.

Shaw Kenawe said...

The saddest words ever written on this blog:

"I don't like trump but do find him competent..."

He lost the popular vote twice, lost the House and Senate in 2020, was found liable for sexual assault, and was indicted on a total of 71 felony counts, while being criminally investigated for other crimes. Plus his Trump Organization was found guilty for fraud. He filed for bankruptcy 13 times and lost money on CASINOS that HE OWNED!

Competence? Besides giving billionaires permanent tax breaks and weakening our pollution standards, making a fool of himself internationally, praising Putin, separating babies and children from their parents at the border, and mishandling a pandemic so that thousands and thousands of Americans perished, where do you find him competent?

Les Carpenter said...

Well, he is competent at lying, he plays the victim exeedingly well, he seems competent at bedding women other than his spouses, be has escaped justice his entire life until now and that isn't yet determined and far from certain.

All things a decent honorable man would not be engaging in. And we all know Trump is far from a decent and honorable man.

skudrunner said...

Ms. Shaw, I take it you don't think he accomplished much. He did for illegals the same thing BHO and st joey did and do. BHO separated parents from children and st joey has more unaccompanied children crossing the border than either BHO or trump.

He gave regulation relief to businesses, fast tracked an anti-virus and provided tax reduction to hundreds of millions including those who pay the majority of FIT. As a president he did a lot of positive things which I was referring to. As a person he sucks the bottom of the barrel.

Grey One talks sass said...

skud, I said it's been so long since you've called out a Republican that I can't remember. Not sure how that's not a truth. And no, I'm not going back years to find an example to prove your point. It's you who refuse to provide receipts. Do your own homework. And please refrain from calling me a liar. I may not be so polite the next time you just can't help yourself.

Shaw - without access to Twitter I've been watching a lot of podcasts, specifically Bryan Tyler Cohen. He was interviewing Secretary Pete about getting I95 opened so quickly and other good policy issues like rural broadband. I enjoy watching Secretary Pete talk about helping fellow citizens. He lights up inside - over policy!!! It's like watching my Dad talk about his Highway Safety job back when I was a kid to be honest.

As humans like skud disparage the good works this administration has accomplished I find hope in citizens (feeling abandoned by society and the government) who receive necessary services. It is icing on the cake that said services are provided no matter if they vote red, blue, or purple.

Scared to bits because the haters/GOP feel like they have the upper hand. Hopeful for the future as those undecided souls witness the cruelty of the current GOP and instead choose love over hate.

Les Carpenter said...

That the hope Grey One talks sass. In addition it's hoped that those
Folks aren't teaching their children or grand children to be haters. A slim hope but hope nonetheless .