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Wednesday, June 14, 2023



it is buried so deep in its grave that the Chinese are in tears about it as well.

Yes, friends and neighbors. Santos said those words, presumably, with a straight face.


Mike said...


Shaw Kenawe said...

Insight into the twisted mind of a Trump cultist:

3 hours ago

Donald Trump had every right to go to a restaurant after the Stupid, and PHONY indictment and arraignment of today ! Yes, many people were there to greet him and cheer him on, and to whish him a Happy Birthday after the charade of those PHONY charges

Shame on you because it’s so obvious that you and your entire network of Spies working for the Democrat party and you are paid and bought for!

The vast majority of Americans know the truth about the Biden administration and his fascist DOJ and the injustice being thrown on Trump by the weaponized government gone loose and wild !

Biden had documents in his possession since being a Senator and Vice President, which he stole illegally!

The Presidential Records Act totally absolves President Trumps of any wrong doing !

Any objective observer has witnessed the incessant attacks on Trump since he announced he was running for President since 2016 coming down the escalators

All of the hoaxes against Trump have been proven manufactured by shameless political opponents like that Jealous Hillary Clintoon, Obama, Biden, the DOJ and the FBI and the numerous other intelligence officers like Brennan & Clapper !

And Shame on you CNN, and MSM and your fraudulent efforts to misinform the American people!
How come you NEVER Go after the bribery of Biden and his treason against the country ! Or his CracK-head Son who has been Milking this country for decades?
That’s the real crime against the nation and it’s people !

The evidence is clear and unquestionably real against Joe Biden !

Why don’t you ever Cover That Jake Tapper, CNN , MSNBC, and the so called Fake News on MSM, and CNN !

And if Jake Tapper wants to make a “Mockery” out of that, then so be it! No one takes that moron serious."

Dear Frank,

You're in a cult. Get help.

Dave Miller said...

Shaw, et al...

Here's a pretty succinct definition of a cult...

"...a cult is a group of people who are excessively supporting one another and a cause, all about conformity and compliance, and intolerance of anyone who doesn’t agree with what their mission is.”

It fits well in this post for two reasons.

1. It's pretty accurate.

2. It's from Sarah Palin, thus proving your point that "Irony is not just dead in the current Republican Party."

Les Carpenter said...

For the fully and completely conditioned cultist like frank it would take years of intense therapy to undo the delusions and obscurations from which he is seriosly afflicted.

Yes frank, get help STAT!

Shaw Kenawe said...

If we want to understand why Trump is like a bad stomach ache that won't go away, just read Crusader Frank's rants and understand

1) How Trump was elected in 2016, and
2) Why Trump declared he "loved the poorly educated."

People like Crusader Frank vote!

Dave Miller said...

Oh Frank...

It's hard to be the sanatorium let you online before you took your meds.

You might want to take a trip on the Reading Railroad over to Fox News... that's where you will see sitting Republican US Senators saying the charges against Trump are indefensible. That's where you will see Trump AG say he's toast. That's where you will Nikki Haley, Ron DeSantis, Asa Hutchison and other GOP candidates for president say Trump had no business having top secret and classified materials outside of the White House.

You see, what's happening is this... with his own words, Trump is proving the case against himself every single day.

He had nuclear secrets with him. He had US war plans for an invasion of Iran. He had documents showing the secret military capabilities of both allies and enemies. And by his own words, on tape no less, he was sharing those.

But I guess you're okay with that.

Maybe after your noontime dosage of thorazine, you'll come to your senses.

And face the truth...

Trump did it. And while the Dems may have had it out for him for years, this time, in the words of Bill Barr, he may in fact, be "toast"!

Dave Miller said...

It's interesting.

Boris Johnson, former Prime Minister of England and member of the conservative party there was found to have lied to his party and his country about a boozy get together/party during the Covid-19 lockdown.

The party decided he had to go as he had irreparably damaged his ability to lead, help govern or even sit in their governmental chamber.

Contrast the response of our most important ally across the pond with how the GOP has enabled and coddled their most powerful liar here in the United States.


Dave Dubya said...

"Contrast the response of our most important ally across the pond with how the GOP has enabled and coddled their most powerful liar here in the United States."

Europe has a much better memory of fascism.

White nationalism and white privilege are being expressed in false victimization. These people are terrified of the "others" in an endless propaganda loop triggering their over-active fight/flight responses of the amygdala.

Trump's "they're coming for you" message keeps them in a constant reactionary state of anger, fear and hate.

They are authoritarian follower personalities who have surrendered their conscience and ability to reason to Trump.

This is what happened to "American exceptionalism".

Real exceptionalism would be "It can't happen here", but we know otherwise.

Les Carpenter said...

One should seriously question the idea and belief in American Exceptionalism to its core. The idea that any race, nationality, culture is intrinsically exceptional to any other race, nationality, culture is ludicrous and akin to delusional.

Dave Dubya said...

Les is right.
I've never heard an African American or Native American use the term "American exceptionalism". Maybe it used to have something to do with a democratic republic, but it's now just another expression of white nationalism.

Like when George Carlin said you have to be asleep to believe in the "American Dream".