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Tuesday, June 20, 2023



Let that sink in.  

I cover Trump and his madness because 40% of America's voting population believeS this unhinged maniac should be POTUS again!

PS. Trump knew he lost the election. But remember who Trump's role model is and was:

Roy Cohn. Read about him.


For those who did not watch Trump's interview on FAUX NOOZ with Brett Baier (I didn't either), here's what the Republican pundits who did watch it are saying:

Britt Hume:

“His answers on the matters of the law seem to me to verge on incoherent,” he said. “He seemed to be saying that the documents were really his and that he didn’t give them back when he was requested to do when they were subpoenaed because, you know, he wasn’t ready to because he sorted them and separated the classified information or whatever from his golf shirts or whatever he was saying. It was not altogether clear what he was saying.”


Via Raw Story: 'Every time he opens his mouth, it gets worse': Legal analyst slams Trump's interview with Bret Baier

"On the tape, Trump makes it clear that he understands he shouldn't be showing the Iran war planning document and that it was secret. 

 'When I said that I couldn't declassify it now, that's because I wasn't president I never made any bones about that,' said Trump. 'When I'm not president, I can't declassify.' 

 The admission is like a problem for Trump's legal team because it clarifies that he understands the law."


As an indicted felon, Trump has the right to remain silent. He just doesn't have the self-control to do so.

And that's always been his problem.


Re: Hunter Biden: 

"The Justice Department and Hunter Biden, the president’s son, have reached an agreement for him to plead guilty to two misdemeanor tax charges and avoid prosecution on a separate gun charge, according to a court filing on Tuesday. 

 Mr. Biden will plead guilty to misdemeanor counts of failing to pay his 2017 and 2018 taxes on time and agree to probation, the court filing said. 

The deal would most likely resolve the investigation without Mr. Biden serving a prison sentence. 

 Officials at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives who were responsible for reviewing Mr. Biden’s file were initially skeptical of bringing charges against him, especially considering that he had sought treatment and had no prior criminal history, according to another person with knowledge of the situation." --New York Times


Les Carpenter said...

The man-child trump is deeply unwell. That being said... does it follow that the strong majority of his supporters are unwell as well? It seems like a reasonable question.

Shaw Kenawe said...

A election denying Trumper reacted to the Trump/Fox News interview:

"Scherie and I watched that interview last night. The second half is scheduled for tonight.
I was yelling at the TV: “How do you know they were extremely sensitive docs? Have you seen them? If so, why?”.
I did however think he did his job. And I think Trump did well, could have done better.
I like that Trump insists he won the election. He did.
Baier can’t accept that, for a number of reasons, one being his job.

I liked Trumps reply that he’d like to be less combative but that he has to be.
I rarely watch Trump interviews. There’s not much I need to learn about him, but I’ll be watching tonight.
After Baier mentions that name-calling works against him, Trump refers to Sanctimonious.
I hope Trump knows something I don’t know about the effects of doing that.
It worked in 2016, but I don’t think it works now.

Did you read that bolded statement?

The twisted mind of a Trumper believes, with absolutely no evidence, that Trump actually won the election.

This is shared by thousands of other deluded Americans in this country, and it is the reason we are a declining nation.

We cannot do well and go forward when so many people, like the Trumper quoted above, are dealing with severe psychosis.

There is no other rational answer for his believing that Trump won.

Les Carpenter said...

There are but few, if any cures for unbridled willful ignorance.

skudrunner said...

The reason we are a declining nation is because of republicans. They want to lower inflation, make us not rely on china for everything, become energy independent and secure our borders, They must be stopped.

The far right believes in trump and his ability to run the country and the left believes saint joey has done a good job in things other than support only special interest groups and give billions away for vote harvesting. Both groups need to be stopped and we need a return to not punishing the poor and middle class to stay in power.

Les Carpenter said...

Actually skud, it is, in lion's share, the responsibility of the republican party for the fiscal disarray of present day America. It it the policies of republicans back to Reagan of cutting taxes and wildly increasing budget deficits and the national debt that started to balloon the national debt... and the nation started down the debt highway at an energetic pace (actually Reagan did raise taxes l a few times as he had more sanity than present day hacks in the gop).

Take an honest look at the federal debt and the tax and spending policies of republicans since 1980, taking a close look at the GWB and tRump administrations relative to tax and spending. It's clear to the clear headed where the responsibility lies and the degree to which republicans have greased the pockets of the wealthy and large corporations. Especially during tRump's failed term as CEO.

Then there's the Citizen's United SCOTUS decision giving corporation people status.

Of course it was GWB's decision to let the Clinton ban on a certain class of firearms to expire and the race to insanity resumed. With no real intetest whatsoever in the gop to take any action what-so-ever other than the usual praying they customarily call for.

Then there is the culture of lying, deception, insurrection, more lying, more deception, and on it goes. Republicans own the disgrace and the wimpish victimology the gop relies on is pathetic to say the least.

As for the border, this problem has been kicked down the road by both parties for at least 40 years so your analysis of that is bunk. Just like the rest of your delusional thinking.

There's more but don't want to overload you with too much.

Anonymous said...

Oh trust me he's not quite through with his self-incrimination yet! He has a terminal medical condition called diarrhea of the mouth! And its Incurable!

Shaw Kenawe said...

Les, Anon, skud

Trump eventually ends up confessing to everything he’s ever done. And here we are; he’s running for president!

Dave Dubya said...

I keep recalling this wise observation, "If you could REASON with Trump supporters, they wouldn't BE Trump supporters".