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Thursday, June 6, 2024

BREAKING: Steve Bannon has been ordered to surrender to prison by July 1. Judge Nichols has revoked his bail. 

Bannon’s sentence for defying the Jan. 6 committee’s subpoena has been on hold while he appealed. 

Today, Judge Nichols (a Trump appointee) ruled that the original reasons for staying the sentence no longer be er applied. Bannon’s sentence would run through early November.


Grey One talks sass said...

excellent news Shaw! Thank you for the heads up

Shaw Kenawe said...

That pestilential creep and felon will be behind bars, where he belongs, during the height of the presidential campaign.

Les Carpenter said...

Best news of the day!

Thersites said...

The lawfare election interfere but continues...

Dave Miller said...

More deep state and weaponization from the Biden DOJ. Even the Trump appointed judges are not immune.

Hold on while I look for some stupid videos to post also that back up my no evidence, idiotic statement that I know is true because I know it.

Man, I've got to say, my comments are just so good, the best. Just the other day someone said "Sir, I read your great comments all the time, they're the best. Maybe the best blogger comments this century!"

BB-Idaho said...

Bannon will be out by November? Just in time to be appointed FBI director or Secretary of
Defence. What a work of human crud.

BB-Idaho said...

Dave Miller, your satire is too funny. OMG, you're turning Orange!

JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

Aaaagh. Trump hijacked Dave Miller's account. The sad fact for Bannon and for the most part, any of his ilk like Giuliani or Manafort or Miller, is that 9 of 10 magats have no idea who they are. If word were spread on truth social that socialist Bannon were being thrown in jail thousands of magats would demand he get the death penalty. Hang him with Mike Pence would be the chant from these deluded fools. That and Skuds and his buddies here would post something silly.

Dave Miller said...

Thersites et al...

You're a clown. Most of your crowd didn't even know the word lawfare existed until it became the phrase du jour for MAGA folks complaining about being held accountable for unlawful actions.

Seriously, I know pastors in my town who never read anything outside of the spiritual realm and they're now spouting off about "lawfare".

Did you all take a correspondence vocab course from Trump University?

Bannon is guilty. Should he not serve his sentence? Apparently not in MAGA world.

How do you all determine when it's "Lawfare" and when it's a righteous case?

I'll wait for your objective answer to my query.

Grey One talks sass said...

Dave Miller, did that someone have tears in their eyes? Best commentators do you know.

Brilliant snark. Master class.

Grey One talks sass said...

Wow, the MAGAverse is losing their collective minds, not that they had a lot to lose in the first place.

Lawfare is the term being thrown around although those being locked up did the crime so why so sad when having to do the time? I guess if MAGA didn't have double standards they'd have no standards at all.

Best Bannon comment - "No prison built will ever shut me up".

Well, lets see if it doesn't change his attitude a bit.

Dave Dubya said...

WAAAH! LAWFARE! RIGGED! WEAPONIZED DOJ! AND TRUMP CAN'T PARDON ME THIS TIME as he did for my conspiracy to commit wire fraud and money laundering. HA! MAGA Suckers and losers. THANKS for YOUR CASH!

WHAT? New York state is charging me for money laundering, conspiracy and fraud related to the $25 million "We Build the Wall" scheme. I BLAME SOROS, the evil JEW!

And -FJ thinks it's a travesty that his fellow neo-Nazi and wife beater gets a summer vacation behind bars.

Meanwhile the deviously crafty supervillain Joe Biden allows his own son to suffer under the same weaponized lawfare. What is his diabolical plan???

But Republicans won't be fooled, as they howl "Biden crime family".

Sam said...

SLOWLY these criminals are going to jail. Trump is next.

Les Carpenter said...

We can hope trump goes next. My money is on his criminal scotus shielding him from the due punishment his crimes warrant.

Joe Conservative said...

@ Dave.

Did you all take a correspondence vocab course from Trump University?

Naaaah. I simply read the Lawfare Blog for all my right-wing conspiracy vocabulary choices.

Dave Dubya said...

You're right.

As with the incompetent Trumpist District Judge Aileen Cannon, we have a Supreme Court infected with extremely biased, corrupt, and partisan red hatted Justices who will do their best to obstruct justice and defend Trump.

This is how democracy dies.

BB-Idaho said...

Trump seems stuck on revenge lately. Is that something to draw voters? Like it's not foreign policy, economics, stock market, world affairs, education or healthcare. Just revenge. How did he ever graduate to Junior High?

Dave Miller said...

BB... Revenge and anger. Those two emotions are driving lots of voters. They're pissed that over the years, as the country has changed. They're angry that they have not, gotten what they've wanted, be it their fair share, or the 1950's feeling of security and advancement prevalent in much of white America.

They're convinced that "government" has done this to them, taking away their freedoms. But they are unable to see that it is not government, but rather the people, millions of us, who have decided to amend the Constitution, change laws, let others have a say in the decision making process and affect change.

Change they sometimes don't like.

So like petulant bullies, they're throwing a tantrum and plotting their revenge.

With Trump as their leader.

Dave Dubya said...

The inescapable bottom line is Trumpism is the refuge, identity, and new term for white nationalism.

-FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said...

Leftists need "white nationalism" for the same reason Hitler needed "the Jews". "Scapegoat Cover" for when their failed public policies flop on their faces.

Shaw Kenawe said...

to -FJ:

Leftist/Liberal "failed public policies:"

Social Security
The Civil Rights Act
The Voting Rights Act
40 hour work week
Child labor laws
Affordable Care Act,
Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act,
The Inflation Reduction Act
The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act
The Anti-Lynching Law
Respect for Marriage Act
Roe v. Wade

Just to name a few.

white nationalist
pluralwhite nationalists
: one of a group of militant white people who espouse white supremacy (see WHITE SUPREMACY sense 1) and advocate enforced racial segregation

Nick Fuentes

Nick Fuentes is a white nationalist livestreamer who advocates pulling the Republican Party further to the extreme far-right end of the political spectrum.

Nick Fuentes was a private dinner guest at Trump's Mar-a-Largo, and MT Greene spoke at a AFPAC where Fuentes was a featured guest.

Nicholas Joseph Fuentes (born August 18, 1998) is an American far-right political commentator and live streamer who is known for his white supremacist, misogynistic, homophobic, and antisemitic views.

A former YouTuber, his channel was permanently terminated in February 2020 for violating YouTube's hate speech policy. Fuentes has promoted conspiracy theories against Jewish people,[7] has denied the Holocaust,[8][9] and called for a "holy war" against Jews.[10] He has been described as a neo-Nazi by various sources. Fuentes identifies as a member of the incel movement, as a supporter of authoritarian government, and as a Catholic integralist and Christian nationalist.

Shaw Kenawe said...

To -FJ,

Your other comment had a link to your blog and your latest blog post, which has nothing to do with this post.

Thersites said...

Bannon bashing? My bad...