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Wednesday, June 19, 2024



Some of what they're hoping to do to fundamentally change the America we know:

This is Catholic doctrine: Sex should be ONLY for procreation. Period.

Will Americans be okay with the government telling them how to conduct their private sex lives? 

How is this "small government?"


 What Heritage and other non-medical idiots want for American girls and women:


JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

I enjoy the irony of these phony so called "Christians" that promote their moral nonsense. After their meetings most of them hit the bars, strip clubs, or Hooters for the less bold or scared of their wives.

Les Carpenter said...

It is not small government when that government attempts to control your personal affairs. And it doesn't get more personal than when the government attempts to control one's body, speech, and mind. And THAT is exactly what the Heritage Foundation, Christian Nationalists, and the republican party are salivating over the possibility of doing.

I found a video (up on RN USA today) explaining why the south, the "Bible Belt" is so insanely religous.

These folks remain stuck in ignorance, delusion, and fear of the rapidly (and continously) shifting and changing culture of our modern society.

The forces building behind these efforts to significantly and fundamentally change America will, if successful, put this nation in a place not so much different than Saudi Arabia or Iran and their theocratic governments.

If this is what rightwing America wants they should migrate to the Middle East. Or, Russia.

Anyhoo, the Heritage Foundation is a pox on American democracy just as trump and his sycophantic republican party is.

Joe Conservative said...

I know that I certainly have never heard of it until now. Is that anything like PNAC?

Joe Conservative said...

DiEM '25? "The Great Reset"? The "Green New Deal"? DEI? ESG?

Nothing spells a BS "marketing plan" like branding, logos and acronyms.

Sam said...

America does not make law according to a religious doctrine or theory.

Dave Dubya said...

If the fascist "Christian" nationalists have their way, they'll become the American Taliban.

What's to stop them from forcing their will on the majority when they OWN the House, Senate, White House, and the corrupt theocrats of the Supreme Court?

And let's not forget, if Trump loses we'll still have "Project 2029", "Project 2033", etc.

It's up to sane informed Americans to stop them at the polls before it's too late. And we are on the precipice.

The struggle against fascism NEVER ends. The sooner the country wakes up to this, the better.

Les Carpenter said...

It took WW II to stop fascism and Nazism in Euroe in the past. Hopefully it won't take another Civil War to stop Christian Nationalism and neo-Nazism in America this time. If so, sign me up with American Patriots for Democracy.

Dave Miller said...

The Heritage Foundation, founded in part by Paul Weyrich who said this...

"“I don't want everybody to vote... As a matter of fact, our leverage [the GOP and conservatives] in the election quite candidly goes up as the voting populace goes down.”

The 2025 project, being supported by some of the people highest in the Trump campaign, think the Steven and Jason Miller [I don't believe they are related], Steve Bannon types, is sponsored by an organization founded by a guy who doesn't want everyone eligible to vote to actually vote.

Because he knows America does not like the principles his org stands for.

BB-Idaho said...

The evangelical voting bloc. Of course they will kiss the ring of a shyster who sells bibles.
the 30 Yrs War was fought over indulgences, the slip of paper that get's you into heaven for
large fee. The bible-seller uses pardons like indulgences and those crooks make up part of the 2025 team that will lead riots...unless Don wins, then it will be fair and they can concentrate of rounding up teachers, scientists, judges, migrants, EPA personnel...anyone without a GAGA hat. And begin planning on invading Canada for its resources.
Holy bump stocks!

skudrunner said...

One thing you did not bring up with condemning the right. If they get back in they will eliminate social security and throw grandma off a cliff in her wheelchair. Bad people those conservatives.

Dave Miller said...

By the way sports fans, it took the SCOTUS like 54 days to determine in 1974 that President Nixon, in the Watergate case, did not have absolute privilege, as it related to his papers and tapes "if he had been indicted" an those papers and tapes might show guilt. They said doing so would upset the balance of powers between the branches and that "we have a president, not a king".

Right now we are still waiting for the SCOTUS to rule on Trump's absolute immunity claims as it relates to whether he can be criminally charged for breaking the law. It must be hard for the conservative, only the text, originist judges to find the necessary words in the Constitution to grant Trump the power to, in the words of his lawyer, to order Seal team Six to kill a political rival, unimpeded.

We're now at over 110 days and counting as we wait for a decision.

What is taking so long?

Grey One talks sass said...

I watched the clip with John Oliver.

First, the man has insight. As he says, once you see the pattern you can't unsee it.

I see the terms Project 2025 and Schedule F being mocked as an outlandish Liberal conspiracy theory. I see constant threats and name calling, accusations against ones opponent which they themselves commit, the whole ball of wax as an operation with this phase the equivalent of blaring obnoxious music in an opponents cell in an attempt to 'soften' them up.

It's working. All over I read/hear how exhausted everyone is.

Well, yeah. This is a war, self defined by our opponent. It's in the Presidential Transition Project aka Project 2025.

Second - what makes anyone think this battle will be over once President Biden wins? And we know the war will be fully engaged if Trump wins. There will be no courts, no guard rails, no protections. If you are other you are prey. I don't say this to scare anyone just to be honest. If you don't see who/what is coming death is on the menu.

So here is where I quote Stonekettle aka Jim Wright - If you want a better country be a better citizen.

Doing my best to be positive.

Ok, breaks over.

Animal Farm - All animals are created equal but some are more equal than others.

This election reality is we have two choices. We know who they are. We all have our opinions. Some even want to deny the reality and wish for someone else (tell me you've lived a privileged life without saying the word).

Hopefully We The People make the choice in alignment with the Good of All and May it Harm None (Biden) and then, maybe our nation will have a chance to survive what the planet has in store for Us. Animal migration patterns are severely not what they've been. Per tree rings 2023 was the hottest year in 2000 years and the temperatures continue to climb. Humans will be migrating too as parts of the planet become uninhabitable, at least for anything in great numbers. This is happening, not an imagining, not hysterical, just reality. And no deity coming down to whisk anyone away. Doesn't the Christian holy book say something about how no man will know the date or time of Christ's return? So if someone says they know that automatically voids out whatever date mentioned because no one can know. No one.

Quick note skud - no, no one will throw the disabled or elderly off a cliff. That would be a quick(ish) death. Cruelty is the point. They will cut the monies we paid into to sustain us for this very reason and let us starve to death. Horrible way to die but I did mention cruelty and points. And you by your words and refusal to acknowledge reality support them skud. What does that say about you? Shaw says you're a good human. Are you?

Grey One talks sass said...

Shaw you asked why cultists can't see what is in front of them. I have a story as illustration.

I've played several games in my attempt to keep my brain limber. One is a hidden object game. Thank the stars for hints because on several puzzles there would be this one item that I could not find and I was looking in all sincerity. Using hint the item was always hiding in plain view and I could not see it until I could see it.

Until their brains start worrying at the inconsistencies between what they've been told to believe and some reality, some line in their conscious they weren't aware they had until the cult asked them to cross it flairs up and the bubble they've lived in starts to fall apart, literally in their hands. Not an easy time for them but love helps. Love always helps.

Les Carpenter said...

The decision Dave M. will likely bubble up once the corrupted scotus finds a convoluted logic to grant the Trump what he wants and at the same time make the Christian Nationalists and neo-Nazis smile from ear to ear.

Dave Dubya said...

Dave M. "What is taking so long?"

We know it's due to a weak Chief Justice and his highly partisan and corrupt red hats on the bench.

If by some miracle Biden can have House and Senate the first order of business should be the impeachment of Clarence Thomas. Accepting millions worth of bribes is in NO WAY, "good behavior" as specified in the Constitution's Article 3. Section 1

The judicial Power of the United States, shall be vested in one supreme Court, and in such inferior Courts as the Congress may from time to time ordain and establish. The Judges, both of the supreme and inferior Courts, shall hold their Offices during good Behavior, and shall, at stated Times, receive for their Services a Compensation which shall not be diminished during their Continuance in Office.

skudrunner said...

Rev, SCOTUS decision on classified papers has many facets that come into play. If it against the law for a president to store classified material in a private residence wouldn't that apply to two of our living presidents.

The democrats are trying to eliminate a political rival by keeping him in court and off the campaign trail. It seems to be working because joey is even with the evil one in the polls. Makes one ask why it took so long for the first trial to begin. Do you believe it was a coincidence that the trial started six months before the general election?

Shaw Kenawe said...

skudrunner commented: "Rev, SCOTUS decision on classified papers has many facets that come into play. If it against the law for a president to store classified material in a private residence wouldn't that apply to two of our living presidents."

skud, I don't know how many times you have to be told that the difference between Trump having classified and top secret docs and Biden having classified doc IS THAT WHEN BIDEN DISCOVERED HE STILL HAD THEM HE IMMEDIATELY GAVE THEM BACK.


Tell us what you can't distinguish about those differences in handling classified docs. AFAIK, Biden did NOT have top secret docs and refused to hand them over to the feds, as did trump. It's not rocket brain surgery to figure this difference out. Why can't you understand it?

skud: "The democrats are trying to eliminate a political rival by keeping him in court and off the campaign trail."

That statement is pure MAGA propaganda, and I'm shocked that you would repeat it.



Everything Trump is experiencing in the American justice system is TRUMP'S FAULT. PERIOD.

By your statement, you do not believe in American justice. You apparently believe someone who breaks the law, even an ex-president, should not be held accountable for his crimes.

Tell us, please, why do you believe such unAmerican ideas?

Apparently, you get your misinformation, talking points, and false facts from MAGA-friendly sources.

You're being lied to.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skudrunner: 'One thing you did not bring up with condemning the right. If they get back in they will eliminate social security and throw grandma off a cliff in her wheelchair. Bad people those conservatives.'

MAGA are NOT conservatives. The real conservatives, except for a very few, have left the Republican Party. What remains are Christian Nationalists who want to turn America into a Christian theocracy and turn back the clock to the 1950s. Also the MAGA Party want our country to be lead by a CRIMINAL. A CONVICTED FELON.

That is against everything the Conservatives of the former GOP are against. They're not "bad people." The MAGA are.

Any sane people would agree that putting a convicted felon, adjudicated sexual assaulter/rapist and tax fraudster, pathological liar, malignant narcissist, and mentally unstable man, Trump, in charge of America IS VERY, VERY BAD.

And NO! Joe Biden is NOT AS BAD AS TRUMP. Not even close.

Dave Dubya said...

Skud's endless and mindless regurgitation of MAGA propaganda tells me he WILL vote for Trump.

His refusal to acknowledge reality over that MAGA crap tells us he'd vote for Trump.

Maybe he feigns "independence" to remain in our discussions?

Les Carpenter said...

Look, skud is a MAGA cultist. Every deluded and untruthful uttering erupting off his fingertips is, as Shaw noted, Trump MAGA propaganda.

skud pretends to be a non Trump supporter. But his rhetoric, especially his manifest lies about President Biden specifically and democrats generally, points to the truth of his loyalty to MAGA and the extreme rightwing agenda.

When one lives the lies of MAGA and Trump prepare to Iive the life of a confused and very unhappy being.

Dave Dubya said...

Is anyone else NOT expecting our math stable genius to answer my question?

Let's give him another chance to show courage or cowardice.

It doesn't take a math genius to see your immigration numbers are illogically premised. You falsely assert the numbers would be 5000 x 365!!

That is senseless when the bill clearly says: DHS must close the border indefinitely until numbers fall

This means the numbers WILL FALL!

Numbers will GO DOWN! Indefinitely. The words WILL FALL mean your number WILL FALL.

Read this again:

5,000 refers to total migrants attempting to cross the border – not the number of individuals allowed into the country, as some have claimed.

Now please show us your ability to understand how those words influence the numbers. Then justify your math that tells us this would "let 1.8 million cross".

Consider me a friend trying to explain it for you.

BB-Idaho said...

I doubt Skud is an evangelical sycophant. Like some of us he may be about as spiritual as
a codfish. For the religious right, we note the scholarly notation syncretism, wherein
seemingly disparate views are reconciled for the raving god=fearers. Example - how can an all knowing, all controlling God put up with Satan? Syncretism. In 2025 he may have to join the majority of US citizens under house arrest for being logical.

Dave Miller said...

Skud... as usual, you misread or misunderstand facts and jumped in to comment on something not related. You stated...

"Rev, SCOTUS decision on classified papers has many facets that come into play.

No there are not "many facets", because there is no "classified papers" case before the SCOTUS. None. And if I am wrong, please bring your evidence, with links showing as much.

There is a case on his claim of "absolute immunity" [Trump's words]. However that case does not have many facets at all. It is simply this... Trump is asserting that any president has "absolute immunity" and as such, an ability to commit any crime at all, even as his lawyers argued, killing a political rival, without trial or punishment.

Any crime.

That's it. That's the whole case or in other words, the whole enchilada, Period.

Does a president have that level of immunity? Trump is arguing a president does.

That is the only case related to Trump that the SCOTUS is still working on.

All we are waiting for from the SCOTUS, and the conservative majority who for years have decried judicial activism, finding "laws in the constitutional text that are not there in plain English" and laws not based on our "traditions" is where Trump's claim of "absolute immunity" can be found in our Constitution in plain English.

It's simple question using what conservative legal logic we've heard for years.

But the reality is anything but simple.

Because when the SCOTUS finds those words, which they will and which do not exist, they will give evidence to what us libs have asserted for years...

That the whole recent conservative movement and ideology is a lie, designed not out of some deep seated set of principles, but rather on winning, getting what you want and owning the other side.

skudrunner said...

Dube, I don't know what to say other than 5000 per day for 365 days is 1.8 million. How many illegals are turned away at the border and how many got a ways. Math is an exact science and the numbers don't lie but you have to understand simple math.

Ms Shaw, So your defense is he forgot for over 10 years but gave them back when he was caught. Seems a little weak to me but you are an avid supporter and he has the press on his side so there is not convincing you that he is given a break. Maybe it is because he is old and senile like Hur said and in that case he should not run again and leave it to someone who has the mental capabilities to run the country.

Stay cool because it looks like the East Coast is going to be a bit warm.

Dave Dubya said...

Skud shows a MAGA trait in denying reality and logic.

The text clearly says if it reached 5000 per day for a week, the border is SHUT DOWN and the NUMBERS FALL.

Stay you, Skud. You're a textbook sample of a closed mind.

skudrunner said...

Sorry Rev, You posted "Right now we are still waiting for the SCOTUS to rule on Trump's absolute immunity claims as it relates to whether he can be criminally charged for breaking the law." I must have misconstrued your question because you said SCOTUS to make a decision.

Dave Miller said...

Yes Skud, of course you did, because you read and see what you want, regardless of the printed word. That's why I frequently question your reading comprehension.

So... again, you equated my question about Trump's "Absolute Immunity" claim, which is before the SCOTUS, with his documents cases which is before Judges Cannon in Florida. As another point of fact, the case before the SCOTUS is connected to the case in front of Justice Chutkan about Trump's efforts to subvert the 2020 election.

A clear reading of my comment will show, and I think everyone here will agree, except you of course, that I was not speaking of and never mentioned the cases before Cannon and Chutkan. Because those document cases mean nothing at all if a president enjoys "absolute immunity" from prosecution, as Trump is arguing.

So yes, the SCOTUS does have a decision to make. A black and white decision, and it is this... either the Constitution gives a president "absolute immunity" for criminal activity, or it does not.

They are not deciding anything on the documents case at all.

Dave Miller said...

Skud... you seem to be showing a huge amount of what Peter Wehner has described as "Motivated Ignorance" on this thread.

Why is that?

Even when you are clearly wrong and we have the receipts, you refuse, a la Trump, to admit any mistakes, error or bad faith in an argument.

I get it. We all get it. You truly want to appear as a moderate. But you're not.

Angry? Yes. A moderate? not at all.

Enjoy your weekend.

skudrunner said...

Rev, I don't see the point in responding to most of your attack but do want to point out a glaring mistake you made. I have never claimed to be a moderate, I am a fiscal conservative and social liberal. Basically what that means is I don't care how you choose to live your life just do it with your own money. You want a sex change go for it as long as you pay.

We have a totally different approach to issues and leaders. You want the touchy, feeley kind of person. Take the moral high ground and do what makes you feel good. That is the attitude of the joey supporter. He has a checkered job performance but he is a nice guy so I will overlook the fact that he has three wars, gave millions of armaments to a terrorist group while causing multiple deaths, has russia, NKO, iran, joining forces against us, allowed six million illegals into the country which he supports and ignores the homeless and veterans. You can ignore all the failures because after all he is a nice guy.

I am a supporter of someone who does something for the citizens especially taxpayers. The evil one had no wars, manageable border, low unemployment and inflation. You seem to have no issue with the hundreds of rioters against Israel beating people up and destroying property but rial against the few on jan 6th. Many of the people I worked for were not really nice but they got the job done.

A moderate not at all, Angry not really

Shaw Kenawe said...


skudrunner: "The evil one had no wars..."

"Despite inveighing against “endless wars,” Trump massively escalated the country’s existing wars in multiple theaters, leading to skyrocketing casualties.

In Afghanistan, he substantially upped the amount of airstrikes, leading to a 330 percent increase in civilian deaths.

In Yemen, he escalated both U.S. counterterrorism activities and support for the devastating Saudi-led war against the Houthis.

According to the United Kingdom’s Bureau of Investigative Journalism, there were 2,243 drone strikes in just the first two years of Trump’s presidency, compared with 1,878 in the entire eight years of the Obama administration.

Trump put the U.S. on a path to “great-power competition” with China, incited a failed coup in Venezuela, and increased support for reckless, repressive clients around the world.

Indeed, Trump was seen as such a dangerous interventionist that Congress passed the first war powers resolution in history to try to end his support for the Yemen war.

Less than a year later, Congress passed a second resolution to brush him back from a potential war with Iran after he OK’d the assassination of Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Commander Qassem Soleimani

Both measures passed with Republican support, making opposition to Trump’s militarism one of the very few areas of bipartisan agreement during his administration."
--Foreign Policy

Apparently, skud, you read only confirmation bias reports. There wars going on in which America was involved during "the evil one's" presidency.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud: "I am a supporter of someone who does something for the citizens especially taxpayers."

Again, you apparently read only confirmation biased reports. Otherwise you would not make such an uninformed statement:

"The 2017 Trump tax law was skewed to the rich.

Households with incomes in the top 1 percent will receive an average tax cut of more than $60,000 in 2025, compared to an average tax cut of less than $500 for households in the bottom 60 percent, according to the Tax Policy Center (TPC).

As a share of after-tax income, tax cuts at the top — for both households in the top 1 percent and the top 5 percent — are more than triple the total value of the tax cuts received for people with incomes in the bottom 60 percent.

Trump's 2017 Tax Cut Law was expensive and eroded the U.S. revenue base.

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimated in 2018 that the 2017 law would cost $1.9 trillion over ten years, and recent estimates show that making the law’s temporary individual income and estate tax cuts permanent would cost another roughly $400 billion a year beginning in 2027.

Together with the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts enacted under President Bush (most of which were made permanent in 2012), the law has severely eroded our country’s revenue base. Revenue as a share of GDP has fallen from about 19.5 percent in the years immediately preceding the Bush tax cuts to just 16.3 percent in the years immediately following the Trump tax cuts, with revenues expected to rise to an annual average of 16.9 percent of GDP in 2018-2026 (excluding pandemic years), according to CBO. This is simply not enough revenue given the nation’s investment needs and our commitments to Social Security and health coverage.

Trump's 2017 Tax Cut Law failed to deliver promised economic benefits.

Trump Administration officials claimed their centerpiece corporate tax rate cut would “very conservatively” lead to a $4,000 boost in household income.

New research shows that workers who earned less than about $114,000 on average in 2016 saw “no change in earnings” from the corporate tax rate cut, while top executive salaries increased sharply.

Similarly, rigorous research concluded that the tax law’s 20 percent pass-through deduction, which was skewed in favor of wealthy business owners, has largely failed to trickle down to workers in those companies who aren’t owners.

Like the Bush tax cuts before it, the 2017 Trump tax cut was a trickle-down failure."

If you're a billionaire, you made out very, very well under Trump. If you're an average American nonbillionaire, you got screwed.

These are facts. Maybe you should read more unbiased information about Trump's presidency to see what a disaster it was.

How any rational American could EVER believe a convicted felon, rapist, tax fraudster, liar, cheat, who is facing more criminal charges could do a good job for our country is clearly not functioning in the real world.

Even with all his flaws, Joe Biden has done a better job for America than the CRIMINAL Trump did. Have you forgotten how incompetent he was during COVID? The hundreds of thousands of Americans who died because of his incompetency? His inane advice -- injecting disinfectants? You NEVER mention that. He does take credit for Operation Warp Speed for the vaccines, but HE NEVER IMPLEMENTED A PROGRAM TO GET THE VACCINES INTO AMERICANS' ARMS. JOE BIDEN DID THAT!

If you believe America will thrive under a CRIMINAL president, I have a health care plan that he promised the nation to sell to you.

Les Carpenter said...

Off topic, or, perhaps not, but isn't the relative world and it's entrenched duality a lot if fun?

It must be because we all seem to keep finding our way back to it. Some, perhaps all of us never leave it.

Row row row your boat gently down the stream.

Merrily merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream.

As found in the Diamond Sutra:

So, you should view this fleeting world --- A star at dawn, a bubble in a stream / A flash of lightning in a summer cloud / A flickering lamp, a phantom, and a dream.

skudrunner said...

350,000 in 2020 vs 1,146,774 total through 2023.

I should have say started wars but I just assumed people would know that, I know never assume.

How can you cut taxes for people who don't pay taxes so of course the people who pay 80% of all FIT will see more benefit. How dare we even suggest the politicians will have less money to waste, I don't know what I was thinking.

Dave Dubya said...

Oh, so Skud takes us for another bizarre trip down deceptive math road:
"350,000 in 2020 vs 1,146,774 total through 2023."

Was it Trump's magic wall that slowed the migration in 2020? No. It was Covid.

And STILL Skud sides with Trump and the Republicans on doing NOTHING instead of passing the bipartisan compromise. You know what they call people who refuse to compromise? Authoritarians.

After apprehensions reached a pandemic low in April 2020, they rose every month after that. By the actual end of Trump’s presidency, apprehensions of immigrants attempting to cross illegally had risen to 71,141 in December 2020 and to 75,316 in January 2021, Trump’s last month in office. In reality, apprehensions at the border in Trump’s final two months in office were substantially higher than in President Barack Obama’s last two months in office.

Illegal immigration increased. Apprehensions at the Southwest border rose 14.7% in Trump's last year compared with 2016.

Dave Miller said...

Let's bring a few more facts to bear on the issue of illegal immigrants living in the US.

-In 1990, the number was around 3.5 million ppl.
-By 2000, it had climbed to around 8.5 million ppl.
-Our peak number was reached in 2006 with 12.5 million ppl.
-By 2010, with the economic crash upon us, the number had dropped to 11.4 ppl.
-We reached our lowest post high number of 10.2 million ppl in 2019 after a multiyear decline.
-We are currently at 11.4 undocumented ppl living illegally in the US.

These of course are our best estimates, but they have shown to be pretty accurate for a number of years. Also, these are net numbers, taking into account undocumented immigrant deportations by the goverment and those choosing to leave,

The fear that the US is seeing an unprecedented rise in undocumented ppl living in the US seems to be unfounded, despite the noise. However, we are seeing a historic crush of immigrants coming to the border and being turned back or otherwise apprehended and denied entry.

Why is this some ask?

Many people working on this see employment as the big issue. The US economy is powering the world economy right now. People see that. They also see that the US is short workers and needs more employees to continue to feed our economic growth.

So they are coming for the jobs we need and cannot fill with the current numbers of young working age US born people.