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Thursday, June 6, 2024

The MAGApublicans are coming after contraception, too…


And that’s nuts, since 90% of Americans support the use of contraception.  

You know who forbids artificial contraception of any kind?  The Roman Catholic Church.  

Now google how many Catholics are on the SCOTUS (SIX); and while you’re at it, find out who Leonard Leo is and what he’s been up to for decades.

The Right to Contraception Act would establish a right to access the pill, IUDs, and other contraception and would prevent governors from enforcing laws limiting access to birth control. 

NBC News:

 “Democrats expected the GOP to scuttle the measure and brought it up as an election-year "messaging" push to highlight the contrast between the two parties on reproductive rights, viewing it as a winning issue with independents and swing voters this fall. “We saw what the Supreme Court did on abortion, and now there’s a real risk they may do the same thing on contraception,” 

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., said on MSNBC’s "Morning Joe." “I’m really sick of this idea that the Republicans think they can say two things simultaneously — they can talk to their extremist group and say, ‘I’ll give you everything you want. We are going to ban abortion, IVF, contraception, everything you want,’ and then try to say to the rest of America, ‘Boy, we don’t want any part in that.’” 

 The legislation, led by Sens. Ed Markey, D-Mass., and Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, would establish nationwide rights for individuals to “obtain contraceptives and to voluntarily engage in contraception” and protect health care providers who offer it. It defines contraceptives as “any drug, device, or biological product intended for use in the prevention of pregnancy” and prohibits the federal government or states from enforcing laws or standards that impede that right. It empowers the Justice Department and affected private entities to sue to enforce the new protections.”


“Today, we live in a country where not only tens of millions of women have been robbed of their reproductive freedoms — we also live in a country where tens of millions more worry about something as basic as birth control,” Schumer said on the floor. “That’s utterly medieval. It’s sickening. It should never happen here in the United States, but because of Donald Trump and the hard right, it’s reality.” Murkowski, who has long supported reproductive rights, at times putting her at odds with her party, said she had no problem voting for the bill. “If it's a messaging bill, my message is: I support a woman's access to contraception. Pretty simple. So if we're going to play messaging, that's my message,” Murkowski said.


skudrunner said...

If it came from lizzy it has to be true because Native Americans do not lie. Ever since she walked the trail of tears she has represented truth. Seems to be another throw grandma off a cliff story but the MSM will run with it as long as it plays out.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Skud, all but less than a handful of Republicans VOTED AGAINST securing access to contraception for Americans.

And SC justice Thomas has stated that Grizwald v Conn. needs to be revisited

Justice Thomas: SCOTUS ‘should reconsider’ contraception, same-sex marriage rulings. 6/24/22, Politico

So it’s not a “throw grandma off the cliff” scare. It is real

-FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said...

Yes, let's put over-the-counter contraceptives on every store shelf so that the sexual activities of children can no longer be monitored and/or controlled... GENIUS!

Shaw Kenawe said...

-FJ, Please link to the language in the bill that allows what is in your comment.

I looked and could not find any reference to what you claim.

JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

Yeah my right wing friends. Just as the Trump appointed justices all said RoevWade was established precedent. Then they overturn it. Contraception will disappear as well in red states once the case gets to the Supreme Court. the cool irony is there aren't many Catholic women, married or otherwise, that aren't on the pill. Let's hope they at least vote Democrat in upcoming elections to protect their rights and health rather than put on the phony air of holiness like the supremes feel they must do in public.

Dave Dubya said...

We see -FJ is PRO-teen pregnancy, even if raped. Is it so he can whine about young single "welfare mothers"?

Is -FJ really a Jew? He seems to be in lock-step with the red-hatted Christian nationalists. How would he feel if his kids were forced to recite Christian prayers in school?

skudrunner said...

Are you referring to the political embarrass the other side vote where 38 republicans voted against and menendez sat out the vote.

"Contraception is available in every state in America, and there's no legitimate effort to change that," Cornyn said. "Democrats are using their powers as the majority party to engage in fearmongering to further their own political agenda."

Why can't both sides do something for the American people. Even if they do something good they will still get paid and it won't interfere with their bribery money. Even the president just did something that according to him he doesn't have the power to do by semi-restricting border crossings. Of course he can't buy votes by shifting responsibility for tuition fees to others either but he did. I guess the president doesn't have to obey the law.

Grey One talks sass said...

skud can't handle Sen Warren dishing the tea about GOP/MAGA hypocrisy. Delish to see them melt over factual representations of current events.

Side note - and yes skud, this is me coming for you. No fact check here, just wow. Honestly I'm extremely grateful to not be under any sort of control of skud, be it parent, teacher, or boss. One mistake and they NEVER let you forget about it. EVER. Even if those who were harmed by the mistake have already forgiven the transgressor and the one who transgressed apologized and (get this skud, you should try it) they changed their behavior and never made the same mistake again. Not a good look skud, no sirreeee.

Back to the post: Women's Reproductive Health as a whole is under attack. When the Supremes took down Roe all my friends said the same thing - this is just the first step in a well coordinated attack on both our democracy and our rights as humans of the female persuasion. I've already heard many Christian nationalist pastor/politician opining that the biggest mistake the USA ever made was to give women the right to vote. They won't stop with birth control even though there are many other uses for the hormone than preventing pregnancy. Sandra Fluke proved that point decades ago.

Vote Blue - Too Big to Rig, Too Real to Steal.

Also vote as soon as the polling places open. I usually wait but was advised this year to do it as soon as possible, something about having solid numbers of votes already counted being an encouraging force for those still on the fence about doing the correct thing.

Les Carpenter said...

Everything MAGA and anyone supporting MAGA must be considered suspect Dave D. As MAGA IS donald j. trump with all its neo-Nazi trimmings.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Skud wrote: “Contraception is available in every state in America, and there's no legitimate effort to change that," Cornyn said.

Cornyn is wrong.

Trump, who’s the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party said this ON THE RECORD in May:

Trump says he is open to restrictions on contraception before backing away from the statement

Yeah. He backed away as soon as he realized the panic he caused in his party. But we know this “backing away” means nothing, because Trump is a liar and will do what his religionist puppet masters tell him to do. If Trump were returned to power, what would stop him from going after contraception? NOTHING.

JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

I pointed out to Skuds in a previous comment on this thread what the republicans will do. I accept he and his cohorts, other monikers, whatever they are choose to slide by my comments as they generally point out their lies and for lack of a better term, horse shit. Skuds does try to caveat his comments with some meaningless nonsense about the people, or they're all bad. I suppose that's one way to lead a happy life as in Skuds' case and pretty much all the righties. Just play the blissfully ignorant card and if someone is looking at them put on a confused looking Tucker Carlson face.

Shaw Kenawe said...

JoeBama “Truth 101” Kelly,

Skud rarely responds to the facts that people post here to refute some of his comments.

For example, I replied to his claim that Dr. Fauci ordered people to stand 6 feet apart, but, in fact, it was the CDC, and it was standard for a virus that is spread by droplets. The CDC then found that COVID was spread by aerosols, not droplets.

Skud also did not respond to the fact that everything that was put in place by the CDC and Dr. Fauci WAS APPROVED BY THE THEN POTUS, TRUMP.

The buck stops there.

Dave Dubya said...

He'll deny it, but I'm almost certain skud WILL vote for Trump.

He only attacks Democrats. 'Nuff said.

JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

Now and then I have to channel my inner John Adams. He was the second President by the way Skuds. He said the founding of our Nation had nothing to do with the Christian religion. He was George Washington's VP Skuds. The same Gearge Washington that said his hope was America would grow more liberal attitudes toward freedom as our Nation grew. george was our first President Skuds. Considering the ignorance you display in your comments I figured I'd better tell you who these guys were. Or you could ask Trump but he most likely has no idea who John Adams is. But he would say in regard to Washington, "Oh yeah. Great guy. He was president once. Did alot. Loved his hairdo."

Les Carpenter said...

That makes 2 of us Dave D.

Thersites said...

Ever expanding access. What could go wrong. The new federal "right" to access ensure universal, rather than merely regional, stupidity.

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... let's not forget SCOTUS Justice Thomas, in the Roe decision, invited, in written form, a challenge to Griswold, the 1965 SCOTUS decision that said women have a right to access birth control in general and contraception, or the pill, specifically.

Regardless of what Skud says, apparently at least one, and adding Alito, probably two, want a challenge to that right, which would then give state governments, run by idiot GOP folks, like in Texas, the ability to deny women the opportunity to get "the pill."

Believe these folks when they say it.

-FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said...

How would he feel if his kids were forced to recite Christian prayers in school?

You mean as opposed to reciting paeans to the drag-queen lifestyle, don't you?

Les Carpenter said...

-FJ, Thersites, and scudzy, being representative of the seriously diminished intellectual firepower of MAGA specifically and conservatism generally, do serve to point out in spades exactly why voting DEEP BLUE this November is so damned important.

Dave Dubya said...


It's OK. We understand how you'd prefer to ignore the question.

It could also bring to mind another question.

How long will you last when Trump's Christian nationalists get their way?

Maybe your fellow Trumpist, and Trump's honored dinner guest, Nick Fuentes can give you an idea?

From his 11-9-22 Podcast

Because we are in the minority. There are not as many of us as there are of them. If they all had to vote, if you forced every man and woman in America to vote, there would be more of them than us by a lot. That’s why they win the popular vote … There is no evidence there is a silent majority. There are too many nonwhite people in the country.

People like abortion. Hate it, but it’s true. And you can thank the Jewish media for that. Abortion’s popular, sodomy’s popular, you know, being gay is popular, being a feminist is popular, sex out of wedlock is popular. Contraception is—it's all popular. That’s not to say it’s good. That’s not to say I like that. Popular means the people support it. They do.

And it sucks, and it is what it is, but that’s why we need dictatorship. [Guffaws] That’s ironically why we need to get rid of all that.

We need to take control of the media, take control of the government, and force the people to believe what we believe. Or force them to play by our rules, and reshape the society.

Ein Reich! Ein Volk! Ein Fuhrer! Nicht Whar?

It's morbidly touching how a Jew and THIS guy support the same racist birther, sex offender, convicted felon, and insurrectionist, (A bipartisan majority of Congress agreed in the 2nd impeachment trial.)

Brothers in Trump.

It's like a miracle... and a נס !

skudrunner said...

Actually Dube Jill Stein looks good at this point. At least she has a thread of honesty that the others lack.
Grey supports the liar known as lizzy dancing bear or I will claim I am a native because it gets me into haaavad and minority status.
Ms. Shaw supports falsi who single handed cost this country hundreds of billions of dollars and lost students over a year of their education. He was the "expert" and spokesman so he does have to bear the blame for all his lies.
Joey b is not responsible for anything and if you saw him at Normandy you need to have sympathy for him and chide dr. jill for elder abuse. She needs to put his needs first and give up her desire for another term as FL. What is her platform anyway because holding joe up is not a platform.

Shaw Kenawe said...

So, you’re looking at Jill Stein, skud?

She supports and in favor of WIPING OUT STUDENT DEBT, which is one of your bugaboos. Did you change your mind yesterday?

She’s for universal healthcare, believes that climate change is real and not a hoax, like the MAGAs believe.

Stein has said she would support an economic bill of rights for Americans. That would include the right to a living-wage job, housing, food, health care, education and other programs.

Stein has been critical of police brutality, calling for law enforcement to be trained further in conflict resolution tactics. After George Floyd was killed by police in Minneapolis in 2020, Stein called for community control of police, saying, “Police are supposed to protect and serve our communities, not terrorize them.”

Plus she’s 74 years old. What’s the age that you think is too old to be president? She’s only 6 years younger than Biden and 4 years younger than Trump, who will turn 78 this month.

Les Carpenter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
skudrunner said...

Ms. Shaw, Like I said she tells the truth as she believes it to be. There will never be a candidate who I agree with on everything and the wipe out debt for the privileged kids is one I don't agree with. Support basic healthcare is something I have always believed in and who doesn't support an end to police brutality.

As to the not to much younger than joey b. Age is a number which doesn't indicate your mental state. Since I am an elder I believe in a law against elder abuse and jill and crowd are abusing poor joey. It is embarrassing to watch him try to sit when he should sand, to nap off when he should be paying attention and to look totally lost before jill directs him on which way to go. She is totally into being FL that she is abusing poor joey.

Shaw Kenawe said...

PS. skud,

The MAGA propaganda machine plastered all over the ‘net a doctored video of President Biden. It looked like he was confused and didn’t know if he should sit down or not, with his wife there beside him.. I’m sure you saw it and was suckered into thinking it was the whole truth. IT WASN’T.

I just viewed the entire video, and it show Biden getting ready to sit down and when he did, SO DID ALL THE OTHER DIGNITARIES ON THE STAGE! All Biden was doing was getting ready to sit down. That’s it.

Apparently you fell for the doctored video.

Grey One talks sass said...

Again skudsy puts words no one said into anothers mouth. Weird how that's their super power.

If we are going for an ideal candidate (not the topic but whatevs, amirite?) my choice is Secretary Pete. Knowledgeable, military service, knows how to get things done... I haven't heard his take on foreign policy but as I've learned the past few months, our policy is akin to the Queen Mary, best thing to do is ensure all the moving parts are in working order and do the best to keep the ship on track. I voted for him in the primary in the last election and it would be an honor to vote for him in 2028. I need Sen Warren exactly where she is, keeping financial institutions on the up and up as they do their best to rip every dollar from We The People. No one else has her skill set (at least at the moment in time). May there be a freshman congress critter to aid in her battle and may they be victorious against the Robber Barons.

Also weird is how skud manages to fall 'victim' of every MAGA piece of crap propaganda, coming here to breathlessly tell us libs how wrong we are (narrators voice - in fact it was the bringer of the propaganda that erred this day, and will most likely err again to the power of again). skud baby, denial isn't just a river in Egypt. We've tried to tell you but you just don't listen. Would you have put up with that sort of behavior from one of your kids, if you have them?

Back on track, there are so many video compilations of GOP congress critters facing a difficult race in November saying no way are we coming for birth control and their MAGA counterparts saying hell yeah, and when we are done with birth control we are going after the.... and their descriptions of the LGBTQA+ community reveal the depravity of their own souls.

Hard to keep a secret when half of those in charge of said secret are hopped up on their own perceptions of victimhood and need for revenge. It is said evil always sows the seeds of its own demise. Am I the bad guy for taking joy in the fact that the evils threatening democracy everywhere are really good gardeners? Nah, just enjoying a good show. And the flowers. ;)

Vote kids, vote as if your rights depend on it (and they do)
To Big To Rig, To Real To Steal.
and an oldy but goody
MAGA - Out The Door In 2024

Les Carpenter said...

The tendency for the uncurious is generally always to fall for that which they desire to hear. For the MAGA uncurious truth is of no importance and anything they believe is gospel. Gossip and lies included.

skudrunner said...

I will admit CNN is prejudicial and that is the one I saw. We need term limits and age limits for those who control our lives and have their finger on the nuclear codes. If you can't fly for an airline after 65 because you are to old why should you be allowed to determine the fate of the world after that age.

We need younger bureaucrats to tell us what is good for us and a far younger president than the two leading contenders.

Les Carpenter said...

Speak for yourself skudzy. My view is we need neither younger or older bureaucrats telling us what's good for us.

What we need is intelligent, capable, qualified, and compassionate legislators to listen intently to their constituents and work to pass good law based on sound reason and logic.

As well as a president with the same characteristics who will act as a CEO and insure that all laws, regardless of personal thought or preference, are enforced.

Pretty much like what our system is designed to do. Until folks like Trump, Bannon, and a great many others decided to attempt burning it all down.

skudrunner said...

So leslie that means you do not support either of the candidates for president. Act to insure all laws are enforced leaves out biden because laws are just something to ignore or get around like the border, paying rich kids tuition at your expense, etc. We know your disdain against trump so who is you choice. Bannon is not a politician so you can't support him.

If you don't think politicians control your life take an inventory of all they do against you and you will see the amount of control they have. When you said intelligent, capable and qualified you have eliminated almost all politicians.

JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

Nice to see my good friend from the whatever he thinks he is channeling his inner George Mason. He was a Founding Father also Skuds. He hated politicians and called them babblers. He was on the verge of fainting whenever he had to listen to them. But he was man enough to take a side. Unlike you who tell falsehoods and make misleading statements about virtually anything progressive then make your feeble attempts to caveat your cowardice by saying you think Trump is a bad guy. For many this is a choice, like so many elections to the deluded, of the lesser of two evils. Lindsay Grahamn said Joe Biden was the finest man in Washington DC. The only thing I can think of Lindsay ever said that was true and not his usual attempt to kiss Trump's ass. I guess you're in good company since so many so called republicans like Bill Barr, despite saying Trump is bad, say they will vote for him anyway since party loyalty trumps patriotism with the right. At least Barr and his ilk admit it. And you post under the cloak of a moniker. What is the mystical hold Trump and the republican party have on you Skuds?

Les Carpenter said...

FYI skudzy, I'll be voting for a man i trust FAR more than ALL the alternatives. President Joe Biden.

And skudzy, when and if the now party of Trump and Ignorance ever becomes a trustworthy party again, like it ONCE was, I will again look at their product. But lousy to non existent goverance, which has been the gop since GWB, no way Jose!

Les Carpenter said...

Your disdain for ALL politicians skudzy sounds like maybe you're the one suffering as a result of your cynical outlook on life.

Politicians have done nothing to me or you personally. But you're free to believe as you will.

BTW, you didn't build that business single handily either skudzy. For that is but a delusion created by our individualistic capitalist culture to benefit the ego of the capitalist.

Dave Miller said...

JoeBama gets the "Best comment of the thread" award today.

Essentially for challenging Skud to, as we all must, despite our biases and maybe even disgust, take a side on who, at this moment, is best for America.

And the choices are Joe Biden and Donald Trump, because no third party candidate has a chance in this election.

skudrunner said...

JoeBama did have a coherent statement which he normally does and in his mind he is correct in his assessment. I actually saw bill barr's comment about trump and was asked how he could support a man who attacked him and his response was that's just trump being trump but he is the better of the two for the country. I don't see that as a resounding endorsement but a choice as to which is better to run the country. Now we have biden giving money to Iraq that was earmarked for the Ukraine or did he say something he shouldn't. He really should not comment on anything without his teleprompter in front.

We just have different views on what we consider best. You are all about the party and I am all about the American middle class taxpayer. We all would like to have capable leadership but that won't happen this time. Now we have to decide who is the best of the worst running the country. Actually the question to ask is who is the VP choice because cruella is a nightmare.

Grey One talks sass said...

ah, skud is being skud, ignorant, spreader of innuendo, and holding the current president and all members of the Democratic party to a metric they've yet to enforce for those doing their best to destroy Democracy.

Quote for the win? "We just have different views on what we consider best. You are all about the party and I am all about the American middle class taxpayer."

Sure you are skud, sure you are.

(walks away laughing)

skudrunner said...

Rev, I agree that no third party can win but they can be an influential factor taking votes from one candidate. I am all for a no party system but now the independent candidate could determine the election.

Grey, I have seen you do better because if that was meant as an insult it was weak. You generally have such a good game but this one fell short. I expect better from you.

Les Carpenter said...

skud expects better from one who has demonstrated time after time, with clear concise words as well as verifiable receipts, that her grasp of truth and reality is of superior quality.

It's now me walking away, laughing.

Dave Miller said...

Skud, exactly.

And if the polls are to be believed, any vote for third parties will disproportionately take votes from Biden, in a close election.

So here's what that means...

Any vote outside of the binary choice of either Biden or Trump, is a help to Trump. There is no hiding this time. Third party disgust votes, will help elect Trump.

Perhaps that's how the third party folks can get their preferred candidate, Trump, in office, while telling themselves they are pure because they "personally" rejected him.

Les Carpenter said...

Dave, as you no doubt realize that is a pure ego driven delusion if true. Reality would be that they indeed supported trump.

But delusion is a hallmark of human existence. In general.

skudrunner said...

Rev, That is a stretch that anyone who votes for an alternate candidate would be a biden voter. There are several thousand if not millions of conservative voters who won't vote for biden because he is a give away liberal and for personal reasons won't vote for trump so that actually takes away from the evil felon.

Regardless as Sutherland said in disclosure We Live In Interesting Times and it will probably get more interesting as the months roll on. No matter which one wins it is the American People who will not be competently represented.