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Tuesday, June 11, 2024

For those who lose their minds every June Pride Month:


Here's what many Americans don't understand -- Why we don't need a "Straight Pride Month":


possumlady said...

Or, the simple reason:
People's nasty reactions to Pride Month are the exact reasons why we have Pride Month!

(Found this meme on a friend's Facebook page)

Les Carpenter said...

And yet the constricted or shuttered minds of those holding the reified Christian and Islamic belief systems continue to consistently other our brothers and sisters who don't share their beliefs.

Waiting for the fake christian trump to weigh in. I'm guessing he needs to pump up his Christian Nationalist support since independents are moving away from him now that he is a convicted felon.

Mike said...

That's the way it's supposed to be, says the evangelical with their head up their ass.

-FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said...

There no "straight pride month" because we don't have the hubris and/or chutzpah of Gay Idiots.

Les Carpenter said...

Gay idiots?

You project with excellence -FJ. Trump is no doubt very proud to have you on his team.

Shaw Kenawe said...

-FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said..."There no "straight pride month" because we don't have the hubris and/or chutzpah of Gay Idiots."

IIRC, you have stated publicly that you have a gay offspring. Does he know you think he's an "idiot?"

Joe Conservative said...

Does that make him homo non grata?

Grey One talks sass said...

Sometimes a person says a thing on the interwebz and it's so cruel, so careless, so...

and help me because I laughed. Does that make him homo non grata? It's funny and like all humor it comes from a dark place because after laughing I cried for all the kin I've lost because the words and actions and sometimes violence from humans like our many faced troll.

When I go to my dark place I forgo treating others as I wish to be treated focusing instead on treating them as I've been treated (many of you've been there, we often have coffee - I'm bringing the pastries next week).

Joe Conservative's comment takes me there and beyond.

How many children have been tossed away, thrown out onto the streets because they dared to trust, they dared to share whom they loved? How many jobs lost, careers ended, lives taken because the society which valued the talent and results despised the vessel?

For these and others We March in Pride.

Several souls here have talked about our family members who are LGBTQA+. And in walks Joe Conservative, he of the many faced troll which means he has kin who are part of the rainbow.


How on this green and blue earth can they have a healthy relationship? Does the kid know what you do? I want to believe you but seriously, how do you exist? Is being a multifaced hateful bigot your deep dark secret kept from loved ones? On the surface all light and polite but underneath all ick and corruption?

Look, I'm not going to bring about any kind of 'Heart growing three times' kind of event, and honestly I wouldn't believe you if you wrote it. That said how hard is it to be kind?

Apparently very when it comes to the many faced troll. How sad for them. Who hurt them to make them this way? Bullies always have an originator, just Mental Health 101.