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Saturday, February 17, 2018


Since the opening of the Winter Olympics last week and my post on the incomparable Naathan Chen, I've had trolls come here, mocking his disappointing performance at the beginning of the Olympic week.

Today he showed the world that he is a champion. 
I never lost faith in his ability. He's young. We'll see him shine again.

Congratulations on an amazing performance today to Nathan Chen!

Nathan Chen is the quad king. Watch it here.


KP said...

His was an incredible athletic experiment. He removed all mental barriers and tested the limits of human physiological performance. I am very happy for him. Like Roger Bannister breaking the four minute mile, or Jim Hines going under 10sec for 100m, or the first pole vault over 16 feet; once done the mental barrier is removed. STAR!

Shaw Kenawe said...

KP, nice to see you here. Best regards.

STAR is correct. And we've seen so many during this Olympiad.