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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Good Luck To My Home Team, The Pats!

I hope they win again, but even if that isn't to be, I will always be proud of the Pats, Tom Brady, the NFL's MVP, and Coach Bill Belichick.

Win or lose today, The New England Patriots are a legendary sports team!

Go PATS! G.O.A.T.!!!!

And this just for laughs and giggles. Boston's own Danny Amendola:


President* trump continues with his trend of not doing presidential things by skipping out on the Super Bowl interview. Because like all loud mouthed bullies, trump is essentially a little panty-waist coward.  


Anonymous said...

Writing from Minneapolis.
The Vikings lost!
If the game had been closer I might shed a tear, but we got creamed.
I always root for the underdog in a game my team is not playing in.
Kudos to the cocky jock Tom Brady who has truly proven he is the greatest.

Anonymous said...

Good luck! Not a football fan so have no horse in this race, but the game is being played in my home state of Minnesnowta!

Glad it did not disappoint as it's snowy and freezing - Skol!!


Shaw Kenawe said...

Anonymous and Possomlady,

My dear nephew who is serving a second deployment in Afghanistan, grew up in Georgia and Florida but is a rabid Patriots fan. His wife is a rabid Vikings fan -- her home state.

I, too, always root for the underdog when my team isn't playing. So I understand why mmany people will be cheering for the Iggles.

Brady has had a remarkable career!

Political Junket said...

Trump will only be interviewed by Sean Insanity. Everyone else makes Trump shit his Yuuuuge diapers.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"Trump: This Memo Totally Vindicates ‘Trump’ In Probe

House Intel Republicans Reject Trump’s Claim That Nunes Memo ‘Vindicates’ Him"

Rational Nation USA said...

Patriots are in deep trouble.

Craig said...

Sorry about your Pats, Shaw. Good game though. As a Minniapolitan I was rooting for the Birds, they saved our Vikings from losing a 5th super bowl. As for Tom Brady. Maybe all time greatest QB, fierce competitor but seems to handle victory and defeat with dignity and grace, a genuinely nice guy, married to a underwear super model, has lovely children and family roots in humble small town Minnesota. Now, Shaw, do you see why people outside Boston can't stand him?

I'm glad there was no interview. America deserved a Trump free day. Shout out to possumlady.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Thanks for your nice words, Craig.

Deep down, I didn't think the Pats would win this one. The Iggles were hungrier for a win, and they deserved it. It was a great game, congratulations to Philadelphia.

I do understand why people hate the Pats and Tom Brady. I've lived with that envy and hatred all my life as a Red Sox fan with the same sort of feeling toward the Yankees. LOL!