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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Go Emma!

As of today, now has more followers than the . It happened in less than two weeks. This is a movement. This is the future. Change is now.


Jerry Critter said...

Sometimes kids are smarter and more sensible than older people. Emma is an example of this!

Anonymous said...

She's a natural born leader. God bless her and give her and the other students the courage to continue going after the criminal NRA. Already corporations are withdrawing themselves from having anything to do with LaPierre, Louche, and the rest of the leadership of the NRA.

Anonymous said...

Slightly off topic.

Look what the NRA and alt right are saying about David Hogg a survivor of the shooting and a well spoken teenager who has decided to speak out. The ugly and false trash they are spewing about Mr. Hogg is disgusting! Mr. Hogg seems like a very smart kid and another person who could easily be a leader for the young people to rally around. Watch out kids, these sickos will say and do anything to smear you!

Shaw Kenawe said...

Jerry, Anon and Anon,

The far right trogs have attacked young people for being spoiled and feckless. Gonzalez and Hogg survived a bloody slaughter of their fellow classmates and teachers and have come out of that crucible of horror strong, determined, and righteously enraged. The righties can only smear and slander when confronted with real courage and true grit.

One of their own from a well-known right wing cesspool left a comment in moderation that sexually attacked Emma Gonzalez -- think about the degeneracy of the person who did that, he attacked a 17 year old girl who survived a massacre and who is articulate and courageous.

It's the usual M.O. for these little cowards to sexually attack strong girls and women. You can read it every day on those right wing latrines that pass for news sites and blogs.