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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Donald Trump Cracks the Seal on Talk of Treason

Conservative Pundit, Rick Wilson 02.06.18 4:56 AM ET
(via D.U.) 

Donald Trump Cracks the Seal on Talk of Treason 

 Trump lacks the mental capacity to see where this very slippery slope leads, but the political arsonists around him do. Prepare to reap the whirlwind.


 Our Founders viewed treason as the most severe crime against the Republic. Treason was an act without shades of gray, without gradations, without rationalization. It is the one crime we punish by stripping those found guilty of it of their citizenship, or even their lives. 

 Trump Monday decided he would be the arbiter of what constitutes treason in America. He's mainstreamed the t-word. Well, then: If you're looking for someone who is betraying this nation, look for a person who would deliberately and systematically wreck the institutions that guarantee the separation of powers and the accountability of the executive and legislative branches. Look for a person who would suborn the rule of law to protect himself, his family, and his cronies from justice. 

If you're looking for someone in the act of betraying the glorious vision of our Founders and our Constitution, look no further than the vulgar, prancing, reality-show clown who holds the Presidency. Look no further than the man who swore to uphold the Constitution and obey the laws of this land, yet ignores them, and attacks those who would carry them out. 

 We have had presidents in living memory who failed, who strayed from the righteous path, who were venal or paranoid or who fell victim to their lusts and weaknesses. But none came so close to treason as this President. 


 There is always a reckoning for treason. There is always a moment where justice and history strip away the excuses and rationalizations, and the betrayer is held to account. One thing Donald Trump should have considered before launching today's attack was just how vulnerable he is to the same accusation, and that reckoning.


Ducky's here said...

It's instructive how freely the right uses the accusation of treason.

How often was it used against Clinton and Obama?

Now Lord Dampnut has widened the definition to include anyone who opposes the dear leader.
We haven't reached the point where you can be imprisoned for not clapping long enough when the dear leader speaks as in North Korea but that's not for tRump not wishing it were so.

It should be obvious and it should be reported that he is a dictator at heart.

Mike K. said...

Yeah, he went there--Trump declares that Democrats who didn't 'zackly greet his State of the Union address enthusiastically were guilty of treason. His understanding of this country is radically different from mine:

'President Trump on Monday accused Democrats who did not clap during his State of the Union address of being un-American and even treasonous. His remarks came in a rambling, discursive speech at a factory in Ohio, during which he celebrated his revival of the American economy as the stock market plummeted by more than 1,000 points.

'“Can we call that treason?” Mr. Trump said of the stone-faced reaction of Democrats to his speech. “Why not? I mean, they certainly didn’t seem to love our country very much.”'

Shaw Kenawe said...

Ducky: "It should be obvious and it should be reported that he is a dictator at heart."

The Democrats are not the onlh ones who understand that #45 is an authoritarian and would fit in nicely with the Duertes and Erdogans of the world. Our Constitution is the only thing right now that stops #45 from playing out his dreams of fundamentally transforming America.

I have to laugh at the far righties who went to their fainting couches when Barack Obama became president, accusing him of changing America, but they have noting to say when a GOP president calls people who don't clap for him "treasonous" and "unAmerican." Can you imagine the hypocrites' reaction if Mr. Obama had said such things? They'd have all choked, swallowing their tongues in virulent rages.

The excuse from Trump's minions is that he was kidding. Yeah. Right. Kidding by the same guy who screamed about locking his opponent up during his campaign and still dreams of putting Hillary in jail?

Now his lawyers are afraid of having #45 talk to Mueller. They know that Trump's an incorrigible liar and that he can't be trusted not to put himself in jeopardy with law inforcement. Here's hoping Mueller won't need his "testimony" to sink Trump and his presidency. He probably has enough on the crook without having to listen to his lies.

skudrunner said...

Disrespect yes but it was not treason and I think he said that is jest but like all of his remarks it is the end of the world according to the news media.
Just like trump called Haiti a S hole. It was dickie durbin who said that as a rumor in a private conversation. This may truly be the end of civilization as we know it.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Seen on fb:


Shaw Kenawe said...

NO, skudrunner. The Goopers did the same thing to President Obama at every one of his SOTU addresses. But Mr. Obama is an adult and not a malignant narcisssist who craves adulation and fealty by everyone like Trump does. Mr. Obama has class.

You never came here to talk of "disrespect" when the Goopers sat on their hands and didn't clap for Mr. Obama, so your comment is bullshit.

It's not the end of civilization, but you and your friends who make excuses for the Pig in the White House are certainly hurrying up the collapse of our American civility and society.

I'm always amazed at what the Goopers will excuse in their pols as long as there's an "R" after their names.

Ducky's here said...

skud, remember "Liar" during Obama's SOTU?

Of course that pales in comparison to not clapping for tRump's jingoism.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Joe Wilson of South Carolina yelled "You Lie!" at President Obama during a joint session of Congress in 2009. Everyone thinks it was the SOTU, but it wasn't. Still bad enough, since it was a joint appearance of Congress, like the SOTU, minus the SCOTUS and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Mr. Obama didn't call the s.o.b. "treasonous." But that was when we had a dignified, mature, decent human being as president. Now we have a disgusting immoral pig and malignant narcissist as the leader of this once great country.

Republican Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina, who became infamous after shouting "You lie!" at President Barack Obama during a 2009 speech before a joint session of Congress, was just treated to a taste of his own medicine by his constituents.

skudrunner said...

Not clapping or standing for the sitting president is standard fare for the opposition party. The democrats lead by madam pelosi didn't even clap on the mention of national pride and those who protect us so we can disrespect the office of the president.
I was just glad djt didn't slam the supreme's because they are a totally non-partisan body and deserve everyone's utmost response. It is unfortunate that we are a totally divided country brought on my DJT and the hatred of him by the media. Although BHO accomplished little for the majority of the American people the press adored him and that led to his approval by the American people.

dmarks said...

It's always the silly season in One Nation Under Trump.

R.D. said...

Shaw, why do you let a Trumper like skdrunner on you blog. He's so full of shit its turned his brain brown and makes him write shit in your comments. Saying Obama did nothing for the majority of the American people is a goddamn lie. YoUR friends on the right are like the president they support, goddamn liars.

Rational Nation USA said...

tRump has a lot in common with Stalin. They both loved the clapping for them. It was apparently considered treasonous to not clap for Stalin as well.

Rational Nation USA said...

dmarks, could it be termed The Trump Era, A Perpetual Season of Silliness.

A great name for a book on the tRump presidency.

skudrunner said...

RD, Maybe shaw believes in diversity of opinions. If you read my post it said obama did little for the Majority of the American people and your reference from the Washington Post proves that fact.
1. 9 million signed up hardly a majority
2. We got some old cars and no jobs.
3. Made it impossible to get a loan if you are a small business
4. A joke
5. Maybe should have said created ISIS

There are far to many to mention but the majority serve a small minority,
You fail to mention that he set up -H- to run and JDT to win. I am not a trump supported but I do support the office and the US. Obama was a horrible leader because he was only concerned about his special interest groups and creating the great divide in this country. Trump does not have the temperament to run the country because he lets his massive ego get in the way. That said he is the president for the next three years.

No matter what We do live in interesting times