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Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Lie and The Truth

There are many, many more important issues than the size of the audience for Trump's SOTU address, but I bring this up only to give further evidence of his disgusting mendacity -- or is it willful bullshitting again?

Trump has a bottomless need to be the best at everything he does, and his actions always make him the worst, except in two catagories: LYING and B.S.ING.

Anyway, trump and his supporters are the ones hung up on the size of the audience that watched his first SOTU address (trump is always worrying about the size of things, isn't he.)

Trump brags, and the facts laugh at him.

Here are the facts, and they are in direct contrast with what trump and his supporters claim. But we knew that. Don't tell his supporters. They need their delusions about trump. That's all they have.

The lie: 

The truth:

Want a real knee-slapper? Read this:

Trump tells GOP retreat he's ready for Mount Rushmore

A delusional ego that knows no bounds.. Trump claims Orin Hatch told him he was a greater commander-in-chief than George Washington or Abraham Lincoln -- "the greatest president in history."


Rational Nation USA said...

We've come to expect nothing less from tRump. There will be much more to come.

Jerry Critter said...

We are in real trouble when we have a president who sees things the way he wants them to be, instead of the way things are. That goes for his supporters too.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Trump's supporters are complicit in this criminal administration.