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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Saturday Night Poetry

A poem by my fb friend, G.G. the Bard:


untruths, exaggerations 
Lies and flimsy fabrications: 
a half truth, a fallacy 
and devious inventions, 
Distraction, redaction 
and larcenous intentions. 
False predictions, maledictions: 
Irrelevent, malevolent 
Vulgar, unintelligent, 
Misogynist, ineloquent. 
Dead beat, tax cheat 
Maundering, laundering, 
resource squandering. 
Burger eating, nasty tweeting 
Pussy grabbing, belly flabbing 
Secrets blabbing. 
Hillary blaming, Comey framing 
System gaming, base inflaming 
Victory proclaiming. 
Number inflating, race baiting 
Daughter dating 
No approval 


Rational Nation USA said...

WOW! Truth Spoken. Do you think you fb friend would mind if I posted @ RN USA? Properly attributed of course.

Shaw Kenawe said...

RN, he's a friend of yours as well. I'm sure he won't mind. Email me.