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Thursday, February 15, 2018



given to Republicans in 2016 election cycle


given to Democrats in 2016 election cycle

See the complete list here.

There's a reason for our elected officials in Washington doing nothing about the carnage killing Americans and our school children: The NRA has bought them off.



Ducky's here said...

$5,900,000 will buy a lot of "thoughts and prayers" (no thoughts about a solution, of course),

Jerry Critter said...

I wonder how much of that money originally came from the Russians?

skudrunner said...

As long as we allow lobiests to buy our elected elite crime will continue. Our elected elite is only interested in what serves them not what is best for the American people and they make Millions off lobbyists.

Even if we banned high capacity magazines would we enforce the law or just say it is illegal but we won't interfere. We take that stance with Illegals and Marijuana so why do we think the federalists will enforce any law. Maybe we should outlaw mental illness and see if the federalists will enforce that.

Look at how many of these mass shootings are caused by inner rage and the division in the country just fuels the rage. This is a societal problem that laws will not cure.
I think this is all DJT's fault as is everything else.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud, we have laws against murder, robbery, rape. But people still murder, rob, and rape. Should we repeal those laws? That's what you imply by writing that laws cannot cure mass murderers. Yes. They. Can.

Other countries have tackled the problem with success. See Australia.

The minority of Americans who fetishize the 2nd Amendment are as much of the problem as the NRA and the craven pols, Democratic and Republican, who take the NRA's money.

As I've said before, we had 2nd Amendment rights when I was in school and when my children were in school, but these mass shootings were not occuring on a regular basis and not slaughtering children in their schools. That was not happening until we allowed the purchase of AR 15 weapons that can kill dozens at a time.

This is a man-made problem that can be fixed by men. Unfortunately, we don't have men running the country. We have whores who put money and power above the safety and lives of Americans and their children.

skudrunner said...

Shaw, I agree with you totally. We need to enforce all laws not just the ones that patronize their political base. I don't understand why anyone needs an AR-15 but I don't understand why you shouldn't register as a gun owner either.
The countries you mentioned also enforce the immigration laws and their drug laws so why can't we except it is a political advantage to some.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Skud, I've never said anything against enforcing immigration laws and drug laws. However, it has been the US governments' habit for years to not enforce the laws. Remember Ronald Reagan gave amnesty to 3 million illegals.

The country looked the other way because the illegals gave us cheap labor where the companies that employed them didn't have to pay any benefits and paid them low wages, abused them even, because the illegals lived in fear. Good American corporations did this. They took advantage of poor desperate people who came here to make money to feed and clothe their families and to escape from persecution and certain death in their own countries. Along comes an ignorant racist as president and blames the victims for what America has encouraged and then looked the other way for decades.

It's my opinion that people started panicking about illegals and Dreamers when they realized they'd start turning red states purple or blue. Those states loved their cheap labor, but they don't want them as citizens.

Jerry Critter said...

skud —“As long as we allow lobiests to buy our elected elite crime will continue. ”

Does this mean you are in favor of publically financed elections?

Jerry Critter said...

This is a uniquely American problem. The other countries of the world have figured out a solution. Perhaps we should implement some of their solutions.

Jerry Critter said...

School shootings and mass killings are not a drug or immigration problem. They are GUN problems.

skudrunner said...

JC, Yes I do favor publically financed elections but with strict limits on the candidates. I also favor limiting the time frame for running for office from years to months. None of this will happen of course because congress will have to pass it and that would take away their gravy train of millions going into their pocket.

You are again correct other countries have figured out a solution. Their killers use bombs and vehicles to kill in mass.

Shaw, if we are going to enforce laws we need to enforce all of them. We need a comprehensive immigration policy that provides a path to citizenship but we can't have that because it may upset a political base on either side. My wife is a naturalized citizen but did it legally. There are thousands of immigrants in this country working on citizenship but all the talk is of those who want to not follow the system and get a free pass with no effort.

Of course I also think the wall is silly. Walls work for the rich and privileged but not for the country. Enforcing the laws is the only answer that makes sense.

Jerry Critter said...

skud — “You are again correct other countries have figured out a solution. Their killers use bombs and vehicles to kill in mass.”

Apples and oranges, skud!

We have figured out the problem of international extremists and terrorists. We don’t have a problem with bombs and vehicles from these people. Our problem is a domestic one perpetrated generally, but not always, by individual white citizens. Domestic terrorists are our problem and they are supported by the gun lobby which includes the NRA and their purchased GOP (primarily) Congressmen.

skudrunner said...

Don't tell the people in NYC and Boston we don't have a problem with bombs because they may have a different opinion.