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"I am proud to shut down the government for border security ... I will take the mantle. I will be the one to shut it down. I’m not going to blame you for it." –Donald Trump

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Rob Porter, Donald Trump's White House Staff Secretary and Wife Beater, Resigns.

Read this Daily Mail report on Trump's White House staff secretary and close friend of Chief of Staff John Kelly and Senator Orrin Hatch.

Rob Porter, Donald Trump's White House staff secretary and speech writer, is a g-d wife beater who never received security clearance for his White House job.

He resigned while his friends in the WH continue to tell everyone what a geat guy he is.

A wife beater is NOT a great guy. I don't care how nice he was in the company of John Kelly, Orrin Hatch, or #45.

Rob Porter sounds like a monster. And just the sort of person who would appeal to Trump and his gang.

Read about it HERE.

EXCLUSIVE: Hope Hicks' new boyfriend Rob Porter RESIGNS from White House after BOTH ex-wives accuse him of abuse - including one who told that he CHOKED and PUNCHED her.

I wonder when he'll start punching Ms. Hicks in her face.

Here's Ruth Marcus, WaPo, on Rob Porter and John Kelly's reaction to Porter's wife-beating reports:

Look at the picture. Really. Look at the picture. The woman’s eye socket is the sickly green-yellow of a healing bruise. Around the eyelid, and in a sickening swoosh underneath, there is the deep plum of blood pooling around broken capillaries. [...] 

 Explain how this man could have been allowed to work at the White House after his ex-wives described this abusive behavior to the FBI. 

 Explain how White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly, who reportedly knew of the FBI reports, could assert, in a statement circulated before and after the abuse photos emerged, “Rob Porter is a man of true integrity and honor and I can’t say enough good things about him. He is a friend, a confidante and a trusted professional.” 

 Yes, true integrity. Take a look at that photo, Gen. Kelly, and tell me how a man of integrity behaves. Hint: he doesn’t wait until a dozen hours after that photo was released to assert he is “shocked” and that “there is no place for domestic violence in our society.” 

 Explain, finally, how the White House, with this information public, can allow a man such as this to continue, even for a single additional day, to work there. "

Last October John Kelly whined about how he remembered when women were "sacred" and "put on a pedestal." Obviously, he was the country when he made those remarks, since he calls a wife-beater a "man of integrity." NO! Men who beat their wives (and Porter has beaten both wives) are monsters.


Here's a partial list of the guy who bragged to the U.S. duringhis campaign that when he's president, he'd hire only the best people:

Michael Flynn, National Security Advisor -- fired, less than a month on the job, charged with a felony, working as an agent for a foreign country, and lying to the FBI.

Steven Bannon, Strategic Advisor to the POTUS --  fired, claimed what Junior did in Trump Tower was "treason."

Sean Spicer, Press Secretary -- fired.

Anthony Scaramucci, Communications Director -- fired after 10 days on the job.

Mike Dubke, Communications Director -- resigned.

Reince Priebus, Chief of Staff -- fired after less than a year.

Katie Walsh, Deputy Chief of Staff -- fired.

Tom Price, Health and Human Services Secy., quit in disgrace for using private jet transportation instead of commercial flights.

Walter Shaub, Ethics Director -- quit because of clashes with Trump administration over their refusal to release ethics waivers that document conflicts of interest.

James Comey, FBI Director -- fired by Trump because he was investigating Trump & Co. involvement with Russia during 2016 election.


Kevin Robbins said...

I suspect Hope Hicks has some emotional issues. My sympathies to her and I hope she receives help.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Why would any sane woman think that a man who's beaten two previous wives would change his behavior just for her? Ms. Hicks may not be as smart as some people think. Believing a wife beater will change is like believing a pedophile will change. There something wrong deep inside a man who punches women in the face.

I do, however, understand why a creepy monster like Porter would fit in nicely in Donald Trump's universe of bullies and beasts.

Shaw Kenawe said...

I remember when Goopers were irate over the NFL player who punched out his girlfriend. They piled on him mercilessly, but are completely quiet over Porter's assaults on his 2 wives.

The difference? The NFL player was an African-American, Porter is a white Mormon. He gets a pass. Cause beating your wife is excusable when a white Mormon does it?

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly knew about a protective order against staff secretary Rob Porter well before Porter resigned Wednesday over allegations that he had abused his two ex-wives, Politico reports.

The order prevented Porter from being given full security clearance, a senior administration official told Politico.

Two sources told CNN later on Wednesday that Kelly, as well as other senior White House staffers, had been aware of the allegations for months.

It’s unknown if Kelly took any action at the time, but on Wednesday he reportedly urged Porter not to resign and wrote a glowing review of the alleged abuser.

Porter’s resignation followed reports from The Daily Mail and The Intercept in which his two former spouses discussed the physical, mental and emotional abuse they said they suffered at his hands.

YOU KNOW WHO said...

Shaw here's how the crazies at the Mother Ship deal with the news of a wife beater:

This guy was violent to “both his ex wives” so one of those stories is a bit old…why NOW?

See? It's old news so why talk about a guy who couldn't get security clearance to work in the White house because he committed a felon: assaulted two women. Jesus! Let bye fone be byegones! Leave the poor assaulter alooooooooone!

Just how much IS the news digging into ANY little problem with Trump people?

Punching your wife in the face is just "ANY little problem." I'd love to see it happen to the person who wrote that and see if she thought being punched in the face and choked was "ANY little problem."

This is just one example of how far down into the sewer those people have sunk. To call a man whose assaulted, punched, choked, given a black eye, intimidated, humiliated both wives a "little problem, is a prime example of what they'll tolerate and excuse so long as it's a Republican or a Trump suck-up committing the crime.

I hope she gets punched in the face and someone tells her to SHUT UP! It's only a little problem. Don't spoil Trump's presidency with such gossip!

Ducky's here said...

This guy was violent to “both his ex wives” so one of those stories is a bit old…why NOW? Just how much IS the news digging into ANY little problem with Trump people?

That's the gooper blog's take.

Punch your wife and it's a Little problem.
Pretty much what you'd expect from supporters of the Grabber in Chief.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Ducky, both you and my friend "YKW" know that we'd expect excuses for a wife beater from those people after all they support a guy who cheated on his third wife with a porn star -- gross! And a guy who just the other day had to cough up $25 million to settle his fraud case from his fake Trump University scam. TRUMP IS GUILTY OF SCAMMING PEOPLE out of money, he brags about assaulting women, he shags a porn star while his wife is giving birth to his 5 child, and he's pushing for a military parade that would be the envy of Josef Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein, and Kim Jong Un. Oh, I almost forgot: #45's under criminal investigation by the FBI for possible obstruction of justice and conspiring with Russians to win the 2016 election!

Has there ever been a more corrupt, mendacious creep in the White House?

And the cowards in the Republican Party still support this?

Clearwater, Florida said...

So Trump want a parade like the one in France? Well I'd like a real president like the one in France!

Shaw Kenawe said...

Clearwater, it certainly would be nice to have a sane president who doesn't embarrass America on a daily basis.

Their Sighties said...

I wonder when Rob Porter stopped beating his wife.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Their Sighties, John Kelly said women are sacred and should be set on a pedestal. EXCEPT when they're being punched in the face by his wife-beater friend. Never believe a word that comes out of any Gooper. They are all liars.

Jerry Critter said...

There is a big question hanging over the White House right now concerning Porter and his lack of a security clearance. Trump says he didn’t know about it. He is the only one who with the authority to over rule the FBI. Porter saw everything that crosses the president’s desk including stuff that has such a high security clearance that the security level itself is classified.

This is huge. Heads could, and should, roll!

Rational Nation USA said...

It just keeps getting bigger and deeper. tRump's administration will go down in the history books as one of America's most inept and corrupt. tRump has brought the Office of the President to an all time low.