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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

"Giving someone classified info who is not cleared to see it is a crime."

Where oh where are the Goopers now who screamed bloody hell over Hillary's emails? Where are they now that we know Rob Porter had no security clearance by the FBI while he handled top secret material in the White House as Trump's staff secretary? This is just another instance of the way the Goopers operate. They agonize over supposed lawbreakers if they're Democrats, but are silent over real law breakers if they are in the employ of one of their own. I hope some courageous lawmaker sticks this on Trump and the rest of his corrupt regime.

Exactly right. If Porter’s clearance expired 1/15, Kelly has committed a serious federal crime — not that this distinguishes him from some unnamed others in the White House.


Jerry Critter said...

The media should be yelling about this as loud as they are yelling about Porter.

Ray Cranston said...

Y'know, everytime I begin to feel like it's slipping away, like, America is buying into the tax scam or the Nunes blitz seems to be resonating, that stupid son of a bitch comes out in favor of wife beating and starving the hungry. It's all there..right in front of us. We need to maintain our energy and fight through the massive exhausting wall of bullshit that they keep heaving out there. It's wearing dowwwwn, 10pct drop in white woman for Trump, before the Wknd Abuse Festival even started. Every day, in every city, a few more brains are going "ping" and good people (not the Nazis..they are FINE people) good people are coming to their senses. We need to be pitbulls...Happy Optimistic Pitbulls..and not let doubt cloud our exhausted brains. It's not easy...stopping powerful sociopaths is never going to be easy. But we can, and will, take their best shot and stand and stay committed to our kids and this goofy country. You and I know that this is the battle of our lifetime and will define our generation. We need to support each other and work together so we remember we fight together and we will beat back this insanity.

Rational Nation USA said...

Yes they should Jerry. If true Kelly must be fired and prosecuted. tRump is ultimately responsible. So that just shines the spotlight on his incompetence.