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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Lord Dampnut's Most Trusted Advisor

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Rational Nation USA said...

I was actually surprised trump didn't offer hannity a cushy cabinet position. But I suppose trump figured hannity was more valuable to him in his role of Useful Idiot.

Ray Cranston said...

Does anyone remember Rudy Giulani's antics during the 2016 campaign? He was all over the news with his reports of active duty FBI agents "outraged" that Hillary was not being indicted. To hear him talk, you would have thought the FBI was in the bag for Trump. They are, after all, mostly Republicans. And look what a Trump WH and congressional Republicans are doing to them. They're the law-and-order party when it comes to average citizens, but for Trump and his gang of powerful accomplices, they'll dismember any American institution they have to for more money and more power.

Also, f**k Giuliani, that repugnant little goat man.