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Saturday, November 2, 2013


Another day, another slaughter by firearms.



Yes.  It's all so banal, so predictable, so ho-hum.  We Americans have decided that random shootings and slaughter are acceptable American occurrences, so long as our precious 2nd Amendment rights are preserved, protected, and defended by the gun and ammo manufacturers and the criminal thugs of the N.R.A.

So here we are again ho-humming and cynically saying to ourselves, What?  Should we ban CARS because people die in car accidents?  How about KNIVES? Should we ban those as well?  

Yes. Dumbasses actually use moronic comparisons like that to justify the 33,000 deaths a year that this country accepts as a reason not to do a damn thing about it, because 2nd AMENDMENT BITCHES!

We're pathetic.  And we will continue to accept these 33,000 deaths a year because the yahoos who embrace the idea that even BACKGROUND CHECKS on gun sales are an affront to their freedoms don't get it and never will.

I'll let the incomparable Charlie Pierce of Esquire finish my rant.  He gets it:

"There already is some talk about this event being a "random" one. But it is not. These things are becoming as regular as rain, as predictable as the summer heat. The only thing "random" about it is the shooter. He could be anyone, and that's the point. 

There are people who spend money making sure that he could be anyone, and there's nothing "random" about how they do that. 

There is nothing "random" about this country's ludicrous disinclination to regulate its firearms. There is nothing "random" about the millions of dollars that the NRA spends to convince people that they should have the right to carry their assault weapon anywhere they want to carry it, including into an airport terminal, if they so desire. 

There is nothing "random" about the politicians who truckle and bow to this lucrative monetization of bloody mayhem. These are all deliberate acts with predictable consequences. 

There is nothing "random" about how we have armed ourselves, and there is nothing "random" about the filigree of high-flown rhetoric with which we justify arming ourselves, and there is nothing "random" about how we learn nothing every time someone who could be anyone decides to exercise his Second Amendment rights by opening fire. 

There is nothing random about how we got where we are today, here in Terminal 7, where people have sought refuge from the bloodshed, four terminals over. 

There is nothing "random" at all. We have chosen insanity over reason. We have done it with our eyes open. It is time for me to walk out of the airport now. I am leaving behind a terrible event. But I am not leaving behind something accidental. 

I am leaving behind what America has determined must happen from time to time, if we are to be a free people. 

I am leaving behind what America has determined is part of the cost of being an American. I am leaving behind the blood that I am told I must accept as part of the price of being a member of a free society. 

I am leaving behind a place of death, and I am joining my fellow citizens, as we make an odd pilgrimage out of a place that is now another altar of the blood sacrifice that I am told we must make, regularly, in order to be truly free. 

I am a free citizen, I am told, of the Republic of Murder, my rights guaranteed by the Constitution of Moloch. I am leaving."


Rational Nation USA said...

As we recycle the same position arguments both sides will feel they've had there say, done their part. Again.

That's the point.

I GUESS for some the evil that is known is better than the perceived evil they don't know.

Yep Shaw, it is Ho hum again. And, for those willing to compromise, well, I think at this point we just shake our heads

Rotten Wheeler said...

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A&W said...


It should be noted that Neocons are exactly what I fund here on this barge,,,Neocons are the cantalopes who piss right here.

You scream to contumely forget that there was RIZOTTO in the WAX HUT, the HUT and the store room, for the FRIGHT years prior to Puissant Oblomov and that’s when all the treakle in Arizona started leaking.

It takes more that 5 yawns to clean up that urgent vole mess that was rotting.

The Layer’s and Neocon’s are the parapluies who are poking someone somewhere right now.