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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Exactly What The TGOP Wants To Hear: B.S.

TeaPublicans don't believe anything that is fact-checked on PolitiFact,, or Snopes, or any other sources that contradict what has been spoon-fed to them by their great intellectual leaders:

Donald Trump
Glenn Beck
Michael Savage
Sarah Palin
Todd Aiken
Jim Hoft
Steven King
Mike Huckabee
Michele Bachmann
(and the "intellectualest" of them all:  Louis Gohmert.

Donald Trump's vice presidential choice.


Dave Miller said...

Actually Shaw, when those sites award four Pinnochio's to a Dem, they are quick to trumpet the veracity of the report.

As we have seen with many issues, people playing politics struggle to be consistent...

Ahab said...

Right-wingers swim in a sea of misinformation. I've learned from experience that pointing out facts only drives them to dig in their heels. These people vote -- and thus so should we.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, any time those fact checking sites are quoted, the usual people claim that George Soros owns them so nothing they say can be true, except, of course, when those sites go after the veracity of what a Democrat says. One of those fact checking sites is run by the Poynter Organization. Here's what they say about criticism:

"On how to respond to criticism

Fact checking easily attracts criticism, mainly from people who don’t like to be fact checked. Laura Zommer from the Argentinian Chequeado and Angie Holan of PolitiFact discussed how to respond to a tidal wave of criticism.

“For our fact check we follow a method that includes several steps and is open to our readers and published on our website: we call/email the person that we are fact checking to have his/her point of view from the beginning; we have a procedure for how to act when we make mistakes; we cover a wide selection of topics and characters; we have a diverse staff, also in terms of ideology, which is particularly important given our very politicized environment; we read each other’s work before publishing it and we are very careful in choosing who we work with and the events we participate in,” Zommer said.

“If you know you made a mistake say it immediately, don’t be afraid” Holan said, explaining that at PolitiFact they have a tag “corrections and updates” that goes on all articles that have been updated, to make them clearly recognizable."

Shaw Kenawe said...


Last year the right-wingers were frantic in their belief that ebola would spread like wildfire here in the U.S. and thousands, maybe millions of people would die of it -- and of course it would all be Obama's fault.

Not a bit of that happened, all while the NIH and other people who actually knew what they were talking about --as opposed to Jim Hoft and other ninnyhammers-- tried to use reason and facts instead of wild predictions and factless reports.

Now the same people have embraced a demagogue who can blather on and on about what he'll do but refuse to answer questions about how he'll do those things and about how much it'll cost.

Here's an example from today of how Trump gets away with bragging about how he'll magically solve this country's problems.

Trump didn't answer one question put to him. He just continued to roll his tape which consists only of I I I I I, me me me me me.

Rational Nation USA said...

Truth shall set you free.

Facts are truth.

Some folks apparently like shackles.

Dave Miller said...

Speaking of Trump, read the transcript as he us repeatedly asked how he would deport people and then bring them back.

It was like reading some conservative blogs that advocate the same, but cannot explain how they'd do it.

Simply saying it, and then saying it louder, won't magically make it happen. You need a plan...

BB-Idaho said...

Something significant happened between Eisenhower and Reagan. We are seeing its
culmination. Susan Jacoby nailed it.

Rational Nation USA said...

The plan is to sell the awesome value of no plan to those with a 30 second attention span. There is apparently a large army of conservatives that require no specifics or a plan. Make America Great Again is enough.

The Tea Party and the GOP is sliding fast.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Here's Jacoby talking to Bill Moyers during the 2008 election cycle. Very little has changed.

Shaw Kenawe said...

What makes Trump truly dangerous is his appeal to emotion and not reason. I haven't heard any of his fans explain how Trump will carry out or pay for his ideas. Trump doesn't explain either because he knows how to manipulate through rhetoric. IMO, he's America's version of the little man on the balcony promising to do anything that'll get him votes, even make the trains run on time.

We've seen Trump's act before, and it turns out ugly.