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Sunday, August 16, 2015

If guys said what Donald Trump says.

These are actual Trump quotes. I didn't think it was possible that his bragging, his exaggerations, and his lies could sound more moronic than when they were leaking from his maw, but these guy do a great job of mocking the egotistical jerk:


Rusty Old Ford said...

Amazing how many of the TGOPers admired and loved Hillary and the biggest admirer is Donald Trump! He has to lie, now that he's a politician looking for votes about not loving Hillary, but love her he did and so did Carly and Jeb and the rest of the TGOPers. Hahahahahaha!

Go Hillary! Trump and the TGOP really like you, they really like you until they need suckers to vote for them!

Rational Nation USA said...

Neither Trump the Rump or HCR the Fox desrve the gold ring.

America is in decline (further) regardless. Honesty stands on the outside looking in.

Ducky's here said...

I think The Professional Left podcast hit it recently.

The thesis is no longer necessary to avoid totally crazy statements.
Rather you want to be the craziest and most dishonest.

Donald is smart. He's just an insulting ignoramus. No reason to fact check anything he says.
Contrast to Jeb "The Iraq Invasion Was Swell" Bush or "Stem Cells" Carson.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"Stem Cells" Carson.

Every time Dr. Carson is questioned on policy, he reveals how ridiculously naive and ignorant he is on a particular subject. From his laughable claim that prison makes men gay to his nonsensical statement that the ACA is worse than slavery. But today he made a fool of himself again when questioned by Mike Wallace on FAUX NOOZ:

"Dr. Carson demonstrated that he has a lot to learn about foreign policy and that he doesn't understand what the term anti-Semitism means. Carson, wrote an article in The Jerusalem Post, in which he said President Obama is anti-Semitic:

Shockingly, his diatribe also was replete with coded innuendos employing standard anti-Semitic themes involving implied disloyalty and nefarious influences related to money and power.

When asked to defend his remarks by Wallace, he obviously couldn't and sounded like a dummy in the process.

Wallace: It’s one thing to argue your policy differs from Israel, but you say in your article– and you’re talking about domestic critics in this country– that there’s anti-Semitic themes there. What specifically is anti-Semitic in what the president is saying?”

Carson: I think anything is anti-Semitic that is against the survival of a state that is surrounded by enemies and by people who want to destroy them. And to sort of ignore that and to act like everything is normal there and that these people are paranoid, I think that’s anti-Semitic.

So, to recap. Ben Carson believes that if you disagree with his policy positions regarding Israel, you're anti-Semitic. OK, sure thing. Many, many analysts and politicians believe the Iran deal is beneficial to Israel in the long term, Ben. I'm just saying.

Wikipedia offers up this definition of anti-Semitism:

DAntisemitism (also spelled anti-Semitism or anti-semitism) is prejudice against, hatred of, or discrimination against Jews as an ethnic, religious, or racial group.[1][2] A person who holds such positions is called anantisemite. Antisemitism is widely considered to be a form of racism.

It's becoming more and more evident that being a brilliant neurosurgeon does NOT make one an expert on complex foreign and domestic issues. Dr. Carson should find a nice little medical school where he can teach the skills he understands.

I'm A Real Live Manatee said...

We’re now living in what Vargas Llosa calls “the civilization of the spectacle”...

Well at least the TGOP understands what the Trump phenomenon is.