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Monday, August 3, 2015

Why it's not a good idea to believe anything Allen West or The Dumbest Man on the Internet, Jim Hoft, report

Right wing blogs were in an apoplectic rage over a report by Allen West (known  
idiot) regarding the killing of marines and a sailor at the Chattanooga recruitment center.  West reported that the Navy was going to bring charges against Lt. Commander Timothy White for having had a weapon in a gun free zone at the time of the attack at the center.

Here's West:

I never like to be reactionary and follow anything that may just be hyperbole or conspiracy theory. That’s why I held off on addressing this issue until I got confirmation — which came Friday afternoon via text message.


"What kind of freaking idiots are in charge of our Armed Forces — pardon me, our “unArmed Forces”? What would they prefer that Abdulazeez had been able to kill all the Marines and Sailors at the Naval Support Reserve Center? Let me draw an interesting contrast: Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus is more concerned about lifting the ban on transgendered Sailors. Mabus has a problem in that for the first time since 2007 the US Navy will not have a Carrier Battle Group operating in the Persian Gulf. But this knucklehead has no problem with the Navy seeking to destroy the career of a Sailor, a commander of an installation, returning fire against an Islamic jihadist attack. I do not care if it was his personal weapon, he deserves a medal for facing the enemy. 

 Folks, this has become the Obama military that will not implement policies for our men and women in uniform to be protected — but will punish them if they do protect themselves."

And here's the latest report on that rumor the disgraced idiot West spread on the internet where the easily duped and hopelessly gullible Obama hate-bots were happy to pass along to their audiences, who are always eager to believe any sensational story without checking its veracity.


Navy Denies Any Charges, Sunday, August 2, 2015 - by Roy Exum

UPDATE: A spokesman for the U.S. Navy on Sunday denied reports that disciplinary charges will be filed against Lt. Cmdr. Timothy White for discharging an unauthorized weapon on federal property.

Several news outlets, including this one, jumped on a report by national columnist Allen West on Saturday that stated he was enraged after he had confirmed that LTC White, who drew his personal sidearm in the July 16 terrorist attack on a Navy Reserve Center in Chattanooga, would face a reprimand and could possibly be court marshaled.

The reaction by the public was immediate after the columnist West urged readers: to “Flood the phones of SecNav Ray Mabus and SecDef Ash Carter and ask them whose side they’re on. Demand the charges being brought against Lt.Cmdr White be immediately dropped. If those charges are not dropped, (Allen West) will personally lead the charge to have Carter and Mabus removed from their positions.


Mark Caldwell, whose highly acclaimed “Patriot Post” is known for its keen insight on political and military issues, was leery after reading West’s column and posted this on his website Saturday: “In our PatriotPost.US commentary on the Islamist assault in Chattanooga on 16 July, we noted that sources advised there were at least two personal weapons belonging to military personnel, which were recovered at the Reserve Center. We also noted the unfortunate restrictions against such weapons, and that if there were personal weapons in the possession of some military personnel on the scene, that would be a UCMJ violation. BY LAW, Navy JAG will be obligated to review the case. Navy JAG can't pick and choose which felony violations they will review and which they won't, nor should they be condemned for being obligated to review this case. 

 “Indeed, Lt. Cmdr. Tim White has now indicated that he was in possession of a personal weapon and did return fire, either suppression cover fire to allow his personnel to take cover, or perhaps he fired directly at the assailant. Again, by law, this would be subject to review -- and that has been understood from the moment personal weapons were recovered,” The Patriot Post. “I would hope that White would not be subject to any punishment under the circumstances, but my friend Allen West has trumpeted what WE ALL ALREADY KNEW -- there is a constitutional obligation to review this case. West knows this and frankly, the email in question, however well intended, looks a lot like a publicity stunt.”

And what about the dumbest man on the internet, Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit? He dutifully published a post on West's publicity stunt as well.

Allen West or Jim Hoft, they're interchangeable dumbasses who spread rumors first and backtrack later, after they've made fools of themselves, and their fans are none the wiser, flocking to their sites to read any b.s. that incites their rage and anger.

Donald Trump is leading in all the Gooper polls as the candidate for president they love the most.  

Why is that surprising coming from some of the people who can be fooled all of the time?


Les Carpenter said...

To things best avoided; saying always snd saying never. Neither are ever correct.

All the time equals always.

Picky but true.

Ducky's here said...

And now we get to watch the results of having one of the two major American political parties being controlled by the likes of rabies radio and delusional blogs like Red State, Pam Geller and Gateway Pundit.

The simply tear the fabric of reason.

I was in the car today and happened to indulge a guilty pleasure -- WRKO.
The host was going on about Obama's carbon reduction plan and wanted to caution all the wingnut vegans out there that with Obama's level of CO2 in the atmosphere plants won't grow and we'll starve.
I swear it on my Carlton Fisk game used bat.

These people are completely off the rails.

Jerry Critter said...

"Why is that surprising coming from people who can be fooled all of the time?"

Lincoln was right. You can fool some of the people all of the time.

Ducky's here said...

ooops, Planned Parenthood defunding failed.

Should be a hot topic Thursday at the clown car gathering.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"Should be a hot topic Thursday at the clown car gathering."

Yes. The moderators should ask the candidates why Congressional Republicans are backtracking on fetal tissue research when they voted in favor of it in the '90s.

Les Carpenter said...

Lincoln was a politician. He fooled people some of the time.

Les Carpenter said...

Perhaps Lincoln fooled some people all the time as well.

Les Carpenter said...

Remember the phrase "Nattering nabobs of negativity"? It is truer in a general sense today than it has ever bèen in my adult lifetime.

Negativity wins elections and the party that excels at it seems to win more elections.

Why is that?

Jerry Critter said...

"Yes. The moderators should ask the candidates why Congressional Republicans are backtracking on fetal tissue research when they voted in favor of it in the '90s."

They were for it before they were against it. Where have I heard that before?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Jerry: "They were for it before they were against it. Where have I heard that before?"