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Friday, August 7, 2015


No question that the evening belonged to the loud-mouth bloviator who managed to insult just about everyone at the event, including Megyn Kelly, and who had nothing of substance to say about any foreign or domestic issue.  He strutted and preened upon the stage, and earned boos from the audience when he refused to promise he would not run as an independent should he not get the nomination.

That's about all there is to know about his performance -- predictably "In-Your-Face" substanceless, loud and ludicrous.  And the TGOP still loves him.

My opinion of who did well:

Rand Paul
John Kasich
Marco Rubio (despite his lie about not supporting abortion for incest and rape -- he did, according to fact-checkers.)

In the "Why bother to show up" category:

Dr. Ben Carson = Zzzzzzzzzzzz

(Donnie has stated that America will not vote for another black president because of President Obama, thus exposing his lack of any historical knowledge about terrible white presidents being succeeded by other white men.)  


Except for once or twice confronting Donnie, he mostly pussy-footed around the gigantic mouth in the room.  Not dynamic at all.


Belonged in a revival tent, not a political Q&A forum.


Didn't have his big-boy pants on. Unimpressive

Christie and Cruz:

Interchangeable, hard to tell them apart.

For anyone interested in knowing if what the candidates said was true or false.

Polls aren't out yet on Donnie's standing after the Trumpbate.  We hope his numbers are still high with the TGOP.  We want Donnie to be the nominee and the representative of today's Republican Party.

Go Donnie Go!

From The Daily Beast:

Ten people were on the stage. Nine of them were running for president, with the man in the middle, the undisputed leader in the polls, still acting like an insult comic. While Trump didn’t dominate the debate as expected, he did his best to keep the substance to a minimum. His performance was true to form—somehow both shocking and totally predictable. Early on, he botched a question from Megyn Kelly about his previous statements on women.

E.J. Dionne:

I saw three shows tonight during Fox News’ Republican debate: The Trump Show, The Kasich Dissent, and Everybody Else. Among those in that last category, Jeb Bush had a good night, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie had his moments, and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) won more friends. [...] The underlying premises of the debate were so deeply conservative that I doubt any Democrats who watched were tempted to jump ship, and I am not sure how many middle-of-the-road voters were drawn the Republicans’ way, except by Kasich and possibly by Rubio. The debate was held on the 50th Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act. This never came up. I wasn’t surprised. But I was disappointed.



I'm Skippy's Mom said...

"Kelly: you've called women ugly bitches who are too stupid to be involved in politics and should just shut up and do what men tell them to do.

Trump: I don't have time to be politically correct.

Republican women in audience: YAYYYY!"

Even TGOP women are anti-women! They just love a guy who can insult women and who doesn't have time to be "politically correct!" Trump is just perfect for TGOP gals!

Anonymous said...

Trump is whining to anyone who'll listen to him that big bad beautiful Megan Kelly was a meanie to him. He wants to be president and deal with dangerous world leaders but things questions from a Fox News babe were tought? He's worse than ajoke he's a disaster, and he belongs to the Baggers.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Skippy's Mom,

Yeah. Go figure. I guess TGOP women like seeing other women demeaned. Especially by a known misogynist like Trump.


The Tea Baggers are in ecstasy over Trump and his blustering, self-centered performance. They're completely oblivious to the fact that the narcissistic tRump would lose badly to Hillary in a presidential election.

It doesn't matter, the Tea Party doesn't live in the real world, so let them push for tRump to be the nominee. We couldn't wish for a better opponent for the Democratic nominee.

Clearwater, Florida said...

Trump's the dude this country's been waiting for: He can insult Rosie O'Donnell! What leadership brilliance! And he lashed out at that hottie, Megan Kelly because she made him hear his anti-women slurs. Brilliant leaderhip qualities again. Did anyone actually bother to ask a question about what America will be facing over the next 20 years? Or do the Baggers think the most important issue is how Trump feels about Rosie ODonnell and Megan Kelly?

JHC! the stupidity! It BURNS!

skudrunner said...

Doesn't look like trump is after the female vote.
What the debate/Q&A showed is there are several bright individuals running who have some good ideas. The problem is whoever is elected will change nothing.

I agree that Rubio was a standout as far as presentation and ideas. Christie was Christie and Walker was unimpressive.

Trump owes the clintons for past favors and this is payback. He is a RINO and will make sure we have four more years of obama and his no growth policy.

The Titanic Question Man said...

Didn't watch it. Was their any discussing climate change? The Iran Deal? TPP? Fracking? Citizens United? Or was it all about women hurting Trump's delicate ego?

Shaw Kenawe said...

"Trump has a reputation for being brash and insulting. In the past, he's verbally attacked immigrants, women, the sitting president, Sen. John McCain and basically anyone who disagrees with him. His social media presence only serves to boost this image of political incorrectness.

The question now is... Do the voters want him to be the voice of America to the rest of the world?"

Only that segment of the voting population that revels in seeing buffoons insulting other buffoons. Thankfully, that's a small, small voting segment. It cannot elect someone as repulsive as Donald Trump, no matter what delirious fantasies bounce around inside their vapid skulls.

Kevin Robbins said...

I haven't seen the debate yet, but I won't let ignorance keep me from commenting. I'll be amazed if his poll numbers don't go up as a result of his, I'm sure, self-described brilliant performance.

Ducky's here said...

It was more of the same.

In the JV event I have to give Fiorina credit for being composed, articulate and serious.
She's a supply side culture warrior so her message is terrible but she presented herself as a serious candidate.

The evening event was depressing.

Immigrants suck.
Let's reduce taxes and generate growth.
I'm the man to close down Planned Parenthood.
Hillary will turn everyone gay.

I've just had it with the culture wars, supply side and perpetual foreign wars and the portion of the population that can still be led by the nose.

The only one who seemed to have any common sense at all was Kasich though he's no prize.

Seems they sure can alienate women and Hispanics.
A parcel of rogues.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Ducky, one of the amazing things that came AFTER the debate is Trump's whining that Megyn Kelly was tough on him. So a Republican-friendly talking head from a Republican-friendly cable "news" station made Trump whine! So what are we to make of a carnival-barking bloviator who can't take it from a cable news talking head but as preznit will have to face people like Putin and Assad? The Chinese?

Is he going to pout and say they're being mean to him? He's a sack of gas, and about as tough as a cheese souffle. People who are rational thinkers have figured his schtick out, and we're laughing at the buffoon.

And what about his admission that he pays to play, spreading his money around to all political parties and candidates so he can have access to power? Isn't that the sort of politics as usual that the TPers hate? If they didn't pick up on that last night, that's only more indication of how they've fallen for Hollywood-type publicity hype rather what he's saying. Or it's just more of the same hypocrisy that infects the base.

Les Carpenter said...

Rand Paul
John Kasich
Marco Rubio

You scored the top three accurately in IMO. I would give Kasich the nod as to most substantive comment content with Rubio right behind. Paul was noy as impressive as I had hoped for.

Mrs. RN found Rubio to be the winner. I think it is because he has that JFK appeal.

Trump proved himself to indeed be Trump, on steroids. Misogynist and bigot extraordinaire; and the fringe brigade ate it up.

Les Carpenter said...

Takes from a wingnut weblog.

Shaw Kenawe said...

LOL! RN, from the link you posted:

It appears that more than half of those comments on that blog from the regular fakes there (not Ducky or JMJ) are from the angry Tea-Pee-ers who come to my blog, and copy and paste my comments or other people's comments from here, and post them under assumed names.

Talk about mentally challenged freaks. They must read my blog every day, get royally pissed, then spread what I and my commenters say all over the place. Man, if that isn't the definition of being demented, then what is?

I guess it's a validation of how well I do my job. They can't stay away from here and they can't stop themselves from reading what is posted here, to the point where they're compelled to paste it into Tea-Pee-er blogs.

Worse than strange -- more like deranged.

Thanks for the heads-up.

BTW, Donnie's showing what a mature temperament he has by publicly trashing Megyn Kelly and calling her a "Bimbo."

Jeebus! Who are the maroons who support this disaster?

Les Carpenter said...

Ben Carson Scores Big Win at the First GOP Debate followed by Marco Rubio
Trump Scores High in Poll Results for "Who Won" and "Who Lost"

It just keeps getting more interesting!

Shaw Kenawe said...

Ben Carson who talks gobbledegook? Like this:

“Anyone caught involved in voter fraud should be immediately deported and have his citizenship revoked,” Carson wrote in a column on immigration reform for the far-right site"

Of course, Carson’s edict doesn’t make sense: If these are non-citizens, as the context suggests, how can they have their citizenship revoked? If they’re citizens, where are they being deported to?

Carson may have been a talented surgeon, but how do you take someone seriously as a political candidate when they say egregiously stupid things like this:

CARSON: "America today is 'very much like Nazi Germany,' Carson said in March. 'You know, you had a government using its tools to intimidate the population. We now live in a society where people are afraid to say what they actually believe.' "

Said the confused whacko candidate who said what he actually believes without being hauled off and beaten by the government.

I'm afraid Dr. Carson is a stupid person's idea of a smart politician.

CARSON: “Obamacare is really, I think, the worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery,” Carson said at the Values Voter Summit last year. “It is slavery, in a way.”

So, in what way is Obamacare just like slavery? Are the people who sign up for it bought and sold on the slave market? Are children separated from their families and sold as slaves? Are they hunted down with dogs if they don't sign up?

CARSON: “Read Mein Kampf, and read the works of Vladimir Lenin,” if you want to understand Obama’s plan for America, Carson said in a recent interview with Newsmax. Mein Kampf, of course, was the Nazi manifesto written by Adolf Hitler a decade before he took power.

Another idiotic statement by someone who's supposed to be brilliant. So tell us, Dr. Carson, about how Mr. Obama vilifies Jews and blames them for everything that is wrong with American society. Tell us how Mr. Obama has demonized American Jews and turned the American people against them to the point of putting them in concentration camps. (Oh wait -- maybe he's confusing Mr. Obama with a certain right wing blogger's antisemitic rants?)

When someone talks stupidly, he deserves all the mockery that comes his way. Dr. Carson may have been great as a surgeon, but he's a disaster as a politician -- excruciatingly dumb.

BB-Idaho said...

17 candidates. Surely there must be a sane one in there?

Shaw Kenawe said...

BB-Idaho, if you find one, let us know.

Ducky's here said...

I read The State and Revolution back in the day but I don't remember anything about the Affordable Care Act.

I think he made more sense when he was talking about the Muslims paying a lab worker big money for a beaker of an Ebola patient's urine so it could be weaponized.

They are just so quotable.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Ducky: Re: CARSON: "I think he made more sense when he was talking about the Muslims paying a lab worker big money for a beaker of an Ebola patient's urine so it could be weaponized."

It won't be long before he wraps his fevered fears all into one: Mr. Obama turning America into a Worse-Than-Slavery-Nazi/Commie-Anti-Semitic-Illegal-US-Citizen-Death-Ebola nation.