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Wednesday, April 27, 2016


From Pm Carpenter's blog:

ThinkProgress watched CNN’s "New Day" this morning, on which presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump said,
he actually said this:

"When I came out, I was competing against 17 very capable people … and a woman."

That honest statement from Trump explains why 77% of women can't stand him.

Keep it up Donnie. It's good to know what you really think about women. We've always known you see them a sex objects and the people who take care of your spawn. 

Hillary has garnered more votes this primary cycle than has The Trumper.

Democrat Hillary Clinton has gotten more votes of any single candidate, including Donald Trump, though Trump has faced a much wider field.


Anonymous said...

Love it! Trump will be the Republican nominee and Clinton will lose because Democrats (especially Bernie's supporters) will not come out and vote.

Pamela Zydel said...

Shaw, this is a very strange election cycle. I totally "get" people are angry (I'm angry)but Trump? Seriously? I appreciate honesty, but I'd like a little tact with that, thank you very much.

Kevin Robbins said...

Apologies to the supporters of Bernie Sanders, one of those 8,668,136 votes is mine. I still love Bernie, though, and have since he was mayor of Burlington. I hope he and his supporters will have a positive influence on the Democratic Party.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anonymous: "Love it! Trump will be the Republican nominee and Clinton will lose because Democrats (especially Bernie's supporters) will not come out and vote."

Sounds like a typical winger with no relation to reality. Anon, you're ignoring the fact that Trump is the most unpopular presidential candidate in GOP's history?

Pam, I understand people's anger, but I don't understand their support for Trump. BTW, congratulations to your son on his recent achievement. You have every right to be a proud Momma! Your boys are achievers!

Kevin, some Bernie supporters will not vote for Hillary, but when a majority of them see the alternative, they come over to Hillary's side. HIllary's people supported Obama after she lost to him in the primaries.

Clearwater, Florida said...

What a moronic fact-free foreign policy speech by Trump.

Mr.Trump gave no specifics on how he, as President will make America great and he contradicted himself throughout the speech, and said he make our allies love us again, then he says he's gonna make them pay for our protection? No more losing wars only winning wars, then no more getting into wars. Which is it? He did this during the whole speech.

Oh yeah and no more sending jobs overseas says the jackass who had his products manufacturaed overseas in China and Mexico? Who's fooled by this chump?

Trump knows squat about foreign affairs unless it's judging a Miss Universe contest or building a golf course. He's an absolute disaster when he speaks without a script, and he stumbled and and hesitated even with the teleprompter in front of him.

He thinks he can bully other countries into respecting him? Europe and other countries see him as a buffoon and a guy who'd sell his mother if it made him a buck.

Who are the stupid fools who think this clown could be anything other than a beauty contest judge?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Surfer Dude, a real Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright had this to say about that awful speech and she agrees with you!:

I’ve gotten to listen to a lot of foreign policy speeches over the years, and in fact have given a few myself, and I was hoping to hear something that made sense. But I’ve got to tell you; I’ve never seen such a combination of simplistic slogans, contradictions, and misstatements in one speech. What Donald Trump’s goal today may have been was to convince us that he can be presidential, but instead of doing that he just underscored the fact that he is running the most reckless and dangerous presidential campaign in modern history.

I found many things troubling, but three that I think are worth pointing out. First, as his advisors pointed out, there were no details in the speech, and instead, we heard a lot tough talk and simplistic slogans and empty promises.

Second, it was incoherent and riddled with contradictions. I can’t list every example, but there were a few which stand out. He talked about regaining the trust of our allies while in effect promising to blackmail them in terms of supporting us. If you don’t help us, we don’t help you kind of talk. He then talked about the importance of Western values but questioned why we would think about supporting democracy in other countries. Then, I think the one that really made the least sense of all. He said he would work with Muslims to fight terrorism, but he has already alienated them with proposals to block them from coming into the country.

His supporters are not critical thinkers, so they slobbered over the mish-mash of a disastrous speech thinking it was profound, when it was something I imagine a 7th grader could have written by skimming the internet.

I'm Skippy's Mom said...

"I was competing against 17 very capable people … and a woman."

Yep. That's Trump and that's what he thinks of women.

What self-respecting woman would vote for this creep?

Infidel753 said...

An observation on the primary-vote chart -- Clinton's lead over Sanders is quite a bit bigger than Trump's lead over Cruz. Also, Clinton has gotten an absolute majority of Democratic primary votes cast, while Trump is nowhere near a majority on the Republican side, even though he has a plurality.

Contrary to what one might think based on MSM reporting, our side has a much more clear-cut front-runner and unambiguous favorite choice than the Republican side does.

Les Carpenter said...

Can't wait until it's OVER

Lady Pinkbottom said...

Oh, my goodness! Oh God, keep us from a Trump administration…Oh, God, PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE.

Dave Miller said...

Anon... no one can take a Trump backer seriously until he/she can tell us which states that Obama won in 2012 that Trump will win this time, without losing a single one of his starting states.

Anything less is just a fairy tale, not something grounded in reality.

It takes 270 electoral votes. How does Trump, or any other GOP candidate get there?

Anonymous said...

Here ya go, Shaw.

Anonymous said...

You forget Shaw, Republicans will unite and vote for their candidate, unlike Democrats who won't come out and vote. Democrats already have a low vote turnout.