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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Ocean Perch for Dinner

Our local fishmonger had fresh whole ocean perch for sale the other day. I bought one (surprisingly inexpensive -- $8.00) and roasted it -- first brushing it with olive oil, a pad of melted butter, and herb-seasoned sea salt from Italy, and served it with roasted potatoes, homemade roasted red peppers, fresh peas, fresh herbs and a squeeze of lemon.

Here's the fish before it was roasted:

Here's the presentation:

And here's the fillet after I carved it, deboned it, placed it and the vegetables on the dinner plate and served it with a 2012 Louis Jadot Pouilly-Fuissé.

The fillet was sweet and succulent. The roasted potatoes and veggies and herbs complemented the fish, and everyone was happy with the meal.

Buon appitito!


dunkinville said...

I'm a red meat, white meat (pork) man myself, but that fish looking real good!

Dave Miller said...

i wish we had a decent fish monger here in Las Vegas...


Anonymous said...

You ate God's creature!!!!! You sinner!!!!!

Political Teal Eaves said...

You ate God's creature!!!!! You sinner!!!!!

The potatoes?

Kevin Robbins said...

Looks fantastic, Shaw! And here I was, already hungry.