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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

America, this is how a tyrannical authoritarian behaves.

Light posting this week because of busy schedule. 

But THIS is important. We now have a POTUS who interferes through his AG with the courts. This is how totalitarian regimes operate.

Wake up America!

President Trump threatened to sue “everyone all over the place” involved in the special counsel inquiry and continued public attacks on the case against his associate Roger J. Stone Jr.

Judge Unwilling to Delay Stone Sentencing Amid His Retrial Bid


A reader emailed this to me:

"One thing that Donald Trump and his supporters need to understand. A jury does not have to consist of only people that support Donald Trump, in order to be "fair". 

An investigation does not have to consist of people that voted for Donald Trump in order to be "fair".  
Just because someone says something critical of Donald Trump does not make it a "hoax" and does not make them un-American. 

 Just because someone states a fact that Donald Trump disagrees with does not make it false. 

 This bullshit needs to cease."


And for petty, tin-pot, insecure, weak P.O.S.POTUS, we have this:


Les Carpenter said...

It keeps getting more interesting every day. I wonder what it will take for the Trump cultists to finally recognize the existential threat Trump and Trumpism is to our democratic republic. IOW how damn long before they figure out Trumpism is a very real threat to their liberties as well.

Perhaps they don't care because they like being led around by led around by an authoritarian government of their choosing.

Shaw Kenawe said...

RN after trump when on his pardoning of or commuting sentences for crooks and extortionists today, he claimed he was the "chief law enforcement officer" of the United States."

Think about that. Trump, who had to pay a $25 million fine for his fake Trump U., and $2 million for his fake foundation, and who illegally made his personal lawyer hide the fact that he had to pay off two women so they wouldn't report Trump's sexual relations with them while Melania gave birth to his son. That's just a few of the scurrilous crimes that trump has committed. There are more. He extorted a foreign government, was acquitted, but not found innocent.

That's the guy who claims he's the "chief law enforcement officer" of the U.S.

A g-d corrupt, lying cheat!

And his supporters have no prob with that.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"after trump WENT" not "when"