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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Trump to speak to the nation about coronavirus today.

The "stable genius" who claims windmills cause cancer, who's been at war with science and facts, and who regularly exaggerates and manipulates data and truth, now will come before the American people and expect us to believe what he says about the coronavirus and how the government is prepared to deal with the pandemic?

That's the problem with liars. They can NEVER be trusted to tell you the truth, especially when a nation's health and their re-election depend on it.

I believe NOTHING the Liar-in-Chief says.

Trump Hits Media on Coronavirus as He Prepares an Evening News Conference 

President Trump, back from India, lashed out at the news media for fanning fears of the coronavirus and said his administration was doing a “great job” in its response.

On Wednesday, Moody’s Analytics said it now sees a 40 percent chance that the virus will break containment in China and grow into a global pandemic that would push the United States and the world into a recession. Its chief economist, Mark Zandi, said in a research note that he expected the virus to reduce American economic growth by 0.2 percentage points this year — and that a “black swan” recession now looked uncomfortably possible.


trump wants to cut funding for heating oil for the poor, while wasting millions of taxpayers' dollars on his selfish golfing weekends.

"With fears of coronavirus mounting, the pressure is on President Donald Trump’s administration to work with Congress to fund immediate infection control and treatment efforts. But the talks do not appear to have gotten off to a good start. 

 According to Greg Sargent and Paul Waldman of the Washington Post, the administration has demanded that the coronavirus response be funded, in part, by cutting funding for low-income heating oil assistance.  

'A document that the Trump administration sent to Congress, which we have seen, indicates that the administration is transferring $37 million to emergency funding for the coronavirus response from the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, or LIHEAP, which funds heating for poor families,' they reported. "

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