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Thursday, February 20, 2020

Stone gets 40 months in prison

Another one of Trump's close political pals gets thrown in the slammer for 40 months.

Stone's going to jail, and Hillary's enjoying a nice cup of Trumpian tears.

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The Doctor's Wife said...

Rodger Stone got 40 months in Prison, if Stone’s crime is worthy of 40 months, Hillary should get 400 months.

Anonymous said...

Ms.Shaw, it a bit surprising you haven't commented on the recent democratic debate or the candidates. You usually have an opinion.

Les Carpenter said...

3 years and 4 months. A minor slap on the wrist for someone who committed the multiple crimes Stone committed.

Anonymous said...

Hey, do you know who ISN'T a convicted and sentenced felon?

It's a long list, but I was *promised* that ANY day now the "Deep State Coup Plotters" would be brought to justice...

Jim Comey.
John Brennan.
Andy McCabe.
Pete Strozk.
Lisa Page.

Sorry, QAnon.

Shaw Kenawe said...

“Saying out loud,”. the fact is that Roger Stone, trump’s BFF, is a convicted felon, and Hillary is not. That apparently is just too hard for Trumpers to internalize. Your hero’s friends are all in jail. AND HILLARY IS NOT.

Facts are stubborn things.

Les Carpenter said...

Shaw, trumpers apparently have a internal control system (IE: the CNS) that has an extreme aversion to truth. It seems to be a condition only experienced by trumpers.

Progressive Hunter said...

After watching the last Democratic debate, I saw some that I knew existed, and that still exists.
It showed me that the Democrats are so filled with hate that they are even attacking each other

Progressive Hunter said...

How long do you think it will take Bloomberg to earn back the half-billion he set on fire before flushing it down the toilet? Probably less time than the debate embarrassment to fade from people's memories. The only way Bloomberg could be less prepared is if he hit the podium with no clothes on.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"Jennifer," Trump has attacked DOZENS of Republicans, the latest of whom was Sen. Romney for not falling in line with the rest of the spineless Trumplicans in the Senate.

Trump mocked Republican Senator John McCain, he made fun of Ted Cruz's wife's looks and accused Cruz's father of being in on the assassination of JFK, he called Marco Rubio insulting names.

That's just a small sample of Trump attacking with a vatload of hate his fellow Republicans.

Why don't you take your "deep" insights back to WYD. The blocking of your ID is a dead giveaway that you're one of their dreary trolls who doesn't know what he's talking about.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"Jennifer:" 'The only way [he] could be less prepared is if he hit the podium with no clothes on.'

So you've been watching trump's rallies too?

Les Carpenter said...

LMAO! - Now THAT is hilaious.

Dave Miller said...


Are you a parody? Hillary should get 400 years? Are you even aware how the criminal justice system works?

She's been investigated since 1992 by both Dem and GOP Justice Departments and, wait for it, no charges have ever been filed!

Don't you think, yeah I know, it's hard, if they had found evidence of wrong doing or illegal acts, she'd have been charged?

As President Trump has essentially said... no charges equals "Total Exoneration."

You and your cohorts are Hillarylarious!

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, The Republicans have been investigating Hillz for years and have come up with nuthin'. Trey Gowdy's own GOP committee that investigated the BENGHAZI! tragedy found no wrong doing. Hillary spent 11 hours answering questions. The Goopers got nuthin'.

And that's why folks like Saying out loud write inane comments. "They can't handle the truth.

Hillary may not be everyone's cuppa tea, but her foundation was not shut down; Trump's was. She wasn't indicted for anything; Trump's BFFs were.

Trumpers apparently are not able to connect the dots.

Trump surrounded himself with felons, cheaters, and liars.

Hillary is enjoying a nice walk in the woods.