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Thursday, February 6, 2020

Trump is NOT my president.

I have no allegiance to the tyrant Trump. I will never attach "president" to his name. An American president functions within the law, not above it. And an American president seeks to represent all Americans, not just his supporters.

Has trump ever visited a blue state other than for inspecting a disaster, as he did in California or visiting one of his own properties?  

Trump's unending rallies in safe, red states prove he is not a "POTUS." of all Americans, but rather a cult leader of only his red supporters. (And as he's done all his life, he stiffs the red states and cities where he holds those rallies.) Trump's a coward. He's afraid of hearing what a majority of Americans thinks of him.

No other president in my lifetime has ever behaved this odiously toward his fellow Americans -- those fellow Democratic/liberal/independent Americans whose taxes pay for him and his parasitic family to travel, eat, and enjoy the perks of being part of a presidential administration.

What's left of the GOP is ready to cover-up Trump's high crimes and misdemeanors in order to allow their cult leader to go forward and lie, cheat, and commit more fraud, for surely a man like Trump, with no allegiance to anyone or anything but himself, and his grifting children, will continue his crime sprees, including inviting foreign countries to disrupt and interfere with our American elections to keep him in power. He did that in 2016; and in extorting Ukraine's president, did it again in 2019. 

Trump's perfidy knows no bounds, now thanks to the spineless, anti-American GOP lackeys in the Senate, he's emboldened to bring more dishonor and treachery upon what was once our democratic republic.

The tyrant Trump and his sycophantic courtiers in the GOP do not deserve any American's loyalty or respect.

I have no allegiance to Trump or to any other politician who puts party above America.

A friend of mine sent this email to me:

"The GOP now reminds me of that horrifying vision from George Orwell’s 1984, where Winston learns that the only true goal of the party is maintaining power. The vision told to him is imagine a boot stomping on a human face, forever. 

 I see no morals, only a hypocritical claim on Christianity, no vision, no higher calling to country, no regard for truth, no ideas, no call to the ideals of conservatism, and not even the smallest desire to appeal to all Americans, just lust for power, greed, and the twisted desire to stoke fear and anger in their fellow Americans. 

This is the GOP. May they rightfully earn what they have sown and what they most fear in November, removal from power."



Les Carpenter said...

Remember Bill Clinton and it's the economy stupid? Well, to some degree that is in play right now. The economy is good, more folks are drawing paychecks, many folks disposable income has increased, the market is doing exceedingly well, consumer confidence is up... so a GREAT many are willing to overlook and accept tRump's glaring character flaws, his dishonesty, his criminal behavior, his attraction to world tyrants, and the list goes on. They are supporting the results tRump's tax cuts and significant deregulation has had on the economy and business in the near term. They are not thinking long and what the ultimate results of tRump's policies will cause.

All that you wrote about the the current occupant of the Oval Office is true if looked at from a ethical. moral, and character point of view. And even the die hard tRumpers know, in their heart of hearts, that tRump is a horrible person, is guilty of that he was charged in the Articles of Impeachment, and I pretty sure most are thankful he was not their father.

Unfortunately there exists a multitude of folks who simply do not believe all the high ethical and moral standards that we believe a US president should hold themselves to be all that important. tRump understands this. He plays to it. He manipulates it. He uses it to HIS own personal and family interests. For tRump everything is transnational and his focus is on himself, his family, and how every decision those considerations.

tRump, in short, is scum to every person that believes honesty, integrity, and being a good person is important and right. He neither deserves or receives ant respect or allegiance from me either Shaw. Never has, never will. PERIOD>

Shaw Kenawe said...

RN All true.

The Trumpublicans are doing a victory dance just now over an "acquittal" that does not exonerate the crime boss in the WH.

skudrunner said...

Maybe that is part of the problem that there is no respect for the office regardless of who fills it.
Even when we had a deplorable incompetent special interest only president I didn't say he was not my president because I respected the office.
The leftist have said trump is not their president since he beat the DNC nominated -H- partly because so many were in therapy.
We only have ten months left until we can change leadership and begin a new impeachment on whoever wind.

I support what trump has accomplished for the American people, I don't like the way he did it.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Look, skud, if you "respect" a man who bragged about fking women and grabbing their pussies, who cheated on all 3 wives and tried to pay off porns stars to hide it from his election campaign (illegal), who calls people in and out of government childish schoolyard names, who has tried TWICE to cheat to win an election, who cheated people out of money with his fake Trump U. and his fake Trump Foundation, who mocked a POW, who refused to serve his country because he had bone spurs, who mocked a Gold Star family, who think wind turbines cause cancer, who is a mendacious, narcissistic, corrupt liar, cheat, and fraud, that's your business.

No matter how many times you come here to insult President Obama, know this:

He NEVER, NEVER, NEVER was accused of doing any of what I listed above. Mr. Obama may have been flawed, may have made mistakes, but what he had was human decency. Trump has none. Even in his Pyrrhic victory on impeachment, Trump is showing his utter lack of dignity and fitness for the office of the presidency.

I do NOT respect a vindictive liar who has cheapened and dirtied the Office of the Presidency. He does not deserve any respect from me. Respect is earned, not given out like the money Trump used to bribe the US senators to vote for acquittal.

That you and the cowardly Republican senators would support a creature like Trump is all we need to know about your values.

PS. Yeah. Trump was acquitted; but so was O.J. Simpson.

Fed up said...

Wow! After listening to President Dotard's "total acquittal" speech my thoughts:

Trump is about two demented brain cells away from staggering around in an open bathrobe.

His spawn need to take him out of the spotlight to protect what's left of his dignity. Oh. Wait. Trump never had any dignity.

Carry on.

Les Carpenter said...

skud, you're so full of it it is almost amusing. Note I said almost.

Few people I know or have ever known LACKED respect for the office of the Presidency. And few, if any REAL Presidents have DISRESPECTED their own office like tRump has. So, since Dotard disrespects his own office I have ZERO reasons to show ANY respect for him.

People respect the Office of the Presidency. Millions of Americans lack respect for the current office holder. He disrespects so many good people that he has earned NO respect from ANYONE IMO.

Dave Miller said...

For me, Trump is the president. He's sullied the office, differently than Clinton, but nonetheless, badly.

I can see how some like his policies and even the economic effects of his term. I think a case can be made that the economy was on the upswing from the Obama years, that Obama and his admin stabilized the economy and that Trump inherited that. But in America, we've historically given the credit, and the blame for the economy to the person sitting in the Oval Office.

For better or worse.

Facts are facts. We have historically low unemployment. That's wonderful. But, and this is huge, our deficit has ballooned under Trump. Historically so. Normally in good economic times, we pay down debt as Clinton did. Skud, can you explain why, with tax cuts that paid for themselves, and with such a booming economy, we have not lowered the deficit. Can you explain why under Trump, we've not seen a balanced budget, even though for the first two years of his admin, the GOP controlled both houses of Congress?

I would argue that if we had not cut taxes, we'd be in better shape as it relates to the deficit.

The fact is the somewhat rosy economic outlook is being financed by debt... in GOOD TIMES.

Normally we'd use debt to juice a bad economy, not one that is improving. But who knows, maybe I'm wrong and next year the deficit will disappear.

We are not respected around the world. Trump claimed he would "fix" that. He hasn't. He's made it worse. By almost every metric internationally, we are less respected today than we were under Obama and even Bush. It's pretty amazing.

I never thought I'd see that in my lifetime.

Trump has been a disaster for the image of the US.

But he is the President.

Les Carpenter said...

Well Dave, as accurate and honest as your analysis is I'm sure it will fly right over the heads of the Trump worshippers. Remember when the obstrustionist supporting GOP and its rank and file said that about Obama and his supporters? They sure have just shown us what that looks like.

Anyhoo, I anxiously await skuds response to your comment. Or ANY trumper for that matter.

I agree Dave that Trump is president. Even if in name ONLY.

Les Carpenter said...

Just watched our impotus and his "celebration" ramblings. Two things really stood out. His very deep BS and his incredible distepect for his office and all the rightous people who stood TALL against HIS attempts to destroy iur democratic republic and its institutions. His vindictiveness knows no bounds.

A real POS.

Anonymous said...

Sad, but true, Trump IS our president.
And worse, his approval ratings are up since his impeachment trial.
His approval ratings are higher now, than the percentage he won the presidency with.
The Democrats are screwing up and Trump will win again, because that's who Americans want for their president. The fools!

Flying Junior said...

Normally we'd use debt to juice a bad economy, not one that is improving. But who knows, maybe I'm wrong and next year the deficit will disappear.

That's some healthy optimism! lolz Next year has already been counted! Available federal funds will be the aggregate total of our taxes. It's going to come out light.

If by some miracle, in the tax year 2020 or in fiscal 2020 GDP is magically up by 10% then maybe the tax heist will be justified. I'm no economist. It could happen, I suppose.

Yes he is president. To me this forever stains the office. How do we teach our children to love the U.S.A. when we have to teach them about POTUS 45? It teaches an entirely new lesson, one we have never had to deal with in the past. It brings the whole thing down to Earth instead of being a type of lofty ideal. In twenty years, sixth-grade children of conservatives will want to do a school report on President Trump and their liberal counterparts in the classroom will have an inexhaustible supply of bad press for the man.

Not my president either. I understood the initial Antifa protests in the Pacific Northwest and Berkeley CA against his election. I felt the exact same way.

Anonymous said...

Trump the slimy coward fired Lt.Col.Vindman today.

Dave Miller said...

Flying asked "How do we teach our children to love the U.S.A. when we have to teach them about POTUS 45?"

For me, this is one of, if not the central question we are faced with regarding President Trump.

How will explain a president who claims to be a Christian while openly questioning at a prayer breakfast the teachings of the man he claims is his savior? How do we explain a president who openly swears in public, uses offensive language in appropriate settings and encourages the worst instincts of our citizens?

How do we explain a president who doesn't seem to even care about people who disagree with him and openly mocks minorities and disabled people?

I'm afraid the standard trope of he cares for us all, look at what he did for the economy is just not going to balance the ledger.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Firing Lt.Col. Lineman is something a weak, vindictive coward would do. Trump is a miserable wretch and his revenge on Lindman proves it

Today he claimed that what Speaker Pelosi did was illegal. He’s wrong as usual. Trump is projecting again. What HE did is illegal.

By claiming this, it shows us once again how stupid he truly is.

skudrunner said...

Rev, good question about the deficit. The tax cut was a symbolic cut not an actual cut. I am a supporter of The Fair Tax or consumption tax and I do support everyone paying their fair share. When you have the 44% of taxpayers paying zero FIT that places to much burden on the other 56% and that should be changed.

As to the increasing deficit we should hold our elected elite responsible and not just raise taxes to pay for their incompetence. We waste taxes on programs that do not work, under-fund programs that do work, WIC is an example. Fund the military that have out of control spending. We support illegals by providing them with housing, food, education and healthcare while depriving citizens those benefits because they don't qualify. We provide welfare, food stamps, housing to people who choose not to work. We send billions to countries who don't support us.

We ignore our crumbling infrastructure and providing basic needs to citizens who really need it. We have a highly corrupt government bureaucracy and reward our elected elite with their salary and benefits for life for doing a horrible job. What company would do that and survive yet we accept politicians making millions at taxpayer expense. They work for their party not the people so let the party pay for their exorbitant lifestyle and retirement.

Anonymous said...

Trump also just fired Gordon Sondland

Les Carpenter said...

You're hooked skud. The cons and tRump have you right where they want you. You and 60+ million other folks

One day you'll cry uncle as you wonder just how you got screwed so badly.

Dave Miller said...

Skud... we can agree to disagree on the "fair tax". Suffice to say, a poor family paying a 17% VAT here in Mexico has to dedicate a much larger share of their income to just taxes than a similar family who has endless resources. The US recognized this reality when we instituted the progressive tax plan.

A gazillionaire simply does not need all that money to live exceedingly well. A poor person, paying the same tax rate on consumption, can never get there.

But at the end of the day, we are faced with a stark reality... the governments, local, state and federal, as a result of the anti-tax push of the 70's, 80"s and beyond, simply are not taking in enough money to provide for the general welfare of the people living here. Roads, health care, defense, libraries, etc. All of these cost money. But many people have believed the BS that if we cut taxes, those tax cuts will generate enough economic activity to replace the lost tax revenue and more.

It has simply been a lie from the GOP for years.

When will we learn?

skudrunner said...

Rev, It does appear you have not read The Fair Tax H.R. 25/S. 18 which provides for lower income households.

Why should a gazillionaire pay a larger percentage of their income than someone in the middle class, just because he earned it. I do go by the assumption that the poor will never pay FIT. Why should someone not have to provide for themselves and their family because the choose not to work. You support raising taxes in support of an incompetent government. If I spend more than I make I have to adjust my spending not just raise my pay. There are hundreds of billions in government waste every year yet our elected elite just spend more instead of eliminating waste. Do we really need to police the world with a bloated military.

We need to demand the congressional crooks do their job or fire them.