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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Trump and Barr Attack the U.S. Constitution.

I can't begin to sort out my feelings about this blatant abuse of power once again by Trump and his rogue AG, Barr. I have to ask the Trumpers who come here on a daily basis and read my blog this question:

Would you support this if a Democratic president asked the Attorney General of the U.S. to interfere in the sentencing of one of his pals who broke the law? 

I think I know the answer.

Every American who cares about the rule of law and the U.S. Constitution should be frightened and outraged by this criminal action.

What have we become?

I'll let one of my fb friends express what many of us feel:

"I am upset with and about people who placidly and obsequiously tolerate, even admire, that feculent, suppurating obscenity of a traitor, that puppet of an antagonistic power, in the WhiteHouse, and the Junta which supports him and prosecutes the agenda of our enemies... Upset? Rigid with rage doesn't begin to cover it."

NYTimes/Letters to the Editor:  "The interference of senior Justice Department officials in the Roger Stone case is a particularly ominous affront to the rule of law. It is but a short step from intervening on behalf of one of the president’s allies to intervening to ensure harsher punishment for his enemies. 

If Attorney General William Barr acted to advance the president’s political agenda, he violated his oath of office and should be impeached. 

 As for the prosecutors who withdrew from the case and the prosecutor who resigned, I commend them for having the integrity to protest the appalling breach of public trust by senior officials. They are heroes, and I fervently hope that they will someday find themselves on the team assigned to prosecute our lawless president and his henchmen." G. Mongiovi, NY.

William Barr, 1991: ‘Nothing could be more destructive of our system of government…than any toleration of political interference with the enforcement of the law.’

William Barr, 2020: Enables the president’s interference with enforcement of the law.

American Bar Association Goes After Trump For Blasting Roger Stone Sentencing On Twitter


Anonymous said...

Let's go for another impeachment, after all it worked so well the last time. Let's get Schiff and Nadler on the case.

Les Carpenter said...

Hypocrites, Liars, and Thugs = Trump Administration Brass and their supporting cast of sycophant republicans (Romney excluded) in both houses of the Congress.

Doctor Tomato said...

We're about 36 hours away from full Mad King status. Soon Pres. Dotard will be moving imaginary armies, claiming he invented the question mark and accusing chestnuts of being lazy.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anonymous, this is how Trump was acquitted: 52 to 48 and 53 to 47. Hardly a vote of confidence. He escaped being found guilty because the Trumpublicans in the Senate are a bunch of spineless worms.

That "bump" in the polls after his "acquittal?" He's back to wallowing in the low 40s for approval.

Also. ACQUITTAL DOES NOT MEAN INNOCENCE. A majority of Americans believe he's guilty as sin. Low 40s, Americans believe the POTUS is a crook -- great combo going into a presidential election, n'est pas?

Shaw Kenawe said...

RN and Doc. T.

General Kelly has actually led men in combat and made life/death decisions after swearing allegiance to support and defend the Constitution -- not Trump's fantasy interpretation of what is in Article 2.

Trump will be remembered as the worst POTUS ever.