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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Biden Wins Big

JUST IN: Dow jumps 700 points after Biden scores key wins on Super Tuesday.

Super Tuesday was a winner for Joe Biden. He beat Elizabeth Warren in her own state where he spent very little $$$ campaigning! After Biden’s big win South Carolina, opponents quickly dropped out and endorsed him, and all the media coverage afterward helped him overcome some basic campaign fundamentals. He has already been declared the winner in nine of 14 Super Tuesday state contests, and two remain too close to call. Biden is now the biggest comeback kid in a presidential primary in American history. 

The Democrats are energized, and the turnout was massive, indicating that people want to get rid of the orange virus in the Oval Office.

Steve Schmidt just captured the zeitgeist of it all in one sentence: 

 If it is Biden vs Trump, the election is simply "Good man vs Bad man". 

 That's easy to sell, easy to sloganeer. 

Easy to win. 

The overwhelming majority of America is experiencing Trump fatigue. 

Running as "Good man vs Bad man" works. 

 Americans know the inherent goodness of Joe Biden. 

They know he will hire patriots to run government agencies. 

They know he's not evil. 

 And that's really all that the majority of an exhausted nation wants.


Shaw Kenawe said...

And in case you didn't know this, Joe Biden won BIG in states where he did not even campaign and had no campaign staff. That's how much America wants to get rid of the crook in the Oval Office. They're tired of his schoolyard taunts, his vulgarity, his stupidity, his incompetence, and his dragging America into the gutter.

Les Carpenter said...

It is also clear that the majority of America, including democrats at this point in time, are not comfortable with the Bern's or Warren's socialist agenda for America. IE: Nothing is FREE. It's time ALL Democrats stop pretending there are FREE things to be had.

Everything costs, it is simply a question of how much and who pays.

Until this nation refocuses priorities away from military and continual conflict somewhere on the planet, the attempt to dictate to the rest of the world, and drills down on the real causes of our social and socioeconomic disparities ain't nothing is ever really going to change.

It's time we stopped kidding ourselves and allowing politicians to play us for fools.

skudrunner said...

Ms Shaw, Like the huge win trump had the biden victory was more about the opponent than the candidate. Lessor of two evils trump or the -H- this time it was biden or the bern and it looks like the democrats spoke.

From all reports biden is a decent man just like the swell guy. He happens to be more clueless than the swell guy but he is decent. Biden has some good ideas and is a moderate in the pool of leftists. The majority of taxpaying Americans do not want socialism and now it shows.

As RN said everything costs just how much and who pays. There aren't enough rich to pay for medicare for all, free college, a free Prius. Everyone would have to pay their fair share but that is something the left is not for. They are more for the minority pay for the majority to take. If you make one dollar or one million dollars a week you should pay your fair share of it The Fair Tax would settle this and take the taxing powers away from the elected elite.

Now the question is can biden remember what he is running for or what day it is. Is it super thursday or super tuesday and you know the thing. He has always gotten away with his gaffs but now he is on the big stage without the swell guy to smooth things over.
The debate with orange hair will be hilarious

Shaw Kenawe said...

It's really adorable to read Trumpanzees' criticisms about Joe Biden's "gaffs" while ignoring trump's ignorant blatherings about the coronavirus, windmills, hurricanes, and anything that would require a thinking intellect.

We can discount what skud says because he also ignores the fact that moderate Republicans have long since left the GOP and have joined up with the Lincoln Project to vote trump out of office. Trump has not increased his base. Many conservative Dems and moderate Republicans will be voting for Biden.

Biden won big time in states where he never even ran political ads or even visited. What do you suppose that means?

I think I know.

Les Carpenter said...

In the trumper cultist mind it means Trump is fabulously popular and he is increasing his base of true believers. MAGA! LOL!

I personally am elated that the scientific and medical community is pushing against Trump's ignorance and contradicting him publicly. I beginning to hear more folks who supported Trump big time either falling quiet or registering their beep concern over his antics and increasing evidence of him losing mental and emotional stability.

Trumpers are frantically fighting to hang on to a cultural reality that no longer exists. They refuse to accept the changing times and believe it possible to roll back the progress made in the last 100 years to times they would be more comfortable with. Simply put trumper cons are fighting progress, truth, and the American Way Shaw.


The Prophet Dervish Z Sanders said...

I just received an email from the asking if I will be voting for Joe Biden. I answered NO. Not because I won't vote for him if he is the nominee. Apparently endcitizensunited thinks it OVER and Biden is the nominee. The email does note that "Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight says that he's currently the frontrunner to win the Democratic Primary". OK. But it isn't over until it's over. Proof the Democratic establishment does not want Bernie.

Re: It's really adorable to read Trumpanzees' criticisms about Joe Biden's "gaffs" while ignoring trump's ignorant blatherings about the coronavirus, windmills, hurricanes, and anything that would require a thinking intellect"...

Rusty Shackelford: Looks like the democratic party has decided on either an 80 year old communist who recently suffered a heart attack or a 79 year old guy with early onset dementia as their candidates.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dervish, the trump cultists over at WYD are unredeemable. They're drowning in their own irrevelance and ignorance. Why bother reading what the dregs of the internet have to say?

Les Carpenter said...

If either older Dude gets the nomination Buttigeig would make an excellent VP choice. Smart, controlled, insightful, vigorous, and YOUNG enough to stand the stress.

He was one person that I would have had no problem supporting at all. Oh, Amy Klobuchar would have made a good president as well.

But the choice will be berween 2 octogenarians. Not something that gives great comfort. That and America is not ready (yet) for the Bern's extreme socialism.

The concern topping my list is that the dems won't energetically unite behind whatever candidate gets the nomination and fully and agressively support the nominee AT THE POLLS.. Dems need to turn out on election day @ 85% plus.


skudrunner said...

You make the point that beating trump is the only thing that matters in the democrat circle of influence. I have yet to hear assisting the American people and even buttigeig said he will support biden because he can beat trump. Not he will be a good leader and president for the American people but he can beat trump.
Pretty sad commentary that you couldn't give a s--t about the country as long as trump is not the president. Biden selling influence to enrich his kids, he can't even remember what day it is or which female is his wife but you want him to be president.
During this time of media crisis with the virus it is good to have a president who says don't panic instead of blaming it on a youtube video on his way to a fundraiser.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Beating Trump IS the only goal right now. The American people are SICK of the indecent, lying, cheating, morally corrupt ignoramus currently defiling the Oval Office.

We'll all be watching to see who the VP choice is. That will be very important. I hope whomever gets the Democratic nomination chooses a woman, Amy, Kamala, Elizabeth are all capable of handling that job.

skudrunner said...

It will be a women of color because that is the most PC thing to do. As long as she can help beat trump that is all that matters. Hopefully it will be someone with a semblance of intelligence because if biden gets in it will be only months before the truth is out that he is worse off than Reagan in his last year.
I just hope someone points out which women is his wife and which is his sister.