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Friday, March 27, 2020

Trump Campaign Threatens TV Stations That Air Ad Critical Of President

He and his storm troopers issue an edict! 

You must praise Dear Leader! 

Anyone doing otherwise will be...Wait! What? Is Trump taking this pandemic as an opportunity to shut down Americans' 1st amendment rights? 

Vote this maniac out of office in November!

Donald Trump’s reelection campaign has sent a cease-and-desist letter to TV stations that air an ad critical of the way the president has handled the coronavirus crisis. 

 The ad, “Exponential Threat,” features audio clips of Trump downplaying the virus at different moments while the onscreen graphic shows the rising number of cases. “This is their new hoax.”

You can see the ad on the right.  

Copy the address and spread it far and wide.


jono said...

I certainly shared that one!

skudrunner said...

People should be critical of the president in these times. The last trillion dollar "stimulus" resulted in the purchase of a lot of junk cars and a couple of shovels so be critical all you want and he needs to take it.

possumlady said...

Obama’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: “ARRA had three spending categories. It cut taxes by $288 billion. It spent $224 billion in extended unemployment benefits, education, and health care. It created jobs by allocating $275 billion in federal contracts, grants, and loans.

Congress designed the Act to spend nearly $720 billion, or 91.5%, in its first three fiscal years. It allocated $185 billion in FY 2009, $399 billion in FY 2010, and $134 billion in FY 2011.

The Obama administration did better than planned. By the end of FY 2009, it spent $179 billion according to the February 2015 report by the Congressional Budget Office—the final ARRA report in 2015. Of that, $68 billion went toward tax relief and credits. Another was spent on $34 billion in health services and $21 billion on education. It also spent $28 billion on unemployment compensation and $13 billion on extra Social Security and veterans' checks.

The report estimated the total impact on the deficit would be $836 billion by 2019. As of fiscal year 2014, ARRA had added $827 billion to the deficit. Of that, $303 billion went toward tax relief and credits. Another $141 billion was spent on health services and $97 billion on education. It spent $64 billion on unemployment compensation and $48 billion on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.”

Yeah, a lot of junk cars...LOL!!

possumlady said...

Then there was TARP (since someone is always bellyaching about how mean Obama was to the widdle small businesses: “ Although most of the media attention was on the money invested in large banks, the Treasury's TARP program also invested $570 million in 84 institutions to strengthen community banks across the country.

Second, the Economic Stimulus Package included tax write-offs for small businesses. Here's the a few of them.

Deductions for machinery and equipment, such as computer and office equipment, signs, and vehicles were raised to $240,000. The exceptions were SUVs which were limited to $25,000. Property that didn't qualify for the tax credit could be depreciated by 50%.
Investors in small, publicly-held businesses who held their stock for more than five years received a capital gains tax cut.
Small businesses could delay paying the 3% withholding tax on goods and services sold to governments.
The Small Business Administration 7(a) loan guarantee was raised from 75% to 90% of the value of the loan.
Fees were eliminated on the SBA's 504 program, which guaranteed $4 million worth of economic development loans to small businesses.
The FY 2011 budget also allocated $64 billion, broken down as follows:

$33 billion in tax credits for small businesses that add new workers or give raises beyond a cost-of-living increase.
Raise the limit on SBA loan guarantees
$30 billion from the TARP program for 8,000 community banks. These banks own assets under $10 billion and do half of all small business lending.
$700,000 to eliminate capital gains taxes for investors in small businesses.”

Dave Miller said...

Possum... regarding the stimulus... let's talk oversight.

The Dems fought for a new Inspector General to make sure the money goes where it is intended. But here's what Pres Trump wrote in the margins, in his signing statement, effectively neutering the new IG...

“I do not understand, and my Administration will not treat, this provision as permitting the [inspector general] to issue reports to the Congress without the presidential supervision required by the Take Care Clause, Article II, section 3,”

When asked about oversight at his presser Friday afternoon, here's how he responded...

"I’ll be the oversight.”

What could go wrong?

And all those "conservatives" who were angry with Pres Obama will have nothing to say about Trumpian obfuscation.

Dave Miller said...

Possum and Shaw... remember all those crazies who counted how many time Pres Obama used the pronoun I in his speeches? Remember how they felt it signaled a deep need to be liked and that he was a narcissist?

You think they will have anything to say about Pres Trump's desire to have his signature, and not the Sec Treasury's signature on the stimulus checks ppl are receiving? Is there any other reasonable explanation other than pure unadulterated narcissism in that desire?

Shaw Kenawe said...

In another period in world history, any head of state behaving as trump is during a national catastrophe, that leader would be marched to prison for playing politics with people’s lives

Trump is interested only in getting re-elected. That’s why he wants his name on those checks. And he’s asked the vp not to deal with blue state governors. He’s a monster.

skudrunner said...

PL, I think it is obvious you did not own a business in 2009/10 otherwise you would have first hand knowledge that it was next to impossible to get a loan and you would be buried in needless regulations. Tax deductions were great if you had the resources to purchase what you want to depreciate. It was great for people who got money to build solar plants but for the small business it was a tough time.

Ms. Shaw what you just said is ridiculous even for you.

possumlady said...

Well, you’re right, I personally didn’t own a small business but I’ve worked for a small business since 1990. With the exception of 2008-2009, the business I worked/work has been/is doing just fine. Maybe you need to stop blaming Obama and start looking at yourself and your business practices to see why you didn’t do so well, hmmm?

skudrunner said...

PL, Actually I did extremely well. I do not give any credit to the government because they had nothing to do with my success in spite of the opinion of the supreme leaders to the contrary. I will admit he was a swell guy.

Les Carpenter said...

Trumpers rarely if ever look at themselves to identify the real root of their problems.

skudrunner said...

Neither do most people Les, that's part of human nature and has nothing to do with political beliefs. There are those who turn to the government for answers on how to run their lives and those that accept personal responsibility.

In stressful times like this it is better to work for a solution than look to blame but that's just my opinion.