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Thursday, March 11, 2021

To set the record straight...

and not let The Former Guy get away with more lies:


EX-President Trump issued a statement Wednesday telling Americans to ‘remember’ what he did to help the vaccine effort. 

In reality, he did very little. 

Development of the first vaccine available from Pfizer and BioNTech was not a part of Operation Warp Speed. 

Pfizer was offered a contract by the federal government but did not accept the funds. Pfizer did participate in OWS as a supplier of its vaccine, however. 

The Trump administration also had virtually no coordinated federal rollout plan, leading to millions of doses going to waste in early weeks of vaccinations. 

The Biden administration claims it found the vaccine supply already depleted and said it needed to start the distribution plan from scratch upon taking office. 

Trump also promised 20 million vaccinations would occur before the end of 2020, while fewer than 3 million actually were administered. 

At the current pace, Pres. Biden is likely to surpass his goal of administering 100 million shots in his first 100 days. --NowThis

You may now return to your regularly scheduled quiet time now that The Former Guy is out of office.


Shaw Kenawe said...

This Tweet by Ted Liu is perfect:

Ted Lieu
Today the former President issued a statement filled with lies. And no one cared. Very few people even saw it.


Les Carpenter said...

It might lend credibility to what Sir Teddy blurts if he bothered to point out exactly what HE felt were lies and then backed the claim up with CREDIBLE evidence.

But we know that's way too much to ask or expect from any of the trumpublicans. Sir Teddy is simply doing what the trumpublicans feel is a birthright, LIE.

Anonymous said...

Now the Democrats need to do what Democrats have been particularly bad at getting done in the past: claiming credit for their own good work. Mr. Biden, Ms. Harris, and their spouses are taking the first steps with a national tour to promote the benefits of the American Rescue Plan. They need to be joined by Democratic lawmakers and state/local officials in doing so. It is to the Democrats' benefit that no Republican voted for it, as it makes it very clear how inaccurate the old saw, "The parties are just the same," actually is. Good job passing the American Relief Plan, Mr. Biden and company! Now talk it up, loudly and clearly.

Ray said...

Here is what the gobshytes are talking about today:

"SO, folks…. then we had a president who got the bad guys and now we have a president completely destroying our country and very worried about Dr Seuss books and Mr. (sorry, no gender, please) Potato Head.


WHEN IS TRUMP GOING TO POP UP? Suing Republicans he doesn’t like for using his name and image on their ads is NOT HELPFUL. I WISH he’d get busy trying to rally the troops and FIXING WHAT IS HAPPENING. SOMEHOW! Or at least planning on HOW TO DO IT."

The Dr. Seuss and Mr Potato Hed fake controversy is all these idiots talk about because they can't face the fact that 75% of the American people INCLUDING REPUBLICANS supported Joe Biden's Covid Relief package. It was AMERICAN bipartisan!

The idiot who wrote the quoted above is being left behind with her pathetic envy over how well Biden and Harris is doing. Her and her pals' asses are so burned over how well Biden is doing with 60+% approval when her fascist hero, Trump who incited a mob against his own government never got above 50% approval with the American people.

Her and her friends are the reason this country was in such horrible condition when Biden took over. They supported the worst and corrupt POTUS this country ever had in office. Ignore their foolishness and jealousies.

Biden is doing just fine!

Mike said...

When I read the tRUMP claim about the vaccine I was going to facepalm myself but didn't. I was afraid I might knock myself out.

Bluebullamerica said...

So the Criminal slob we just kicked to the curb wants to be thanked for the vaccines just now starting to turn the tide of the Trump Flu. Let's ask the families of the hundreds of thousands who wouldn't be dead but for King Clorox playing down the pandemic, making mask wearing political and lying about virtually every aspect of danger we all faced from this scourge (the virus, not the other scourge Trump himself).
Instead of Thank You, I have two other words for that bloated orange bastard. Anyone wanna guess what they are? :0

Shaw Kenawe said...

Hey Bluebullamerica, can I guess? Do the first two words begin with an “F” and then a “Y?”

Shaw Kenawe said...

RN, Anon, Ray, Mike, Bluebullamerica,

President Biden must be doing a heck of a job because the Trump trolls are in a frenzy of hate, spewing their contempt and jealousy for all the successes the Biden administration is having and with the overwhelming approval of the American people!

PS. Skudrunner, I will not publish your comment accusing Joe Biden of lying. For five long horrid years the EX-Republican President lied on a daily basis to the American public, and you said nothing, made no comment on it. That’s all I have to say n the subject.

Americans support the relief package passed by overwhelming majority, and that includes Republicans. All I hear is whining and bitching from the minority party.

Bluebullamerica said...

Ding Ding Ding Ding... Give the lady a prize!! :)

skudrunner said...

My post was not about trump but about joey and his "misrepresentation" of the truth in reading his speech. So far he has been true to his word on 100 million vaccinated in the first 100 days so he is off to a good start.

Les Carpenter said...

So far President Biden has shown far more truthfulness, sincerity, and steady LEADERSHIP in 50 days than tRump showed in 4 years. And THAT skud is the ABSOLUTE truth. Whether you agree or not.


"America” doesn’t want DJT back. Only those of us individuals who are still Americans see any value in that.

.The politicians are all rotted or if not that then useless.
.The judges will not rule in America’s favor and if they do they are just overruled by some activist judge on appeal if the situation is important enough to the commies.
.Outside of a handful of people, the entire media is communist.
.Outside of a few right wing nutjobs, the entire Entertainment industry is communist.
.Outside of special situation that amount to nothing, the entire Education process is communist indoctrination that does not include much education at all in the simple things, read,write, math, science.
.Outside of some scientists whose voices no one will ever hear, the science community is aiding and abetting the communists.
.Corporations are becoming more communist because of their marketing departments who are afraid to offend communists Coke tells us be less white.

Get the conservative message out? To who? No one who should be is listening.

.Voting is now a waste of time and a useless exercise.

I wonder what Yuri would say about current events. Are Americans about to have a miltitary boot crash into their backside? 20,000 troops around the Capitol to protect is from purely harmless people who are now going to be defending themselves against trumped up charges from our communist FBI. Makes the case for boot crashing not being too far away."

Shaw Kenawe said...


That sounds like a depressed and delusional Trump cultist who just can'T face the fact that Trump lost the election, as well as the House and Senate, and even managed to turn GEORGIA blue! LOL!

Poor Trumpers. They're really out of their minds with having to live in the reality of NO TRUMP!!

I, for one (and for millions and millions of other Americans) LOVE IT!!!!!