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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Trump and CPAC Fully Embrace Cancel Culture


Isn't it amusing to hear Trumpublicans moan, bitch, and whine about "cancel culture," and then hear The Former Guy, a/k/a Ex-President Trump, vow to purge the party of anyone who dares to stand against him or dares to tell the truth about who actually won the 2020 election. Trump and his legislative lackeys will cancel anyone who does not repeat Trump's Big Lie (See: Cheney, Liz, R-WY).

And Trump is still advancing his Big Lie that he won the 2020 presidential election in which he lost the popular vote by 7 million and lost the electoral college vote by a landslide*: 306 Biden to Trump 232. (*Trump called that a landslide when he won by that many e.c. votes in 2016.)

Trump then incited his mobs and thugs to attack America's Capitol building while the electoral votes were being certified by Trump's own vice president, and while his mobs and armed thugs screamed "HANG PENCE!"

Talk about Cancel Culture! Trump and his mobs and thugs tried to cancel an entire American election, even if canceling meant hanging his own vice president.

You won't, however, read any of this on any of the Trump Cultist blogs because they're dishonest. They'd rather pretend that what happened on January 6, 2012, was just "a tiny bit of rowdiness."

It's up to us to continue to keep this truth fresh in their dishonest faces until justice is done and more of Trump's insurrectionist thugs are in prison for what they did, and for Trump to pay for his seditious acts against the government of the United States of America.

Here's more truth that Trumpublicans will never admit:

FBI Director Wray denies that 'fake Trump protesters' were involved in Jan. 6 assault on Capitol

Meanwhile, the "religious" Evangelical Christians thought the golden idol of Trump was a wonderful thing to behold and worship. I guess they didn't read the part in the Bible that warned against doing just that. Or maybe those particular Evangelicals have decided to abandon their God and idolize Trump, after all, isn't Trump everything the Ten Commandments say a good Christian should be?

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Mike said...

I've run into a couple of trumplicans recently. "How can we afford that 1.9 trillion dollars?" Nevermind about how trump ran up the deficit. "How can we just let those people come across the border?" Hey! Who's going to pick your vegetables? You?