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Thursday, December 1, 2022


BREAKING: US Appeals Court halts special master's review in major blow to Trump.


Dave Miller said...

Well... there never should have been a special master in the first place. The only reason there was is because Trump shopped for a specific judge, one that he appointed, to hear his case and render a helpful, and we now know, unlawful, incorrect verdict.

Now for the appeal to the SCOTUS, where Trump will lose again.

Anonymous said...
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Dave Miller said...

Additionally, with approval of another Federal Court, today ABC News reports that 2 White House lawyers, one of whom is Pat Cipillone, testified today in front of a federal grand jury seeking accountability in the Jan 6 insurrection. Additionally, this testimony also includes Senior Whote House aide to trump, Dan Scavino.

The court, as others have done all along, said Trump has no claim of Executive Privilege as an Ex-President nor a claim of confidentiality.

The case you cited and the decision today are "big deals."

Dave Miller said...

OT... but what can we say?

Will this cause the Trump lovers to abandon that idiot? Will they still think he loves America? Will they remain convinced that he really loves America and values the Constitution? Here's what he wrote today. Not what he said in a quick aside. Not an off the cuff moment or remark.

This is what he wrote... an Ex President of the United States of America...

“A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude [the election of 2020] allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution...”

Termination of all rules, regulations and articles of the US Constitution. Period.

A former president of our country wrote that. Because he cannot, scratch that, will not, accept that he lost an election. Fair and square.

He and his followers are the very definition of un-American. Who calls for the termination of our Constitutional system of laws, checks, balances and government? And who supports anyone calling for that?

Hillary Clinton was correct. Anyone who remains his supporter, in light of the former president's statement today, must be seen not only as un-American, but deplorable.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave M.,

Trump isn't the only one who wants to destroy our Constitution. One of his buddies, Steve Bannon, declared that he wanted to burn the whole system down! Bannon claimed he was a "Leninist." And more than a few commenters on conservative blogs you and I read agree with that. They believe the whole system is corrupt, and instead of voting out the hangers-on who get re-elected year after year, they want to destroy the entire system.

The Constitution allows for amendments to rectify the outdated laws that have no application to our country in the 21st century, but that is a long and laborious process.

For example, a majority of Americans want term limits for Congress. Do we believe the folks who make the laws will actually limit their time in office? But we MUST limit their terms. Congress did it to the presidency, now it's their turn to limit themselves.

Another improvement would be to outlaw gerrymandering, because it makes a mockery of representative government. Do any of us believe Congress will do that? Gerrymandering is one of the ways many of them retain their offices for years and years!

Back to Trump's outrageous, un-American call to destroy our Constitutional government -- Trump should be shunned and ignored by all Americans who love this country. He is a danger to our democracy, and those who still support him are as well.

Dave Miller said...

Shaw, you're right, Trump isn't the only one. But he is the only living and/or recent ex-president who has publicly stated that he does not believe the United States should be governed by constitutional law.

And all those clowns who carried that document in their pockets to try and shame liberals and Dems, who are now silent about this should be ashamed of their continued support of Trump.

And all those "constitution lovers" writing blogs and the originists on the SCOTUS should be too.