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Thursday, December 1, 2022

Who's surprised? Part the infinity.

Once again GOPers are the ones voting illegally. 

They ALWAYS project what they do onto others. 

"A complaint filed Sunday with the Georgia Bureau of Investigations and the state attorney general is calling for an investigation into whether Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker committed a felony by voting in Georgia elections while claiming a homestead exemption for a home he owns in Texas. 

 The complaint, written by Georgia resident Ann Gregory Roberts, states that “it appears that Walker was not a resident of Georgia for voting purposes when he registered to vote and voted. 

Any person who votes, or registers to vote, knowing that he or she is not eligible to do so is guilty of a felony.” 


Mike said...

🤦‍♂️ What a dumbshit.

Dave Miller said...

Let's be fair... GA law does not require someone to be a resident of the state to run for office in the state. Only that if he or she wins, then that person must have residency in the state.

skudrunner said...

Did he vote for a federal election in both states? Just because you are registered doesn't mean you can vote in both. He is not a very honorable candidate but neither is his opponent, Georgia needs to step up their selection process.

Dave Dubya said...

And Skud wins the prize for evidence-free false equivalence once again.

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... more than 1.7 million ppl have voted early so far in GA. A huge number. Add in 100K absentee votes and we're well over 1.8 million votes already in.

Count me as sympathetic to the idea we should have a few more controls on voting ID, such as a national ID card. But the conservative desire to end early voting seems to be nothing more than just an attempt to lower the lower the number of ppl voting.

Because despite all the calls for single day voting, I've yet to see any of those calls followed with a way to finance the additional polling locations, workers and more to make this possible.

Remember, even now in GA, with those 1.8 million already having voted, lines next week will be huge and many ppl will wait well beyond the 2 hours ppl get as paid time off to vote.

Les Carpenter said...

It seems one of skuds specialties. But, that can be said of a very many folk. skud, like so many, is merely mouthing that which he believes becuse it nicely fits the narrative he subscribes to.

There is one reality. It can however be colored with all the many colors of the pallette.

skudrunner said...


I think that can be said for both sides of any issue. You believe in the narrative you subscribe to and so do I it is just a different narrative. doesn't make you wrong we just have different beliefs.